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ping tour 173-85 shaft

The Ping Tour 173-85 shaft is a high-performance, lightweight golf shaft designed to deliver maximum control and stability to golfers looking for a premium golfing experience. This shaft is constructed of a lightweight carbon composite material that is durable and provides excellent feel and feedback on every swing. The 173-85 features a unique tapered design that helps to reduce clubhead drag and improve accuracy, as well as an oversized tip section for additional stability when striking the ball. Additionally, the Ping Tour 173-85 is designed with a low torque rating of 4.7° for improved accuracy off the tee and when hitting approachA Ping Tour 173-85 Shaft is a golf club shaft designed by Ping Golf, a company known for its high-quality golf equipment. It is a graphite shaft that offers a low-to-mid launch and spin rate, and is designed to provide maximum stability and accuracy when hitting the ball. The shaft is made with an aerodynamic design that reduces drag on the club head during the swing, allowing for increased clubhead speed and greater distance. This shaft is available in several flex options to accommodate different swing speeds.

Choosing the Right Shaft for You

When it comes to selecting the right golf shaft for your game, there are a few key factors to consider. From flex to weight and material, each component of a golf shaft plays an important role in how your clubs perform on the course. Knowing what type of shaft best suits your swing and playing style is essential for optimizing your performance.

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The flex of a golf shaft refers to its stiffness or flexibility. It is an important factor to consider when selecting a new shaft because it affects how much energy is transferred from the

Benefits of the Ping Tour 173-85 Shaft

The Ping Tour 173-85 shaft is one of the most popular shafts for golfers looking to improve their game. The shaft is designed to provide golfers with maximum control, accuracy, and power. With its lightweight design, it is perfect for players who want to hit longer distances off the tee. It also provides golfers with a consistent feel throughout their swing.

The Ping Tour 173-85 Shaft has been engineered to provide golfers with a higher launch angle on their shots, which helps

Ping Tour 173-85 Shaft Review

The Ping Tour 173-85 shaft has been designed for golfers who prioritize accuracy over distance. It is one of the stiffest shafts available, and is designed to optimize ball control and accuracy. The Ping Tour 173-85 shaft is made from a high modulus graphite material, which provides a stiffer feel with increased stability and control. It also features a low torque design which helps reduce the amount of spin generated during a swing. This makes it ideal for players who want to hit straighter, more accurate shots.

Pros of the Ping Tour 173-85 Shaft

The Ping Tour 173-85 shaft has many benefits for golfers looking for improved accuracy and control. It features a low kick point that helps promote a high launch angle ideal for players who want to hit a draw. The shaft also has a softer tip section that allows for easier loading and better feel, making it a great choice for players with slower swing speeds. Additionally, it is incredibly lightweight, which helps to reduce fatigue during the round and promotes faster swing speeds.

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Ping Tour 173-85 Shaft

The Ping Tour 173-85 shaft is designed to offer maximum control and accuracy for golfers seeking a mid-launch, low spin trajectory. The shaft is ideal for golfers who want to hit their shots with a penetrating trajectory and less spin. This is a great shaft choice for players looking for increased accuracy and consistency in their game. It is also perfect for those who need more workability in their shots due to the added stability it provides.

The Ping Tour 173-85 shaft is constructed from

Installing a Ping Tour 173-85 Shaft

Installing a Ping Tour 173-85 shaft is a simple process that can be done with basic tools. The first step is to make sure you have the right shaft for your club. Different clubs require different shafts, so make sure you have the right one before beginning the installation process.

Once you have the correct shaft, the next step is to remove the existing shaft from your club. You will need a wrench that fits over the head of your golf club and a pair of pliers to remove any

Where to Buy a Ping Tour 173-85 Shaft?

If you’re looking for a Ping Tour 173-85 shaft, there are several places to purchase one. The first place to look is at a local sporting goods store or golf shop. Many of these stores carry the latest Ping products, including the 173-85 shaft. You can also find them online at retail sites like Amazon or eBay.

Another great option for purchasing a Ping Tour 173-85 shaft is through a specialty golf store. These stores specialize in golf equipment and can have more variety

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The Ping Tour 173-85 shaft is a great choice for golfers of all levels who are looking for a shaft that offers a great balance of control, power, accuracy and feel. With its light weight and high-end materials, the Ping Tour 173-85 shaft is perfect for players seeking maximum performance from their equipment. It provides a smooth and consistent feel, allowing you to hit the ball with more accuracy and control. The Ping Tour 173-85 shaft is also very durable and will last longer than most other graphite shafts on the market. Overall,

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