pxg gen 5 review

The PXG Generation 5 (GEN5) irons are the latest addition to the Performance Xtreme Golf (PXG) iron family. These clubs have been designed with a focus on delivering maximum performance, control, and accuracy in your golf game. The GEN5 irons feature advanced engineering and design, with a combination of high-end materials and innovative technology to ensure that you get the most out of each shot. With a sleek look and feel, these irons are sure to help you take your game to the next level. In this review we will take a closer look at what makes the PXG GEN5 Irons so unique, as well as how they perform on the course.The PXG Gen 5 driver review is overwhelmingly positive. Golfers report increased distance and accuracy, as well as improved feel and sound. The club has an adjustable hosel which allows for a wide range of loft, lie, and face angle positions. Players also appreciate the ultra-lightweight carbon fiber crown and the weight positioning system that provides a low, deep center of gravity for greater forgiveness. The Gen 5 also features an adjustable sole weight with a range of 1 to 12 grams that can be used to optimize spin, launch angle, and trajectory. Overall, the PXG Gen 5 driver is one of the top rated drivers on the market today because it offers tour-level performance in a forgiving package.

PXG Gen 5 Fairway Woods Review

The PXG Gen 5 Fairway Woods are the latest addition to the popular PXG golf line. The brand has a reputation for creating top-notch golf equipment, and the Gen 5 fairway woods are no exception. These clubs have been designed with precision engineering and feature a unique combination of materials that provide excellent feel and performance on the course. The clubs come in two different models, the PXG 0511 F and PXG 0341 F, both of which offer great performance.

The PXG 0511 F model features a carbon fiber face that is lightweight and provides great ball speed off the clubface. The face also has adjustable weights which allow players to customize their ball flight to their preferred trajectory. Additionally, the club head features a unique crown design which allows for maximum forgiveness on off-center shots. This model also features an adjustable hosel system which allows players to adjust their loft angles for more control over their shot shape.

The PXG 0341 F model is built with a stainless steel body and features an adjustable sole weighting system for improved feel and control. This model also comes with an adjustable hosel system so you can customize your loft angle for more accuracy on each shot. Both models feature a unique “triple-milled” face pattern that provides extra spin on shots for added control around the green.

Overall, both models offer excellent performance and feel on the course and will help any player improve their game. Whether you’re looking for extra distance or more accuracy off the tee, these clubs will help you take your game to the next level.

PXG Gen 5 Hybrids Review

The PXG Gen 5 hybrids are the latest addition to the PXG family of clubs. These hybrid golf clubs are designed to maximize distance and accuracy in all conditions. They feature a titanium face, tungsten sole weighting, and an adjustable hosel that can be set in either a standard or draw position. The clubs provide a low-spin launch for maximum distance and a higher trajectory for increased control. The hybrid also features an optimized center of gravity, which helps to promote improved turf interaction and make it easier to hit from any lie. The result is a club that gives you maximum performance with minimal effort.

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The PXG Gen 5 hybrids are also designed with forgiveness in mind. The clubhead has been engineered with an ultra-thin crown, which reduces drag for more efficient energy transfer at impact. Meanwhile, the internal weighting helps to increase MOI (moment of inertia) for added stability on off-center hits. This combination of technology makes it easier for golfers to get the ball airborne and keep it straight even in windy conditions.

In addition to improved performance, the PXG Gen 5 hybrids offer great looks as well. The sleek matte black finish gives the club an eye-catching appearance while still allowing you to focus on your shot rather than your equipment. And as if that weren’t enough, these clubs also come with an adjustable hosel that allows you to dial in your desired launch angle and optimize performance based on your swing style and preferences.

Overall, the PXG Gen 5 hybrids are an excellent choice for golfers looking for maximum performance out of their equipment. With their combination of distance, forgiveness, adjustability and great looks, these hybrid golf clubs will have you hitting further than ever before – no matter what kind of lie you’re up against!

PXG Gen 5 Irons Review

The PXG Gen 5 Irons are the newest addition to PXG’s golf club lineup, and they are one of the most advanced sets of irons in the industry. The clubs feature a unique, patented design that provides increased forgiveness, improved distance, and enhanced workability. The irons have been designed to provide golfers with maximum performance on every shot. The clubs feature an ultra-thin face, lightweight construction, and a low center of gravity. This combination helps to produce higher launch angles and longer distance. These irons also feature a progressive sole width technology that allows for greater workability throughout the set. This technology also helps golfers to control their trajectory and spin rate more easily than ever before.

In addition to their performance-enhancing features, the PXG Gen 5 Irons have a sleek look that will appeal to many golfers. The clubs feature a black finish that gives them an elegant look while still providing optimal performance. The clubs also come with different shaft options so that golfers can find the perfect fit for their swing. These irons are also designed with an ultra-smooth feel that provides great feedback on every shot.

Overall, the PXG Gen 5 Irons are some of the most advanced irons on the market today. They offer superior performance and feel while still having an attractive look that will appeal to many golfers. With their innovative design and performance-enhancing features, these clubs are sure to be popular among both amateur and professional players alike.

PXG Gen 5 Wedges Review

The PXG Gen 5 Wedges are the latest iteration of the popular wedge series. These wedges are designed to provide golfers with maximum control and accuracy around the greens. The new design features a larger face area that creates more forgiveness on off-center shots. The grooves are deeper than ever before, which helps create more spin and control on shots. The sole also has a higher bounce angle, which helps the club glide through the turf with ease. Additionally, the head shape is slightly smaller than previous models, allowing for better workability on shots. Overall, these wedges provide great control and accuracy for golfers of all skill levels.

In terms of performance, the PXG Gen 5 Wedges deliver impressive results. The larger face area provides more forgiveness on off-center shots, while the deeper grooves generate more spin and control on shots. The higher bounce angle also helps to ensure that the club glides easily through the turf without digging in too much or catching too much grass. This makes it easier to hit a variety of shots with confidence. Additionally, the slightly smaller head shape allows for better workability around the greens when trying to shape shots or adjust trajectory and spin rate.

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From a design standpoint, these wedges have a classic look that will appeal to players of all skill levels. They come in two finishes – glossy black chrome and matte black – so you can choose whichever one suits your style best. They also feature PXG’s signature graphics on each club head which adds an extra touch of class. Additionally, they come in various loft options ranging from 46° to 64° so you can find one that fits your game perfectly.

Overall, PXG’s Gen 5 Wedges are an excellent choice for golfers looking for maximum control and accuracy around the greens. The larger face area provides more forgiveness on off-center shots while deeper grooves create more spin and control on shots. They also have a sleek look that will appeal to players of all skill levels and come in various loft options so you can find one that fits your game perfectly.

Performance of the PXG Gen 5 Woods & Irons

The PXG Gen 5 Woods & Irons are designed to deliver maximum performance, making them the perfect choice for golfers of any skill level. The clubs feature a unique technology that combines a lightweight construction with an innovative face design to promote faster ball speeds and improved accuracy. Additionally, the clubs’ increased forgiveness makes them easier to hit, resulting in more consistent shots. The combination of these features makes the PXG Gen 5 Woods & Irons an excellent option for players looking to take their game to the next level.

The PXG Gen 5 Woods & Irons are also designed for maximum adjustability, allowing players to customize their clubs to their individual swing needs. The clubs’ loft and lie angle can be adjusted using PXG’s patented adjustable sole plate technology, and the clubface can be opened or closed depending on player preference. With these adjustments, golfers of all abilities will find it easy to optimize their clubs for maximum performance.

In addition to its outstanding performance, the PXG Gen 5 Woods & Irons offer exceptional feel and sound at impact. The lightweight construction helps reduce vibration at impact and provides a more solid strike sensation through the ball. And thanks to its innovative design, players will be able to easily identify when they have made a good strike on the ball for improved feedback on each shot.

Overall, the PXG Gen 5 Woods & Irons are an excellent choice for golfers looking for a top-of-the-line set that will provide them with maximum performance and adjustability. With these clubs in their bag, golfers of all skill levels will be able to take their game up a notch and play with confidence knowing they have one of the best sets available on the market today.

Design of the PXG Gen 5 Woods & Irons

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) has recently released their newest line of golf clubs, the Gen 5 Woods & Irons. The design and engineering team at PXG have put together a set of clubs that have been praised for their performance and sleek look. The clubs feature a variety of innovative technology and design features that make them stand out from the competition.

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The Gen 5 Woods & Irons are constructed with materials that are both lightweight and durable, allowing them to perform consistently during regular use. PXG’s proprietary manufacturing process ensures that each club is crafted to exacting standards, resulting in clubs that feel great to hit no matter how hard you swing. The hollow body construction allows for a center of gravity that is lower and deeper than traditional irons which helps players achieve higher launch angles with increased accuracy.

PXG has also incorporated several new features into their Gen 5 Woods & Irons. The unique “tune-able” sole plate allows golfers to customize the club’s sole weighting based on their individual preferences. This feature is especially helpful when playing on different types of terrain or in varying weather conditions. Additionally, the adjustable hosel lets players adjust the lie angle of the clubhead to help optimize their ball flight trajectory.

Overall, PXG’s Gen 5 Woods & Irons provide golfers with a superior level of performance and quality design. With so many innovative features and customizable options, it’s clear why these clubs are becoming a popular choice among avid golfers around the world.

Feel and Sound of the PXG Gen 5 Woods & Irons

The PXG Gen 5 woods and irons are designed to offer an unparalleled golfing experience. Featuring advanced technologies such as a lightweight construction, high-strength carbon-fiber crowns, and optimized internal weighting, the clubs deliver maximum distance and accuracy. The clubs also feature a unique sound and feel that make them stand out from other golf clubs. The sound of the club hitting the ball is loud yet controlled, with a distinctive crack that indicates a well-struck ball. The feel of the club is soft and responsive, providing excellent feedback on every shot. With their combination of power, precision, and performance, the PXG Gen 5 woods and irons offer golfers a truly unique golfing experience.

Performance Benefits

In addition to their enhanced sound and feel, PXG Gen 5 woods and irons provide several performance benefits as well. The lightweight construction allows for faster swing speeds while still maintaining stability through impact. The optimized internal weighting helps shift more mass to the sole of the club for increased forgiveness on off-center hits. And the high-strength carbon-fiber crowns help reduce overall weight while adding strength for improved accuracy on long shots. When combined with their superior sound and feel, these performance benefits make PXG Gen 5 woods and irons some of the most sought after clubs in golf today.

Overall Experience

The overall experience with PXG Gen 5 woods and irons is one that’s hard to match. With their combination of sound, feel, power, precision, and performance benefits, they provide an unparalleled level of playability for any level of golfer. Whether you’re looking to hit longer drives or dial in your short game shots more accurately, these clubs will help you get closer to your goals on the course. If you’re looking for a set of clubs that can take your game to new heights while also providing an unmatched golfing experience in terms of sound and feel – look no further than PXG Gen 5 woods and irons.


The PXG Gen 5 irons offer outstanding performance, great feel, and a sleek look. While they may not be affordable to everyone, their performance is worth the investment for those who are serious about their game. They offer a significant amount of forgiveness and feel that most players can appreciate. The use of TPE technology also helps to reduce vibrations and improve sound at impact. The Gen 5 irons are a great choice for players looking to enhance their game.

Overall, the PXG Gen 5 irons provide an impressive combination of distance, accuracy, forgiveness, and feel that make them stand out from other clubs on the market. They’re also well-crafted and stylishly designed to appeal to a wide range of golfers. If you’re in the market for a new set of irons, you should definitely give them a try.