taylormade r7 draw irons specs

TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons are the perfect choice for golfers looking to improve their game. These irons feature a unique design that helps promote a draw-biased ball flight, giving players more control and accuracy with every shot. The ultra-thin face and wide sole also help increase ball speed and launch angle, while the deep undercut cavity minimizes unwanted vibrations for more consistent feel. With all of these features combined, TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons are an excellent choice for players of any skill level.The TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons are designed for golfers seeking increased accuracy and distance from the tee. These irons feature a low center of gravity, allowing the golfer to hit higher, straighter shots with less spin. The progressive sole width design helps to maximize forgiveness on off-center hits and provides consistent performance on every swing. The r7 Draw Irons also feature an improved vibration dampening system that reduces unwanted feedback at impact, resulting in a soft, solid feel at contact. With these features and more, the TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons are ideal for golfers of all skill levels looking to improve their game.

Types of Taylormade r7 Draw Irons

The Taylormade r7 draw irons are one of the most popular sets of golf clubs on the market today. They offer a great combination of power, accuracy and control for players of all levels. The r7 draw irons feature a unique design that allows for more forgiveness and distance. The clubs are designed with a low center of gravity which helps to reduce spin and keep the ball in the air longer. The clubs also feature a deep undercut cavity that helps to increase the moment of inertia, providing added stability on off-center shots. The r7 draw irons come in three different models: the TP (Tour Preferred), TP Black and Tungsten TP Black. Each model offers its own distinct features and benefits, making them ideal for different types of golfers.

The TP model is designed with a larger head size, making it easier to hit long shots and put more control into your swing. It also features a thin top line, allowing for more accuracy when hitting shorter shots. The TP Black model is slightly smaller than the TP model, giving players increased control over their shots. It also has a progressive sole design which helps to reduce turf interaction when you make contact with the ball. Finally, the Tungsten TP Black model is designed with tungsten weighting in both the heel and toe areas, increasing forgiveness on off-center shots while still providing ample control on your swings.

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No matter what type of golfer you are, there is sure to be a Taylormade r7 draw iron set that will fit your game perfectly! They offer great performance and unmatched forgiveness for any level player looking for a reliable set of clubs to take their game to the next level.

Design and Materials Used in Taylormade r7 Draw Irons

The Taylormade r7 Draw Irons have been designed to provide a greater degree of control and accuracy for golfers. The irons feature an undercut cavity design which helps to increase the MOI (Moment of Inertia) for increased forgiveness on off-center shots. The clubface is slightly larger than traditional irons, allowing for a bigger sweet spot. The irons also feature a progressive offset design which helps to reduce the slice and promote a draw.

The Taylormade r7 Draw Irons are constructed from stainless steel and feature an optimized center of gravity (CG) location which helps to produce a higher launch angle with lower spin rates. The clubheads also feature a thin face construction which helps to increase ball speed and distance. The shafts are available in both steel and graphite materials and come in various flexes to suit the individual golfer’s needs.

Weight Distribution of Taylormade r7 Draw Irons

The TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons feature a unique weight distribution that helps golfers achieve a draw-biased ball flight. The clubheads are designed with TaylorMade’s patented Inverted Cone Technology, which redistributes weight to the heel and toe areas of the clubhead. This allows for a higher moment of inertia (MOI) and reduces the likelihood of slicing or hooking shots. The redistribution of weight also helps to increase the launch angle of shots, resulting in longer and straighter drives. Additionally, the overall weight of the clubhead is lower than most other game-improvement irons, allowing for greater feel and control throughout the swing.

The TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons are designed with a progressive offset, meaning that there is less offset on shorter irons (such as 8-iron through PW) and more offset on longer irons (such as 3-iron through 7-iron). This helps to create a consistent draw bias across all irons in the set. Additionally, TaylorMade has incorporated their Speed Pocket technology into the sole design, which helps to reduce turf interaction and preserve energy during impact for added distance. With all these features combined, golfers can be sure to get maximum performance from their TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons.

Features of Taylormade r7 Draw Irons

The Taylormade r7 Draw Irons are designed to help players hit straighter and more accurate shots. These irons feature a unique design that helps reduce the slice spin on shots while also increasing shot distance. The club face is larger than most traditional irons, giving golfers more forgiveness and a higher ball flight. The deep center of gravity allows for straighter, more controlled shots. The clubhead is designed with a wide sole, which increases stability and reduces the chance of fat shots. The progressive offset design helps to reduce the slice spin and helps golfers hit straight shots with more distance. Additionally, the shafts are lightweight yet strong, providing maximum control and power throughout each swing.

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The Taylormade r7 Draw Irons offer high levels of performance for players of all levels. The ultra-thin leading edge ensures maximum ball speed on impact for increased shot distances, while the progressive offset design gives players better control over their shots. With the large clubface and wide sole, golfers can expect greater forgiveness on off-center hits as well as greater accuracy on their approach shots. Furthermore, these irons have been designed with a lower center of gravity to help promote a higher launch angle and provide more control during each shot.

Loft Angles of the Taylormade r7 Draw Irons

The Taylormade r7 Draw irons come with a range of loft angles that give golfers the opportunity to optimize their performance on the course. The standard set includes five irons, from the 3-iron with a loft angle of 21°, to the 9-iron with a loft angle of 42°. The pitching wedge has a loft angle of 48° and the sand wedge has a loft angle of 54°. Each of these angles is designed to provide golfers with optimal launch conditions for different types of shots. For example, a lower loft angle will result in higher ball trajectories and greater distances, while a higher loft angle will produce lower trajectories and greater accuracy.

The Taylormade r7 Draw irons also feature adjustable lofts which allow players to customize their set up to suit their individual needs. This is done by adjusting the hosels on each club and altering the effective loft angles by up to 4° from the original specifications. This can be beneficial for golfers who want to maximize distance or accuracy based on their unique swing characteristics.

Overall, the Taylormade r7 Draw irons offer golfers an impressive range of loft angles that provide plenty of options for optimizing performance on the course. With adjustable lofts and standard specifications, these irons can be customized to suit any golfer’s game.

Lie Angle of the Taylormade r7 Draw Irons

The lie angle of the Taylormade r7 Draw Irons is one of the most important factors in determining the performance and accuracy of your shots. It is the angle between the sole of your club and the ground when you address the ball. A proper lie angle will ensure that your clubhead will remain square to the target line, thus improving consistency and accuracy. The lie angle of Taylormade r7 Draw Irons is typically set at around 62-63 degrees, which is slightly more upright than standard irons. This allows for a higher launch angle and more consistent contact with the ball, resulting in greater distance and accuracy.

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It’s important to note that lie angles can vary slightly from club to club, so it’s always best to have a professional fitter measure your exact lie angle before purchasing a set of golf clubs. Having an incorrect lie angle can cause you to hit shots that curve either left or right, leading to inaccurate shots and decreased distance. With a proper fit and correct lie angle, you’ll be able to get maximum performance out of your Taylormade r7 Draw Irons.

Offset and Lengths of the Taylormade r7 Draw Irons

The TaylorMade r7 Draw irons are designed to help golfers with slice-prone swings create a draw ball flight. The hollow head construction, deep undercut cavity and progressive offset combine to make this set of irons very forgiving and easy to hit. The offset helps to close the club face at impact, promoting a draw ball flight, while the length of the clubs are designed to provide optimal distance and control.

The TaylorMade r7 Draw irons come in several different lengths ranging from 38 inches in the 3 iron to 35 inches in the pitching wedge. The progressive offset design starts with a maximum offset in the 3 iron and gradually decreases as you work through the set. This allows for more control with each successive club, giving the golfer more options when playing different shots on the course.

The TaylorMade r7 Draw irons have a low center of gravity that makes it easier for golfers to get more distance from their shots. With a lightweight shaft and head design, these clubs allow for greater clubhead speed and higher launch angles for longer distances off the tee. The thin face design also helps create more ball speed on off-center hits for improved accuracy.

To sum it up, the TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons are designed specifically for golfers who want an easier way to hit draws and reduce slice tendencies off the tee. The combination of length, offset and low center of gravity provides golfers with increased distance and accuracy while still being very forgiving on mis-hits.


The TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons are an excellent choice for golfers seeking a combination of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. The unique draw-bias weighting technology helps to promote a straight shot, while the high Moment of Inertia (MOI) provides additional stability and consistency. The oversized head and thick top line offer added confidence at address, while the progressive sole widths ensure optimal playability from any lie. With its classic styling, enhanced performance characteristics, and affordable price point, the TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons should be considered by any golfer looking for an upgrade in their iron game.

Overall, the TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons provide golfers with great performance characteristics at an affordable price point. With its classic styling and enhanced performance features, it is an ideal choice for players seeking more distance, accuracy, and forgiveness from their irons.