ping g30 hybrid specs

The Ping G30 Hybrid is a great option for golfers looking to add consistency and accuracy to their game. Featuring an adjustable hosel, this club can be optimized for loft, lie and face angle to fit your individual playing style. With its high-balance-point shaft design and low center of gravity, the Ping G30 Hybrid delivers more distance and a higher launch angle than traditional hybrids. The patented turbulator technology on the crown reduces drag while increasing club head speed, resulting in greater distance and accuracy. The lightweight construction also promotes faster swing speed and more control over shots. All in all, the Ping GThe Ping G30 Hybrid is designed to provide golfers with improved distance and forgiveness. The G30 Hybrid features a larger head design with a 17-4 stainless steel body, a high-strength maraging steel face structure, and a thin crown to reduce spin and improve launch. Its deep center of gravity helps to increase launch angle, while the cambered sole enables golfers to hit shots from any lie. The G30 Hybrid also has an optimized weight distribution for increased accuracy and shot control.

Ping G30 Hybrid Performance

The Ping G30 Hybrid is a revolutionary golf club that has revolutionized the golfing world. It is designed to be both forgiving and powerful, making it an ideal choice for players of all skill levels. The hybrid features a low center of gravity, which helps with launch and spin control, while its thin face design provides maximum ball speed off the club face for maximum distance. The hybrid also offers a wide range of adjustability options, allowing you to customize the loft and lie angle to fit your swing perfectly.

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Ping G30 Hybrid Material

The Ping G30 hybrid is made of a unique material that has been specially designed for the specific purpose of this club. The material is a mix of titanium and other light-weight metals, giving it a lightweight feel and superior performance on the course. It also has a thin face for increased ball speed and improved accuracy. The crown of the club is also made from a special composite material that helps reduce drag during the swing, making it easier to launch the ball into the air. Additionally, the club’s design allows for maximum forgiveness on shots that

Ping G30 Hybrid Shaft

The Ping G30 Hybrid Shaft is engineered to provide players with a more balanced and consistent swing. The shaft is designed with a stiff tip and a softer butt section, producing a low-torque design that allows golfers to hit the ball with more accuracy and distance. The shaft also features an even bend profile, which creates optimal launch conditions and helps with spin control. Additionally, the shaft’s proprietary weighting system helps to reduce vibration for increased feel and feedback. The Ping G30 Hybrid Shaft is an excellent choice for golfers

Ping G30 Hybrid Loft Options

The Ping G30 Hybrid is an excellent golf club for golfers of all levels. It combines the accuracy and forgiveness of a fairway wood with the versatility and playability of an iron. With the G30 Hybrid, you have the option to choose from several different lofts, allowing you to customize your clubs to fit your swing and playing style. The loft options available range from 17° to 25°, offering you plenty of choices for all types of golf shots.

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The 17° loft is great

Ping G30 Hybrid Face Technology

The Ping G30 hybrid has revolutionized the way golfers approach their game. The G30 hybrid is the first to feature Ping’s patented Hybrid Face Technology, and it’s designed to maximize ball speed and distance on off-center hits. The hybrid head is larger than the average iron, which helps to get the ball up in the air faster. It also features a large, deep face for enhanced forgiveness and a higher launch angle. The G30 Hybrid also includes Ping’s special Vortec Technology which helps increase

Ping G30 Hybrid Lie Angle

The Ping G30 Hybrid Lie Angle is an important factor to consider when choosing the right golf club. It affects the way a golfer swings and how the ball will travel. The lie angle is the angle between the ground and the clubhead when it is in its address position. A hybrid’s lie angle can vary from one model to another, so it is important to choose a model with a lie angle that best suits your swing. The correct lie angle will help you get more consistent contact with the ball, resulting in better shots and lower

Ping G30 Hybrid Length Options

Ping G30 hybrids are designed to provide golfers with maximum distance and accuracy. The clubs feature a shorter overall length than most traditional hybrids, allowing golfers to create a more compact swing plane and generate more power. The Ping G30 hybrids come in two length options, which allow each golfer to find the perfect option for their swing.

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The standard length hybrid is designed for golfers who are looking for more control and accuracy. This option allows golfers to create a slightly longer swing plane, which promotes more power and distance


The Ping G30 Hybrid is an excellent choice for golfers looking for a versatile and forgiving club. Its design features promote a high launch angle, high ball-flight, and maximum forgiveness on off-centre shots. The low weight of the club also allows for more speed through the ball and increased distance. With its many features, the Ping G30 Hybrid is a great addition to any golf bag.

The Ping G30 Hybrid has been designed to provide golfers with a great all-round performance. It offers excellent control and accuracy