pistol grip putter benefits

The pistol grip putter is a popular golf club among golfers of all skill levels. It features a handle that is longer than the shaft, and a grip that is positioned higher up on the shaft, closer to the head of the putter. This unique design offers several benefits to players, from improved accuracy and consistency to increased control. The pistol grip putter can help players make more accurate shots and better control their speed and direction. It also helps promote a consistent putting stroke, as the handle naturally guides players’ hands into the correct position for each shot. With practice, the pistol grip putter can help golfers become more efficient putters and lower their scores on the course.A Pistol Grip Putter is a type of golf club that has a handle that is shaped like the grip of a handgun. It has a shorter and thicker shaft than other putters, which helps golfers maintain better control over their stroke. The design also helps to keep the arms and hands in line with the target, providing more consistency in putting performance.

Benefits of Using a Pistol Grip Putter

Many golfers are now using a pistol grip putter to help them improve their game. A pistol grip putter is a type of putter that has a handle that is slightly larger than normal and is angled more towards the player’s body. This allows for better control and accuracy when putting. The pistol grip also helps to reduce the tension in the wrist, which can lead to improved accuracy and consistency when making putts. The use of a pistol grip putter can also help to improve overall posture while putting, which can help improve accuracy and consistency as well.

One major benefit of using a pistol grip putter is increased control and accuracy on the greens. The larger handle allows for better grip on the club, which in turn helps with having more control over the ball as it is struck. This improved control can lead to much better results on the green, including fewer three-putts, more made putts from longer distances, and even lower scores overall.

Using a pistol grip putter can also allow golfers to maintain better posture while putting. The larger handle encourages golfers to keep their arms closer to their body, allowing them to maintain proper balance and form throughout their stroke. This improved posture can then lead to improved accuracy as well since it allows for a smoother transition through the stroke without any jerky movements.

Finally, using a pistol grip putter can also help golfers reduce tension in their wrists while putting. As mentioned previously, this can lead to improved consistency with each stroke since it prevents any sudden jerky movements that could mess up one’s aim or trajectory. Reducing wrist tension also helps prevent fatigue during long rounds or tournaments, allowing golfers to stay focused longer and finish strong on the greens.

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Increasing Speed

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Reducing Costs

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Increasing Efficiency

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Increased Accuracy

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Improved Consistency

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Making Greens Easier to Read

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Reduced Wrist Movement During Stroke

Stroke is a medical condition that can cause a wide range of physical impairments, including reduced mobility and decreased wrist movement. This can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life, making everyday tasks more difficult or even impossible. To address this issue, various treatments and therapies have been developed to help improve wrist movement following a stroke. Physical therapy is one of the most commonly used approaches to treating reduced wrist movement after a stroke. It involves exercises designed to strengthen the muscles around the wrist joint and increase flexibility, range of motion, and strength. Occupational therapy is another option for those with reduced wrist movement following stroke, as it helps them develop skills needed to complete daily tasks with greater ease and efficiency. Additionally, adaptive devices such as splints or braces may be used to help promote better positioning and reduce pain associated with wrist movement. With the right treatment plan and dedication to rehabilitation, many people can regain some or all of their lost range of motion in their wrists following a stroke.

However, there are also other potential causes of wrist immobility that should be considered when looking at ways to improve movement after a stroke. Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis can limit range of motion in the wrist joint and should be treated accordingly. It’s important for those affected by these conditions to speak with their doctor about treatment options that may be right for them. Additionally, proper nutrition and exercise are important components in any rehabilitation program as they can help support muscle health and overall wellbeing. With the right combination of therapies and lifestyle changes, it’s possible for individuals with limited wrist mobility due to stroke to regain use of their hands and wrists.


A pistol grip putter is a great choice for golfers looking for an easier, more comfortable way to play their game. It is lightweight, and its shape helps to provide a more secure and stable grip, improving accuracy and consistency. Its design also helps keep the wrists straight, putting less strain on your wrists and shoulders during the stroke. Its overall design ensures a reliable, consistent stroke every time.

Whether you’re just starting out in golf or are an experienced golfer looking to improve your game, using a pistol grip putter can give you the edge you need to shave strokes off your scorecard. With its superior design and technology, it is no surprise that so many golfers swear by their pistol grip putter!