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ping tfc 189 shaft specs

The Ping TFC 189 shaft is a lightweight graphite shaft designed to provide maximum distance with a low spin rate. This shaft offers a mid-launch angle, which helps to promote a consistent ball flight and control. The TFC 189 also features an ultra-stiff tip section and an enhanced butt profile that helps to optimize club head speed, leading to increased distance and accuracy. With its lightweight design and low torque, the Ping TFC 189 shaft is ideal for golfers who are looking for maximum distance without sacrificing control.The Ping TFC 189 Shaft is an aftermarket golf shaft designed to provide increased distance and accuracy. This lightweight graphite shaft is designed for use in drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. It features a stiff tip and midsection that helps to promote a higher ball flight with less spin, resulting in longer drives. The butt section of the shaft is softer and more flexible, helping to generate greater club head speed for added distance. The Ping TFC 189 Shaft also offers improved feel and accuracy due to its low torque design.


The Ping TFC 189 shaft is designed to provide maximum flexibility in order to optimize ball flights. It is constructed with a graphite composite that creates a softer tip section for easier launch and spin, while the butt section is designed for added stability. The combination of these two sections allows golfers to customize their ball flight depending on the shot they’re facing.

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The Ping TFC 189 shaft has been designed to offer a smooth, consistent feel throughout the swing

Design Specifications of Ping TFC 189 Shaft

The Ping TFC 189 shaft is designed with a proprietary technology to provide the perfect balance between performance and control. It has been crafted from high-grade materials for superior strength and durability. The shaft is designed with a stiff tip section to provide maximum control and stability while the mid to butt sections are tailored for added power and launch angle. The overall design of the shaft helps golfers produce more consistent shots, especially during high-pressure situations.

The shaft is also designed with a unique flex profile that provides exceptional feel

Performance Characteristics of Ping TFC 189 Shaft

The Ping TFC 189 shaft is a lightweight, high performance golf shaft designed to provide players with greater stability and accuracy. It is made of the highest quality materials and engineered to provide golfers with an exceptional feel and control over their shots. The Ping TFC 189 shaft features a low kick point that helps generate optimal launch angles for more distance. It also has a mid-high bend profile which helps to reduce spin rates for improved accuracy and control. Additionally, its unique flex profile provides superior control and feel throughout the

Ping TFC 189 Shaft Flex Options

The Ping TFC 189 Shaft is a lightweight shaft designed for golfers who need a more flexible option. It features two flex options: Regular and Stiff. The Regular flex option is great for players with slower swings, while the Stiff flex option is ideal for those with faster swing speeds. Both flex options provide excellent ball control and are designed to maximize distance and accuracy off the tee. The Ping TFC 189 Shaft also features a low-torque design that helps reduce twisting during the swing, resulting in more

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Length and Weight of Ping TFC 189 Shaft

The Ping TFC 189 shaft is a graphite shaft designed for golfers who are looking for a lighter, more stable shaft. The length of the shaft is 44.5 inches, and it weighs approximately 65 grams. It has a stiff tip section and a mid-bend profile for maximum control and stability. The shaft is designed to provide maximum energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball, resulting in increased distance and accuracy. Additionally, the TFC 189 has an adjustable ferrule allowing for fine-tun

The Benefits of Using Ping TFC 189 Shaft

The Ping TFC 189 shaft is a popular choice for golfers looking for improved performance on the golf course. This shaft has been designed to provide increased stability and control, as well as enhanced feel and power. The Ping TFC 189 shaft offers a number of benefits that can improve your game.

The most notable benefit of using the Ping TFC 189 shaft is its increased stability. This allows for greater accuracy and consistency in your shots, making it easier to hit the ball straight and consistent.

Ping TFC 189 Shaft Price Range

The Ping TFC 189 shaft has a wide range of prices depending on the type, material, and features included. The shafts are available in both steel and graphite models, and the price range can vary significantly depending on the specific model. Steel models typically range from $100 to $200, while graphite models can range anywhere from $200 to $600. Features such as adjustable weights, flexes, and kick points also affect the price of the Ping TFC 189 shafts.

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The Ping TFC 189 shaft specs are a great option for golfers of all levels. The combination of the low spin design and mid-high launch characteristics make it an ideal choice for players looking for more distance and control. It also provides excellent stability, allowing players to trust their shots in any situation. With its great performance and affordability, the Ping TFC 189 is certainly an option worth considering for those in need of a shaft upgrade.

Overall, the Ping TFC 189 offers a great combination of performance and value that makes it a great

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