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The Ping Crossover 3 Iron is an innovative golf club designed to provide maximum forgiveness and accuracy. With a unique hybrid design, it combines the accuracy of a long iron with the forgiveness of a hybrid. It features a maraging steel face that provides added distance, while its wide sole increases the club’s moment of inertia for game-changing stability and control. The Crossover also boasts an elastomer insert for softer feel and improved sound, as well as Trajectory Tuning Technology that allows golfers to customize their launch angle. With its combination of distance, forgiveness, control and feel, the Ping Crossover 3 Iron is the perfect choice for any golfer who wants to improve their game.A Ping Crossover 3 Iron is a type of golf club designed by the Ping golf company. It has a unique hybrid design, which combines the features of both an iron and a wood club. The Ping Crossover 3 Iron is designed to provide golfers with more control over their shots, and also offers better accuracy and distance than traditional irons.

The Technology Behind the Ping Crossover 3 Iron

The Ping Crossover 3 iron is a revolutionary golf club that has been designed to help golfers hit longer, straighter shots. It combines the performance of a hybrid with the control of an iron, and is perfect for players who need more forgiveness and distance but still want the precision of an iron. The technology behind this unique club is truly remarkable, and here’s a closer look at what makes it so special.

The Crossover’s head is designed with maraging steel, which gives it an incredibly thin face that helps to increase ball speed and launch angle. This helps to maximize distance without sacrificing accuracy, giving golfers the best of both worlds. The sole of the club is also designed to be extremely forgiving, with Ping’s patented Glide 2.0 Sole Technology that helps reduce turf drag for improved accuracy off the tee.

In addition to these features, the Crossover also features Ping’s Trajectory Tuning Technology (TTT). This technology allows for adjustable loft on each club in order to customize launch conditions for different courses and conditions. Golfers can adjust their lofts by up to two degrees in either direction, allowing them to fine-tune their shot shape and trajectory for maximum performance.

Finally, the Crossover features Ping’s patented Vortec Technology in its hosel design. This technology helps reduce drag on shots by directing airflow around the hosel during impact and creating a smoother transition through the air. This helps reduce spin on shots while also helping increase accuracy off the tee.

All of these technologies combine to create a golf club that provides maximum performance and forgiveness all in one package. If you’re looking for a club that can help you hit longer, straighter shots with more accuracy and control than ever before, then look no further than the Ping Crossover 3 iron.

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Highly Forgiving

The Ping Crossover 3 Iron is designed to be highly forgiving, meaning that even when your swing isn’t perfect, you won’t suffer a huge penalty in terms of distance and accuracy. The club head is larger than most irons, and the sole of the club is wider, allowing you to make contact with the ball more consistently. This makes it easier to hit straight shots and get more distance out of each shot.

Easy Launch

The Ping Crossover 3 Iron also features a low center of gravity which helps promote a higher launch angle off the tee. This increases carry distance and can help you get more height on your shots, allowing for better trajectory control. Additionally, the club’s sole design reduces turf drag, giving you a smoother swing through impact for increased control and accuracy.


The Ping Crossover 3 Iron is incredibly versatile as it can be used from both the fairway and rough. Its wider sole allows you to make solid contact with the ball even when playing from difficult lies in the rough or on tight fairways. The club’s low center of gravity also helps make it easier to launch balls out of any type of lie. In addition, its forgiving nature makes it an ideal choice for golfers who don’t have perfect swings.


Finally, the Ping Crossover 3 Iron is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last for years without losing their performance or shape. The face and grooves are made from stainless steel for added durability while still providing plenty of spin on shots around the green. Additionally, its aerodynamic design helps reduce drag during your swing for maximum power.

Who Should Use the Ping Crossover 3 Iron?

The Ping Crossover 3 Iron is a great club for players of all skill levels. It is designed to help golfers hit higher and longer shots, while providing plenty of forgiveness on off-center shots. The club features a low center of gravity that helps launch the ball quickly and easily, making it ideal for players who struggle with accuracy. The low profile design also helps reduce the spin on shots, giving players more control over their ball flight. Beginners will find this club easy to use and can benefit from its forgiveness, while more experienced players will get maximum distance and control from their shots. Overall, the Ping Crossover 3 Iron is an excellent choice for golfers looking for a versatile hybrid iron that can help them lower their scores.

Ping Crossover 3 Iron Features

The Ping Crossover 3 iron offers a combination of performance and forgiveness that makes it the ideal club for golfers of any skill level. The Crossover’s high-strength steel face is designed to generate maximum ball speed, while its progressive sole widths create more efficient turf interaction and improved accuracy. A hollow-back construction helps produce a lower center of gravity for higher launch angles and longer carry distances. The Ping Crossover 3 iron also features an Elastomer insert in the back cavity which provides improved sound and feel at impact. Additionally, its shorter blade length and thinner top line make the club more manageable through the hitting area. The Ping Crossover 3 iron is the perfect club for players looking to improve their distance and accuracy off the tee or fairway.

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Care and Maintenance of the Ping Crossover 3 Iron

Maintaining the Ping Crossover 3 iron is important for keeping it in good condition and maximizing its performance. Proper care, such as cleaning and storing the iron properly, will ensure that it lasts for years to come. Here are some tips on how to properly care and maintain your Ping Crossover 3 iron.


It is important to clean your Ping Crossover 3 iron after every use. Use a damp cloth or brush to wipe off any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the head of the club. Make sure to dry off any excess water, as this can cause rust or other damage over time. It is also important to periodically inspect the clubhead for any damage or signs of wear, such as dents or scratches, and repair them as needed.


When not in use, it is best to store your Ping Crossover 3 iron in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade the paint on the clubhead and cause damage over time. It is also best not to store the club in a damp or humid environment, as this can cause corrosion or rusting of the metal parts of the clubhead. If you live in an area with high humidity levels, it is best to store your golf clubs in an airtight container with silica gel packets inside, which will help absorb moisture and prevent corrosion.

Replacement Parts

If any parts of your Ping Crossover 3 iron become damaged or need replacing due to wear and tear, make sure you replace them with genuine OEM parts from a reputable seller. This will ensure that you get quality products that fit correctly and provide optimal performance for your golf game.

Regular Maintenance

In order to keep your Ping Crossover 3 iron performing at its best, it is important to regularly inspect it for signs of wear and tear and perform maintenance if necessary. If you notice any dents or scratches on the head of the club, make sure you repair them right away before they get worse over time. Additionally, make sure you lubricate all moving parts regularly with a light oil or graphite powder in order to reduce friction and keep them working smoothly.


The Ping Crossover 3 iron is a great club for golfers looking to improve their mid-range game. It has a unique design that helps make it more forgiving on off-center hits, and its lower center of gravity helps launch the ball higher and farther. If you’re looking for an iron that can help take your game to the next level, then the Ping Crossover 3 iron is definitely worth considering. Here’s how you can buy one.

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Choosing Your Clubhead

When buying a Ping Crossover 3 iron, the first thing you’ll need to consider is the clubhead. You can choose between steel or graphite, both of which offer different advantages. Steel is more durable and offers better control, while graphite is lighter and provides more forgiveness on off-center hits. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference – so make sure you try out both materials before making a decision.

Selecting Your Shaft Flex

Once you’ve chosen your clubhead, it’s time to select your shaft flex. The flex of your shaft will determine how much power and accuracy you get from each shot – so it’s important that you choose one that suits your swing speed and playing style. Generally speaking, stiffer shafts are better suited to stronger players with higher swing speeds, while softer shafts are better for slower swings.

Buying Online or In Store

Finally, you’ll need to decide whether you want to buy your Ping Crossover 3 iron online or in store. Buying online gives you access to a wider range of clubs at competitive prices, but if you want to get expert advice then buying in store may be the best option. Either way, make sure that you read up on customer reviews and ratings before making your purchase.

Price Range for the Ping Crossover 3 Iron

The Ping Crossover 3 iron is a popular choice for golfers of all skill levels. The club is designed to provide maximum performance and forgiveness on the course. The price range for the Ping Crossover 3 iron varies depending on the retailer and other factors such as quality of materials used in construction, shaft type, and grip type. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $119.99 to $199.99 USD for a new Ping Crossover 3 iron. Used models can sometimes be found for less, but it’s important to make sure that the club is in good condition before purchasing. Additionally, some retailers may offer discounts or promotions that could reduce the overall cost of the club. It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare prices before making your purchase.


The Ping Crossover 3 Iron is an incredibly versatile club that can help golfers of all levels make the most of their game. It has a low center of gravity, making it easier to hit long, high shots and its ultra-forgiveness helps to keep mishits from becoming too severe. The club’s innovative design also makes it more forgiving on off-center hits and provides golfers with more shot options. Overall, the Ping Crossover 3 Iron is an excellent choice for golfers looking for a higher level of performance from their iron clubs.

It is also essential to remember that the Ping Crossover 3 Iron requires proper fitting and careful practice in order to get the best performance out of it. As with any golf club, practice makes perfect and learning how to use the Crossover 3 Iron will make a big difference in your game. With proper use and care, this club can help you take your game to the next level.

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