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The Putter Flow Neck is a revolutionary technology that has revolutionized the way golfers practice their putting. It is designed to increase the accuracy and consistency of a golfer’s putts, allowing them to dial in their stroke mechanics and ultimately improve their putting performance. The Putter Flow Neck features an adjustable flow neck that allows the putter face to open and close freely, giving golfers better feel and feedback while they practice their stroke. Additionally, the Putter Flow Neck also features a weight-adjustable counterbalance system, which allows golfers to customize the balance of the putter to suit their individual preferences. Combined with its sleek design and easy installation, it’s no wonder why so many golfers are making the switch to the Putter Flow Neck.The Putter Flow Neck is designed to improve a golfer’s performance. The neck of the putter is designed to be slightly curved, allowing for a smoother, more consistent stroke. This helps increase accuracy and control while also providing a more balanced and comfortable putting motion. The Putter Flow Neck also increases the club head speed, enabling golfers to hit the ball farther and with greater accuracy. The curved neck also allows for improved alignment, giving golfers a better chance of making solid contact with the ball and improving their overall game. Additionally, the Putter Flow Neck reduces wrist movement during putting, reducing the risk of injury.

Putter Flow Neck Design

The putter flow neck design is one of the most popular choices for golfers. It has a unique shape that helps to ensure that the clubface remains square throughout the stroke, allowing for more consistent contact with the ball. The putter also has a deep face, making it easier to hit the ball with accuracy and power. The flow neck design also helps to reduce backspin, which can help improve accuracy and distance. The overall design of the putter is designed to make it easier for the golfer to get a better feel for the club and hit more consistently.

The flow neck design also helps with alignment as well, giving golfers a better line of sight when they are looking down at the clubface before they swing. This can help them make sure they are hitting their target correctly and avoid any mishits. Additionally, the deeper face of this type of putter allows golfers to get more spin on their shots, which can help them control trajectory and distance better on long shots.

Overall, the putter flow neck design is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their game. It provides great feel, accuracy, and spin control from tee to green, making it ideal for players of all skill levels. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro looking for more consistency on your shots, this type of putter could be just what you need to take your game up a notch.

Putter Flow Neck Alignment

The Putter Flow Neck Alignment is an important element to consider when examining your putter. It is a tool used to determine the consistency of the neck alignment of your putter. It helps to identify any inconsistencies in the neck angle that can affect your putting stroke. The Putter Flow Neck Alignment will show you where the face of your putter aligns with the target line and help you make adjustments to correct any discrepancies. With this tool, you will be able to ensure that your putter is properly aligned and that it provides consistent performance throughout your putting stroke.

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The Putter Flow Neck Alignment also helps to identify potential issues with grip size and weight distribution, as well as other aspects of club setup. This tool can be used to customize your club set for optimal performance. By using the Putter Flow Neck Alignment, you will be able to fine-tune your putters for the best possible results on the course.

The Putter Flow Neck Alignment is a simple yet effective tool for improving your putting game. It can help you identify potential problems with club setup and make adjustments as needed for improved performance on the green. With this tool, you will be able to ensure that every time you take a shot, your putters are properly aligned and optimized for maximum distance and accuracy.

Putter Flow Neck: Advantages and Disadvantages

The putter flow neck has been a popular choice for golfers looking for an improved putting stroke. It is designed to provide an easier, more consistent release of the putter head, resulting in improved accuracy and distance control. The putter flow neck also helps reduce fatigue during a round of golf, as it reduces the amount of pressure placed on the wrists and hands during a putting stroke. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using a putter flow neck, so it is important to understand what they are before making a decision.

The main advantage of using a putter flow neck is that it helps improve accuracy and distance control when putting. The design encourages the golfer to keep the clubface square at impact, which helps eliminate slices or hooks in the ball flight. Additionally, because it reduces pressure on the wrists and hands, it can help mitigate fatigue associated with repeated strokes during a round of golf.

However, there are some disadvantages to using a putter flow neck. The most obvious is that they are not adjustable like traditional putters; once they are set up to fit your body type, any adjustments must be done by changing out shafts or adjusting clubhead weights. Additionally, because they require less wrist action during the stroke, some golfers find them difficult to use for short puts or those requiring delicate touch. Finally, depending on your body type and swing style, you may find that the feel of this type of putter head does not suit your game as well as others do.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to use a putter flow neck will come down to personal preference and what works best for each individual golfer’s game. If you decide to try one out for yourself, make sure you get properly fitted for it so that you can get maximum benefit from its design features.

Putter Flow Neck Set Up

Putter flow neck set up is an important factor in golfing performance. It refers to the angle of the putter’s shaft relative to the golfer’s body when he or she is striking a putt. The angle should be such that it facilitates a smooth and efficient backswing and follow-through, allowing the golfer to hit the ball accurately and consistently. To achieve this, it is important for the golfer to adjust their stance, grip, and posture until they find a comfortable position that allows them to make a good stroke. The correct putter flow neck set up can also help improve accuracy and consistency by allowing for better control over club face angle throughout the swing.

The most common way to adjust the putter flow neck set up is by adjusting the lie angle of the clubhead relative to the shaft. This can be done by changing either the length or loft of the putter, or by using different weights or counterweights on either side of the head. Additionally, some golfers may prefer to use special sole plates which allow them to adjust both lie angle and weighting at once.

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Once a golfer has found a comfortable position with their putter flow neck set up they should practice making several putting strokes from that same spot until they are happy with their consistency and accuracy. This will help them develop muscle memory so that when they are on course they will know exactly how their body should feel during each shot. Proper practice is essential for any golfer looking to improve their game and getting used to a specific putter flow neck set up can go a long way towards achieving this goal.

Benefits of Using a Putter with a Flow Neck

A putter with a flow neck is designed to make it easier for golfers to get the correct alignment when they are taking their putts. The flow neck is designed to provide a larger sweet spot and a more consistent stroke path. This makes it easier for golfers to get the ball on the line they want and help them improve their putting accuracy.

Using a putter with a flow neck can also help reduce the amount of wrist movement during the stroke, which can lead to more consistent contact between the ball and clubface. This will help golfers hit more accurate putts and reduce their chances of missing short putts.

The flow neck design can also provide more stability throughout the stroke, making it easier for golfers to maintain their posture and swing plane. This will allow them to develop better muscle memory and help them keep their swings under control.

Finally, using a putter with a flow neck can help improve the feel of your strokes, making it easier for you to judge distance control and speed. This will allow you to make better decisions when you are out on the course and make sure that your ball goes exactly where you want it to go every time.


The putter flow neck is a new type of putter designed to provide golfers with better performance and increased accuracy. The putter is designed with a special flow neck that helps to reduce drag and improve the accuracy of shots. This article will discuss the impact of the putter flow neck on performance and how it can benefit golfers.


The design of the putter flow neck is based on aerodynamic principles, which are used to reduce drag and improve accuracy. The design features a unique neck that is curved in order to create less drag while also providing greater control when making contact with the ball. The design also includes an offset face, which helps to promote a more consistent ball flight, as well as an adjustable weight system that allows golfers to customize their putters for their individual preferences.

Performance Benefits

The main performance benefit of the putter flow neck is improved accuracy. By reducing drag, it allows golfers to make more consistent contact with the ball, resulting in improved accuracy and distance control. Additionally, the adjustable weight system allows golfers to customize their putters for their individual playing styles, allowing them to hit more accurate shots.


The putter flow neck is an innovative design that provides golfers with improved performance benefits. It reduces drag and improves accuracy while also allowing for customization through its adjustable weight system. With these benefits, it can be a great option for any golfer looking to improve their game.

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How to Choose the Right Putter Flow Neck

Choosing the right putter flow neck can be a daunting task. It is important to select a putter with the correct neck shape and offset for your swing. There are several types of putters with different neck shapes, lengths, and offsets available on the market. It is important to assess your own personal preferences and choose the putter that best suits your game.

The most common type of putter flow neck is a straight or plumber’s neck, which offers minimal offset and helps keep your hands in line when putting. This type of neck also provides more stability, as it keeps the face square at impact. Other types of putter flow necks include double-bend and heel-toe, which offer more offset and help golfers aim accurately.

When choosing a putter flow neck, you should consider factors such as length, lie angle, loft angle, head material, grip style, and weight balance. The length of the putter should match your height – if you are tall then you should choose a longer shaft while shorter players should opt for shorter shafts. The lie angle will determine how much of an arc you create when putting – flatter lies will make it easier to hit straight shots while more upright lies will help create more backspin on the ball.

The loft angle of the clubhead will affect how much backspin you can produce on each shot – higher lofted heads often produce more backspin than lower lofted heads do. The material used in the construction of the head will also have an effect on performance – lighter material such as titanium or graphite can provide increased speed and distance while heavier materials like steel can provide added accuracy and control.

Finally, consider grip style and weight balance when selecting a putter flow neck. A heavier head will typically promote accuracy while lighter heads encourage speed; this is something that needs to be tested out before purchasing any club so that you can find one that works well for your game. Grip size is also important – too small or too large a grip can lead to poor control over shots so make sure to get one that fits comfortably in your hands.

Overall, choosing the right putter flow neck depends on various factors such as length, lie angle, loft angle, head material, grip style and weight balance so it’s important to assess each one individually before making any final decisions about which club is best suited for your game.


The Putter Flow Neck is a great putter for golfers looking to get more control out of their stroke. It is a lightweight, adjustable neck and face construction that provides golfers with the flexibility to create a variety of different shots. The putter also features an easy to adjust hosel, allowing the golfer to quickly and easily adjust the lie angle from one shot to the next. Additionally, its forgiving head shape helps golfers make solid contact with their ball and achieve consistent results throughout their round. Overall, the Putter Flow Neck is an excellent choice for golfers seeking greater control over their putts.

Thanks to its lightweight design and adjustability, the Putter Flow Neck is also a great option for players of all levels. Beginners can benefit from its forgiving nature while advanced players can take advantage of its ability to create a variety of shots and dial in their accuracy with the adjustable hosel. Regardless of your skill level, the Putter Flow Neck can help you improve your game and take your putting performance to the next level.

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