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Royal Grips is a leading manufacturer of premium quality golf club, putter, and wedge grips. With over 20 years of experience in the golfing industry, Royal Grips offers an extensive range of professional-grade golf grips that are designed to provide superior performance and unparalleled comfort. From classic leather to modern hybrid materials, our extensive selection of grips offers something for every golfer. Our patented designs feature advanced technologies to ensure maximum comfort and grip strength during play. Whether you’re looking for a grip to increase your game or just to make your clubs look better, Royal Grips has the perfect option for you.Royal Grips provide a great range of benefits to users. These include improved grip and control, increased comfort, reduced hand fatigue, and improved performance. They are designed to fit the user’s hands perfectly, providing a secure and comfortable grip. This helps to reduce hand fatigue and strain during activities such as weight lifting or playing sports. The increased comfort provided by Royal Grips also allows for greater control of movements, allowing for better overall performance in activities such as golf or tennis. Royal Grips also increase the lifespan of any equipment they are used on as they provide a secure and reliable grip that lasts longer than regular grips.

Types of Royal Grips

Royal grips is a type of golf grip that helps golfers in maintaining the correct swing. It is one of the most popular types of golf grips used by professionals and amateurs alike. Royal grips are typically made from leather, rubber, or synthetic materials and come in various sizes. They provide a secure and comfortable grip for the golfer’s hands while also allowing for maximum control over the club head.

Royal grips are generally categorized into three main types: traditional, mid-size, and oversize. Traditional royal grips are typically around .600 inches in diameter and feature a shallow ribbed pattern on the back to improve traction. Mid-size royal grips are usually .580 inches in diameter, with a slightly deeper ribbed pattern to provide more traction during your swing. Oversize royal grips measure .620 inches in diameter and feature an even deeper ribbed pattern to ensure maximum traction when swinging the golf club.

The type of grip you choose for your clubs should be based on comfort and your individual swing style. If you have larger hands or prefer a more secure grip, then an oversize royal grip might be best suited for you. On the other hand, if you have smaller hands or prefer more control when swinging your clubs, then a traditional or mid-size royal grip would likely suit you better.

No matter which type of royal grip you choose, they all provide excellent quality and performance that will help you get the most out of your game. With proper care, these durable materials can last through many rounds of golfing without any wear or tear. So next time you’re looking to replace your old golf grips, consider upgrading to a set of Royal Grips!

Personalizing Royal Grips

Grips can be a great way to personalize your golf clubs and make them unique. With Royal Grips, you can choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and materials to create the perfect grip for your game. The variety of options allows you to customize your clubs with the perfect grip for your hands, swing, and playing style.

Royal Grips provide exceptional feel and comfort while playing. They are designed to provide superior traction and control on every swing. With Royal Grips, you can easily adjust the firmness of the grip by tightening or loosening the screws. This allows you to customize your grip to fit your specific needs.

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Royal Grips also feature unique designs that add a personal touch to your golf clubs. You can choose from a wide selection of patterns, logos, colors, and textures to give your clubs a unique look that stands out from the crowd.

Royal Grips are made from high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance. They are designed to be durable and resistant to wear and tear so they will stay looking like new even after years of use.

With Royal Grips, you can easily personalize your golf clubs with the perfect grip for your game. The variety of options allows you to customize your clubs with the perfect size, color, material, design, and firmness for an optimal playing experience.

Materials Used for Royal Grips

Royal Grips are made from a variety of materials, each offering its own unique properties. From rubber to leather, there is a material for every player and every game. Rubber grips provide superior grip and control to help you stay on top of your game. Leather, on the other hand, is durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for those who play a lot of games. Other materials such as synthetic materials, plastics, and fabrics can also be used to make Royal Grips. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before making a purchase.

Rubber is one of the most popular materials used in making Royal Grips because it offers excellent grip and control while still being lightweight and comfortable in the hand. It also provides good protection against moisture which can cause slippage during play. Leather is another popular choice for Royal Grips due to its durability and longevity. It is a bit heavier than rubber but offers excellent grip as well as moisture resistance for those who play in wet conditions.

Synthetic materials are gaining popularity due to their strength and light weight while plastics are often chosen for their durability and affordability. Fabrics also offer comfort but may not provide enough grip depending on the game being played. When choosing between different materials for Royal Grips, it’s important to consider what type of game you are playing as well as your own personal preferences in order to get the best results possible.

Different Shapes and Sizes of Royal Grips

Royal grips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the classic round shape to the more modern, ergonomic design. The size of the grip is also important to consider when choosing the right one for your needs. Smaller grips are ideal for those with smaller hands, while larger grips are great for people with larger hands. The shape of the grip can also affect how comfortable it feels in your hand. Some shapes may be easier to hold and control than others. It’s important to find a grip that fits comfortably in your hand so you can have better control over your shots.

The material of your grip is also important when choosing a royal grip. Traditional leather grips are still popular, but there are now many other materials available as well. Synthetic materials such as rubber and foam provide better traction and feel compared to leather, but they may not last as long as traditional materials do. If you’re looking for a long-lasting grip, you may want to opt for leather or rubber-coated leather options.

Some royal grips come with extra features like vibration dampening or extra padding that can help reduce fatigue during long rounds. These features can help make shooting more comfortable and enjoyable, especially if you’re playing on an uneven surface or dealing with weather conditions like wind or rain. Additionally, some grips offer customizable weights that allow you to adjust the weight of the club to match your swing speed and strength for better accuracy and consistency off the tee box.

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No matter what type of royal grip you choose, make sure it fits comfortably in your hand so you can get maximum performance out of your game. With different shapes and sizes available, there’s sure to be one that meets your needs perfectly!


Royal Grips are designed to provide a secure, comfortable grip that won’t slip no matter the conditions. The installation process is simple and straightforward, taking only a few minutes to complete. With a few basic tools and supplies, you can easily install Royal Grips on your bike for a custom fit and feel.

Tools & Supplies

Before beginning the installation process, you’ll need to gather the necessary tools and supplies. You’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench or pliers, and some rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Additionally, it’s recommended that you have some light grease or lubricant on hand for lubricating the handlebar during installation.

Installation Process

The first step in installing Royal Grips is to remove the old grips from your bike’s handlebars. Use the screwdriver to unscrew any screws or fasteners that are holding them in place. Once all of the screws have been removed, slide the old grips off of the handlebars and discard them.

Next, use a rag or cloth with rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the handlebars in order to remove any dirt or residue that may be present. Allow the handlebars to dry completely before proceeding with installation.

Once your handlebars are clean and dry, apply a light layer of grease or lubricant to each side of the handlebar where you plan to install your Royal Grips. This will help make sure that they slide onto the bar with ease.

Finally, slide one end of each Royal Grip onto one side of your handlebar until it’s firmly seated against the bar. Use an adjustable wrench or pliers to tighten any screws that are included with your Royal Grips in order to secure them in place on each side.

Once both Royal Grips are installed securely onto your bike’s handlebars, you’re ready for a comfortable ride!

General Care

Regular maintenance of your Royal Grips is an essential part of ensuring that they remain in good condition. It’s important to keep your grips clean and free of dirt and debris, as this can cause them to wear more quickly. A soft cloth and gentle soap can be used to wipe the grips clean, and you may want to use a specialized cleaning product for best results. Additionally, it’s important to check your grips for signs of wear or damage, as these can affect how well the grip functions. If you notice any signs of damage or wear, it’s best to replace the grip immediately.

Storage Tips

Proper storage of your Royal Grips is essential for maintaining their condition. It’s best to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture. If storing them in a bag or other storage container, make sure there is plenty of room for air circulation around the grips. Additionally, it’s important to avoid storing them near items that could cause damage or wear, such as sharp objects or chemicals.

Cleaning Tips

When cleaning your Royal Grips, it’s important to use mild soap and warm water. Never use harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners on your grips as these can cause damage or discoloration over time. Additionally, never scrub the grips too hard as this could damage the surface finish. After cleaning the grips with soap and water, use a soft cloth to dry them off completely before storing or using again.

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Replacement Tips

If you notice signs of wear or damage on your Royal Grips it’s best to replace them immediately rather than trying to repair them yourself. This will ensure that they continue functioning properly and provide optimal performance. If you need help finding replacement parts for your Royal Grips, contact an authorized dealer for assistance.

By following these simple maintenance tips regularly, you should be able to keep your Royal Grips in good condition for years to come!

Grip Material

Royal Grips come in a variety of materials, including rubber, leather, and synthetic. Rubber grips provide a good grip for all-weather conditions and are great for those who are looking for a durable option. Leather grips are ideal for those who want a softer feel and more luxurious look. Synthetic grips offer an affordable option that is easy to clean and maintain. When it comes to choosing the right grip material, it’s important to consider your riding style and the type of terrain you’ll be riding on.

Grip Shape

The shape of the grip can make a big difference in how comfortable your ride is. Royal Grips come in various shapes, ranging from round to ergonomic designs. Round grips are great for riders who prefer a more traditional feel while ergonomic designs provide added comfort by allowing your hands to rest in natural positions with less strain on them. It’s important to research different shapes before making your final decision as the shape you choose can affect how well you’re able to control your bike.

Grip Size

The size of the grip is another important factor when it comes to selecting Royal Grips. The right size grip will allow you to comfortably hold onto the handlebars without feeling too constricted or loose. It’s best to measure the circumference of your hand before buying Royal Grips so you can ensure you select one that’s comfortable and secure.


Royal Grips are designed for long-term use and should last several years if taken care of properly. It’s important to choose a grip that is made from high-quality materials as this will ensure that it won’t wear down quickly or become damaged easily over time. Consider how much use you plan on putting them through before making your purchase so you can select one that will be able to withstand regular use.


Price is always an important factor when it comes to buying anything, but especially so when purchasing Royal Grips as they can range from relatively inexpensive models all the way up to expensive ones with lots of features. Consider what features are most important for you and find a model that falls within your budget without sacrificing quality or performance.


Royal Grips is an innovative product that can help golfers of all levels to improve their game. It provides a secure and comfortable grip that will help you stay focused on the game and avoid slipping during your swing. The Royal Grips also provide superior durability, so you can rest assured that they will last you for a long time. With its unique design, the Royal Grips are sure to enhance your golf game and bring out your true golfing potential.

In conclusion, Royal Grips is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to improve their game. Its unique design provides a secure and comfortable grip with superior durability, while its affordability makes it a great value product. If you’re looking for a reliable product that will help you take your golf game to the next level, then Royal Grips is definitely worth considering.