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play it as it lies golf

Play It As It Lies golf is an exciting and unique way to enjoy the game of golf. This style of play follows the traditional rules of golf but with a twist. Instead of playing from the best lies possible, the player must play from where their ball lies as it comes to rest, even if it is in an unfavorable position. This style of play often requires creative shot-making and can lead to some very interesting results. It also eliminates the need for excessive teeing and marking of balls, which can sometimes add too much time to a round and detract from the enjoyment of the game. Whether you are looking for a new challenge or just want to have some fun, Play It As It Lies golf is sure to provide an enjoyable experience.Play It As It Lies Golf is a philosophy of golf where players are encouraged to play the ball as it lies, no matter how difficult the situation may be. The idea is that the player should not try to manipulate the ball in order to gain an advantage, but rather accept and work with whatever lies before them. This philosophy emphasizes playing the game with integrity and respect for its traditional rules.

The Rules of ‘Play It As It Lies’ Golf

Play it as it lies golf is a variation of the traditional game of golf. It follows the same basic rules as regular golf, but with a few added twists. The goal of play it as it lies golf is to score as low as possible by playing each shot from where the ball lies, no matter how difficult the lie may be.

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In order to play this game, each player must have their own set of clubs and a scorecard. Before starting, players need to agree on how many shots they are allowed for each hole and how many holes they will be playing.

Players must also agree on how they will handle out-of-bounds shots or balls that end up in water hazards. Generally, players have two options: take a penalty stroke or drop the ball within two club lengths of where the ball went out of bounds.

When playing play it as it lies golf, players must always take their shots from where the ball lies on the course. This means that if your ball lands in a bunker or other hazard, you will need to attempt to play from that spot instead of taking relief and dropping your ball elsewhere.

The order in which players take their shots is also important in this game. Players must always let their opponents go first when they are closer to the hole than them. This practice helps keep everyone’s game fair and prevents any sort of cheating or taking advantage of another player’s misfortune.

At the end of each round, players should add up their scores and compare them to determine who had the best round and who won overall. Play it as it lies golf can be both an enjoyable and challenging way to enjoy a round with friends or family while still practicing your skills on a real course.

Michael Piko
Michael Piko

I am a professional golfer who has recently transitioned into the golf coaching profession. I have been teaching the game for more than 15 years and have been teaching professionally for 8 years. My expertise is working with everyone from beginners to pros

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