split tees golf meaning

Split tees golf is a fun and interesting way to play the game of golf. It is a variation on traditional golf, where two or more groups of players, usually playing on the same course, split up and play from different sets of tees. This allows all players to take advantage of different lengths and angles for each hole, creating a unique experience for each group. Split tees golf is popular among casual players who are looking for an enjoyable round with friends. With this type of setup, players can choose to make their rounds as competitive or relaxed as they want.Split tees golf is a game in which two teams of players compete against each other over the course of nine or eighteen holes. Each team has four players, and they take turns teeing off from designated tee boxes on each hole. The object of the game is to have the lowest score at the end of the round. The team with the lowest score wins. Split tees golf can be played with any type of golf club but is most commonly played using irons, woods, and putters.

Benefits of Playing Split Tees Golf

Split tees golf is a great way to experience the game of golf in a different way. It is a form of golf that combines both long distance and short distance shots, making it a great way to challenge yourself and improve your overall game. Split tees golf can be played either as a foursome or as an individual, giving players the ability to customize their experience. Here are some of the benefits of playing split tees golf:

One advantage of playing split tees golf is that it allows players to practice different shots without having to move to another area on the course. By playing on split tees, players can work on their short game or their driving skills without having to move around the course. This also allows players to spend more time practicing specific shots and techniques, which can lead to improved scores.

Another benefit of playing split tees golf is that it offers a chance for players to socialize with other players on the course. When playing on split tees, there are often multiple groups teeing off at once, allowing for conversations and friendly competition between groups. This adds an element of fun and camaraderie, creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all involved.

Finally, playing split tees golf can be beneficial for improving one’s overall game. By practicing different shots from various distances, players can build strength in various aspects of their game and become more consistent with their swing. This will lead to lower scores over time and help them become better all-around golfers.

Overall, split tees golf is a great way for players to challenge themselves and improve their overall game while also having fun with other people on the course. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to practice specific shots or just looking for some friendly competition with other players, split tees golf is an excellent option.

Where Can I Play Split Tees Golf?

Split Tees golf is a fun and challenging game that can be enjoyed at many courses around the world. It’s a great way to get some exercise and have a bit of friendly competition with your friends or family. Split tees golf is played on two separate sets of tees, which are usually of different lengths. The game typically involves alternating between the two sets of tees, with each player taking their turn on each set. This allows for a variety of different shots and strategies to be employed in order to make the most out of each hole.

Split tees golf can be found at courses all over the world, from small local clubs to large resorts. If you’re looking for a place to play split tees golf, your best bet is to check out courses in your area or nearby cities. Many courses offer special promotions or discounts for people who book multiple tee times, so it’s worth checking out what’s available before booking your tee times. Additionally, if you’re playing with friends or family it might be worth checking out places that offer group rates so everyone can join in on the fun.

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Another great option for playing split tees golf is online. There are several websites dedicated to helping people find courses and book tee times all over the world. These sites often feature reviews from other players as well as helpful tips and advice on how to get the most out of each round of golf. Whether you’re looking for something close by or an exotic location far away, these sites can help you find a course perfect for your needs.

No matter where you decide to play split tees golf, make sure you take the time to enjoy yourself while also honing your skills and learning more about this fun game. With its unique take on traditional golf rules, split tees golf can provide hours of entertainment and challenge no matter what your skill level is!

Forward Tees

Forward tees are typically the closest to the green and provide the shortest distance to the hole. These tees are designed for players with a low handicap, or those who prefer to play from a shorter distance. The forward tees can also be used by beginners, as they provide a great way to learn the course and practice different shots. These tees also provide an opportunity for players to hit longer drives and make up for any short comings in their iron game.

Middle Tees

Middle tees are designed for players of average ability and serve as a good starting point for all golfers. They provide an adequate challenge for all levels of skill while still allowing golfers to work on their game without feeling overwhelmed by longer distances or more difficult challenges. These tee boxes also provide an excellent opportunity for golfers to practice their long shots and develop their skills in a competitive environment.

Back Tees

Back tees are designed for players with higher handicaps, as they offer the longest distances and most challenging obstacles on any given hole. These tee boxes can be used by experienced golfers who want to maximize their distance off the tee, or by beginners who want to test themselves without being overwhelmed by shorter distances or easier courses. Back tees can also be used by groups of all skill levels, providing a variety of challenges that will help everyone improve their game.

Split Tees

Split tees are designed for two different groups of golfers at once, allowing both novice players and experienced players to enjoy the same course at different lengths. The split tee boxes offer two distinct challenges: one set of tee boxes is closer to the green than normal, while another set is farther away than normal. This allows each group of players to use different clubs off the tee in order to reach their desired distance from the green. Split tees also provide an opportunity for players of all skill levels to compete on an equal footing, making them popular among both casual and competitive golfers alike.

Safety Rules

Split Tees Golf takes safety seriously, and as such, all players must follow the safety rules. All players must wear a protective golf helmet when playing. Additionally, all players must have their golf clubs securely stored in their golf cart at all times. Players must also be aware of their surroundings and take extra care to avoid any potential hazards that may be on the course. Finally, all players should be aware of their speed when traveling around the course. By following these simple safety rules, Split Tees Golf can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all of its players.

Dress Code

Split Tees Golf has a strict dress code that all players are expected to follow. All players must wear golf attire and appropriate shoes at all times while on the course. Clothing that is deemed inappropriate will not be tolerated and these items should not be worn on the course. Additionally, any clothing that is deemed offensive or disruptive should also not be worn on the course. The dress code helps to ensure a positive atmosphere for everyone at Split Tees Golf and any violations could result in removal from the course.

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Course Etiquette

Players at Split Tees Golf are expected to follow proper etiquette while on the course. This includes being respectful of other players and refraining from engaging in disruptive behavior such as loud talking or shouting obscenities. Additionally, littering is strictly prohibited and any items left behind should be properly disposed of in designated areas only. All players are also expected to repair any divots made during play as well as replace any divots made by other players if necessary. By following these simple etiquette guidelines, Split Tees Golf can ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone on the course.

Splitting the tee

In golf, splitting the tee is a technique used to improve the accuracy of your shots. It involves taking two clubs from different angles and hitting the ball with each one separately. This technique can be used in different stages of a round of golf, from the driving range to the course itself. Here are some of the different stages of split tees golf:

Driving Range

The driving range is where most golfers practice their swing and work on their accuracy. Here, split tees can help you fine-tune your swing to get more distance and control. Start by taking two clubs and hitting balls with each one separately. This will give you an idea of which club works best for you in different conditions. You can also focus on improving your accuracy by adjusting your stance and grip accordingly for each club.

On Course Play

Once you’ve perfected your technique on the driving range, it’s time to take it out onto the course. Split tees can be used here too, as they help you better control your shots in various conditions such as windy days or when there are obstacles in play. Take a couple of clubs with different lengths and grips and hit balls from different angles until you find what works best for you in that situation.

Uneven Lies

Split tees can also be beneficial when playing from uneven lies. For example, if you are playing a shot off an uphill lie, a longer club may be more suitable than a shorter one due to its increased angle of attack. Similarly, if you are playing from a downhill lie, using a shorter club may be more beneficial due to its decreased angle of attack. Experimenting with split tees in these scenarios can help you find what works best for each lie situation so that you can maximize your performance on the course.

Golf Clubs

When playing split tees golf, players will need a set of golf clubs that consists of at least one driver, a few irons, and a putter. The driver should have at least 10 degrees of loft and be designed for distance. The irons should have at least 20 degrees of loft and be designed for accuracy. The putter should be lightweight and designed for control. It is also recommended to carry a hybrid club as well, as it can provide a good balance between distance and accuracy.

Golf Balls

Having the right golf balls is essential for success in split tees golf. It is recommended to use balls with a high spin rate and low compression rating in order to achieve maximum accuracy and distance. It is also important to choose the right ball for the course conditions, as some courses may favor different types of balls depending on the terrain or weather conditions.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are an important piece of equipment when playing split tees golf. They should provide support, comfort, and traction in order to allow players to make smooth swings with maximum power transfer. It is also important to choose shoes that are waterproof if playing in wet conditions.

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Golf Glove

A golf glove is an important accessory when playing split tees golf as it helps provide extra grip on the club during the swing, which can help improve accuracy and ball control. It is recommended to choose a glove made from durable material such as leather or synthetic leather that will provide long-term use.

Golf Apparel

It is important to dress appropriately when playing split tees golf in order to stay comfortable while playing in different weather conditions. Appropriate apparel includes hats, shirts, pants, socks, and jackets that are made from breathable materials such as cotton or polyester blends that will keep players cool during hot weather or warm during cold weather.

Strategy for Playing Split Tees Golf

Playing golf on split tees requires a different strategy than playing on a traditional tee box. Split tee golf is a game where you play from two different tee boxes, alternating between them each hole. It’s important to adjust your strategy when playing split tees, so you can make the most of every shot. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your split tee game:

1. Play smarter. When on the longer tee box, it’s important to play smarter and not hit for maximum distance. Hitting for maximum distance isn’t always the best decision, as it may put you in a difficult position for your next shot. Instead, play more conservatively and focus on accuracy rather than length.

2. Use the right clubs. The right clubs will make all the difference when playing split tees golf. When on the longer tee box, use more lofted clubs and shorter irons to ensure accuracy and control off the tee. On shorter holes, use longer irons or woods off the tee to maximize distance while still maintaining accuracy and control of your shots.

3. Know your yardages. Knowing your yardages is key when playing split tees golf. Knowing how far you have to hit each shot will help you select the right club and adjust your strategy accordingly. It’s also important to know which clubs you can hit comfortably off each tee box in order to maximize your chances of success on each hole.

4. Take advantage of opportunities when available. Split tees golf provides an opportunity to take advantage of short par 4s or par 5s depending on which tee box you’re playing from that day or week. If there’s a short par 4 available, consider hitting off the long box and going for it in two shots instead of laying up with an iron off the short box and having to hit three shots into the green instead of two shots off the long box with a driver and wedge into the green instead of two irons into it from short box layup position .

5 . Use course management skills effectively . Course management skills are essential when playing split tees golf . It’s important to be aware of hazards , doglegs , bunkers , water hazards , etc . before hitting each shot so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly . By doing this , you can avoid costly mistakes that could ruin an otherwise good round .

By following these tips, you can get the most out of your game when playing split tees golf and improve your scores over time!


Split tees golf is an innovative way to play the game of golf. It allows players to play at their own pace, and with a variety of different levels of ability. Split tees can be used in both competitive and recreational play, allowing players to have a fun and enjoyable round of golf. The use of split tees can also help to reduce waiting times at the tee box, which can help speed up the pace of play on the course. Split tees are a great way for players to get more out of their game by playing with different levels of ability and having a more enjoyable experience overall.

Overall, split tees golf is an enjoyable way for players to get more out of their game. It allows them to have a more flexible and fun experience on the course, while also helping reduce waiting times at the tee box. Split tees are becoming increasingly popular in both competitive and recreational play and are sure to become a staple in many courses over time.