taylormade tour rbladez

The TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons are designed for a combination of distance and forgiveness. With a thin face, deep undercut and advanced Speed Pocket technology, these clubs are sure to give golfers the power they need to hit longer shots with greater accuracy. The low-profile design also offers a higher launch angle for greater control and provides an enhanced feel at impact. With superior performance and an attractive design, the TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons are the perfect choice for your next round of golf.TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons offer golfers a classic look and feel with enhanced performance. Constructed using a precision-milled face and sole, the Tour RBladez irons feature a sleek design with minimal offset, providing players with more confidence at address. The TaylorMade Tour RBladez also features an advanced Speed Pocket design that provides increased ball speed on shots hit low on the face. The unique design of the Speed Pocket also helps to reduce spin on off-center hits for improved distance and accuracy. With progressive blade lengths and enhanced sole widths, the TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons are designed to improve control, accuracy, and playability for all types of golfers.

The Benefits of TaylorMade Tour RBladez

TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons are designed to provide golfers with a superior combination of distance, accuracy and control. The clubs feature a multi-material construction that includes a titanium face, an elastomer insert and a tungsten weight. This combination of materials allows for maximum energy transfer at impact, resulting in greater distance with improved accuracy. The irons also feature precision-milled grooves that create more spin and control on approach shots. With the TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons, golfers can expect to hit longer and straighter shots with improved accuracy, giving them confidence when facing challenging shots on the course.

The TaylorMade Tour RBladez also features an adjustable hosel design that allows golfers to fine-tune their launch conditions for optimal performance. With the adjustable hosel, golfers can adjust the loft angle and lie angle independently from one another to customize their ball flight and trajectory for maximum distance and accuracy. This level of customization gives players greater control over their shots while eliminating guesswork from their game.

In addition to its performance benefits, the TaylorMade Tour RBladez also offers a sleek look at address thanks to its thin top line and narrow sole design. This helps improve confidence as well as alignment at setup, giving players better results on every shot. The clubs also feature a black PVD finish which helps reduce glare from sunlight while enhancing the look of the clubhead at address.

Overall, the TaylorMade Tour RBladez offer golfers a superior combination of performance benefits and aesthetic appeal that make them an ideal choice for players of all skill levels looking to take their game to the next level. The clubs’ blend of distance, accuracy and control gives players added confidence when facing difficult shots on the course while its adjustable hosel design allows for greater customization options than ever before. With the TaylorMade Tour RBladez in your bag, you can expect improved results out on the course with every swing you take!

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The design of TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons is engineered to provide maximum performance and playability. These irons feature a progressive blade design, with wider soles in the lower lofted irons for increased forgiveness and narrower soles in the higher lofted irons for improved control. The face of the clubs feature TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone Technology, which helps create faster ball speeds across a larger area of the face, providing greater distance and accuracy. The clubs also feature Speed Pocket technology, which helps increase ball speed and launch angle on shots struck low on the face, improving distance and accuracy.


TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons are constructed from 431 stainless steel, a material known for its soft feel and durability. This material also allows for thinner club faces to be used, which increases ball speed and improves distance. The shafts used in these clubs are True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts which are designed to offer a lightweight feel with exceptional stability and control.


The TaylorMade Tour RBladez iron set is engineered with progressive offset weighting in order to maximize playability. Lower lofted irons have more offset to promote a higher launch angle with more draw bias while higher lofted irons have less offset to provide more workability and control. The longer length of the clubs also helps create more consistent launch angles throughout the set.


TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons come standard with Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. These grips are designed to provide maximum comfort during play while still offering excellent traction for better control over shots. Additionally, these grips are made from durable materials that will last for many rounds of golf.

Loft Angles

TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons are available in many loft angles. They come in lofts ranging from 19° to 60°. The most popular loft angles are 21°, 24°, 27°, and 30° for long irons; 36°, 40°, 44°, and 48° for mid-irons; and 54° and 60° for short irons. The lofts are designed to provide maximum distance while still being easy to control.

Lie Angles

The TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons also come with adjustable lie angles. The standard lie angle is 59 degrees for all clubs except the wedges, which have a standard lie angle of 63 degrees. This allows the golfer to adjust the lie of the club so that it fits their swing plane better. This can help improve accuracy and distance as well as reduce fat shots and slices.

Overall, the TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons offer a wide range of loft and lie angles that can be adjusted to suit any level of golfer. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer looking to fine-tune your game, these clubs offer great performance with maximum control.

Shafts Available in TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons

TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons come with a variety of shafts to choose from. The KBS Tour and KBS C-Taper Lite are both great options for players who prefer a lighter, more responsive feel. The Nippon Modus 105 is perfect for those looking for a slightly heavier, more stable shaft. For the player seeking maximum distance and forgiveness, the REAX SuperFast 90 offers an optimal blend of speed and stability. Players wanting to add a little bit of extra spin can opt for the UST Mamiya Recoil ES SmacWrap. Whatever your preference, there’s sure to be a shaft that fits your game perfectly in the TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons.

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Optimizing Weight Placement for Maximum Distance with TaylorMade Tour RBladez

TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons feature an innovative weighting system to optimize distance and forgiveness. With weight strategically placed in the heel and toe of the club head, golfers can take advantage of this technology to maximize their distance off the tee. By understanding how the weight is situated, golfers can place their shots more accurately and consistently hit longer drives.

The design of the TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons consists of two movable weights in each club head. The heel and toe weights are positioned on either side of the club head to promote a higher launch angle for added distance. The weights serve to reduce spin and increase launch angle off the face, which leads to longer carries and greater overall distance.

In addition to the movable weights, TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons also feature a deep undercut cavity design that provides more stability at impact. This added stability helps golfers hit straighter shots with more accuracy and consistency than ever before. The combination of movable weights and deep undercut cavity design results in a club that is designed for maximum forgiveness and distance off the tee.

Golfers who are looking to get maximum distance from their TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons should focus on optimizing weight placement for maximum performance. By understanding how the weight is situated in each clubhead, golfers can gain an edge over their competition by placing shots more accurately while gaining additional yards in their drives.

For added performance, golfers should consider experimenting with different shaft options when selecting a new set of irons. A custom shaft fitting can help golfers find a shaft that fits their swing profile best while improving overall ball flight characteristics such as launch angle and spin rate for increased distance off the tee.

By understanding how to optimize weight placement for maximum performance with TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons, golfers can unlock extra yards off the tee while hitting straighter shots with more accuracy and consistency than ever before. With its innovative weighting system combined with its deep undercut cavity design, these clubs are designed to deliver maximum forgiveness and distance for all types of golfers.

TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons

The TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons are designed to offer golfers a combination of distance and accuracy, with an advanced face construction for increased ball speed off the club face. The irons feature a progressive design, with wider soles in the long irons for improved forgiveness and narrower soles in the short irons for increased control. The clubs also feature a tungsten weighting system that helps provide more stability and control on shots. The TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons also come with a variety of grip options, allowing golfers to customize the feel of their clubs.

Grip Options

The TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons come standard with the MCC Plus4 grip from Golf Pride. This grip is designed to promote light grip pressure and reduce fatigue during play. For players that prefer a firmer feel, there is an option to upgrade to the MCC Align grip, which has an extra ridge that promotes proper hand alignment during the swing. Players who prefer a softer feel can choose from various corded or non-corded midsize grips from Golf Pride or Lamkin. There is also an option for those who prefer an even softer feel to choose from various putter-style grips from SuperStroke or Winn.

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No matter what type of grip you choose, it’s important to ensure that it fits comfortably in your hands and provides you with enough traction during your swing. Taking the time to find the right grip can make a big difference when it comes to improving your game. With so many options available, you’re sure to find one that feels just right for you and your TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons!

Setting Up the Optimal Playability with TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons

Golfers are always on the lookout for the best way to maximize their performance on the course. The TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons are designed with a combination of technologies that make them perfect for players looking to get the most out of their game. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, these irons will help you get the most out of your game.

The Tour RBladez Irons feature a thin face and low center of gravity that create higher launch angles and faster ball speeds. The Speed Pocket technology also increases ball speed and reduces spin on off-center hits, providing more consistent distance and accuracy. Additionally, the deep undercut cavity provides more forgiveness on mis-hits.

In order to get the most out of these clubs, it is important that they are properly set up for your game. This means taking into consideration your swing type, trajectory preferences, and distance requirements.

For players who prefer an upright swing angle, it is important to adjust your lie angle accordingly. This helps ensure that your club is making contact with the ball at the right time and angle so that you can maximize distance and accuracy. It is also important to adjust the weighting of your clubs to fit your swing speed and trajectory preferences. For example, if you swing faster than average, heavier weights in the clubhead can help slow down your swing speed for better control over shot dispersion and accuracy.

In addition to setting up your irons correctly for playability purposes, it is also important to consider how they look at address position as well as how they feel when making contact with the ball. Adjusting shaft length or flex can help ensure that you have better control over shot direction while still giving you maximum distance off each shot.

By properly setting up your TaylorMade Tour RBladez Irons, you can get maximum performance out of each shot and maximize enjoyment while playing golf. With its combination of technologies designed to increase speed and reduce spin on mis-hits, these irons offer golfers an excellent opportunity to improve their game and take their performance to new heights on the course.


The TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons are an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels. They offer tremendous forgiveness and distance control, while also providing a great feel and sound. With the latest technology, they are sure to help you hit your shots straight and long every time. The clubs are also very durable, so you can count on them to last for many rounds. The price is relatively affordable as well, making them a great option for golfers looking for a reliable set of irons.

Overall, the TaylorMade Tour RBladez irons are an excellent option for golfers of all abilities. They offer top-notch performance in terms of distance control and forgiveness, while still providing a great feel and sound. With their durable construction and affordable price point, they’re sure to be a hit with golfers everywhere.

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