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taylormade white driver

Introducing the Taylormade White Driver, a revolutionary golf club designed to help golfers of all levels take their game to the next level. Featuring a 460cc head, ultra-lightweight construction, and optimized aerodynamics, this driver is designed to maximize distance and accuracy off the tee. The white crown helps frame the ball at address for improved alignment and confidence while extra forgiveness on mis-hits ensures you stay in the fairway. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, the Taylormade White Driver will help you hit it longer and straighter.The TaylorMade White Driver is a high-performance golf club designed for maximum distance and accuracy. It features a 460cc head for increased forgiveness and a lightweight construction that ensures maximum speed, power, and accuracy. The club also has an adjustable loft sleeve that allows you to customize the launch angle of your shots. The sleek white finish gives the driver a classic look that will stand out on the course. With its lightweight design and adjustable loft sleeve, the TaylorMade White Driver is an ideal choice for golfers looking to improve their game.

Benefits of the Taylormade White Driver

The Taylormade White Driver is a great option for golfers who are looking to improve their game. The driver is designed with a large sweet spot to help increase accuracy and distance off the tee. It also features an adjustable hosel, allowing for fine-tuning of loft and lie angle to suit individual needs. In addition, the driver offers an improved feel with its lightweight head design and advanced sole technology. This provides golfers with more clubhead speed and greater control over their shots. Finally, the sleek white finish gives the club a stylish look that can help boost confidence on the course.

Overall, the Taylormade White Driver is an excellent choice for golfers who are looking to take their game to the next level. With its adjustable hosel, improved feel, and stylish looks, it can help golfers hit longer and straighter drives with more accuracy and confidence.

Headsize and Weight

The Taylormade White Driver features a 460cc head size with an extremely lightweight design. The weight of the driver is just under 200 grams, making it very easy to swing. The lighter weight of the driver allows for more speed and power, resulting in greater distance.

Clubface Technology

The Taylormade White Driver also features a new clubface technology that helps to increase ball speed and accuracy. The face has been designed to be thinner, allowing for more flex and faster ball speeds. It also features an advanced sweet spot design which helps to provide more forgiveness on mis-hit shots.

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The Taylormade White Driver is adjustable, allowing you to fine tune the loft, lie angle, and face angle of the driver to get the best performance out of your swing. This allows for a custom-fit experience that will help you hit the ball farther and straighter than ever before.

Shaft Options

The Taylormade White Driver also offers several different shaft options to choose from. Each shaft is designed to provide different levels of launch angle, spin rate, and trajectory to fit your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a low-spin or high-spin driver, this driver can offer it all.

Pros of the Taylormade White Driver

The Taylormade White Driver is an excellent choice for golfers who want a high-performance club. It offers several benefits, including a higher launch angle, increased ball speed, and improved accuracy. The driver also has an adjustable weight system that allows you to customize the club to your swing style. The lightweight head and shaft make it easier to swing and the white crown makes alignment easier. The club also features a larger sweet spot which helps with off-center hits.

Cons of the Taylormade White Driver

One drawback of the Taylormade White Driver is its price tag. It is one of the more expensive drivers on the market, making it inaccessible to some golfers on a budget. Additionally, it may not be suitable for golfers who prefer lower launch angles as this driver has been designed to produce higher trajectories. Finally, due to its lightweight construction, some players may find that it does not provide adequate feedback when they make contact with the ball.

Materials Used in the Taylormade White Driver

The Taylormade White Driver is a popular golf club that offers exceptional performance. It is crafted using high-quality materials that provide strength and durability. The materials used in the construction of this club include Titanium, Graphite, and Carbon Fiber.

Titanium is a light and strong material that is used in the head of the driver. It provides excellent sound and feel while also being very durable. This material helps to optimize ball speed for maximum distance off the tee.

Graphite is used in the shaft of the Taylormade White Driver. It helps to provide a lightweight feel while also offering superior stability and control during swings. The graphite shafts also help to reduce vibrations for a smoother swing and better accuracy off the tee.

Finally, Carbon Fiber is used in some parts of the club head to increase strength and durability. Carbon Fiber helps to reduce drag on the clubface for more consistent contact with the ball for increased accuracy off the tee.

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The combination of these three materials make for an incredibly strong and lightweight golf club that offers excellent performance on every shot. The Taylormade White Driver is one of the most popular drivers on the market due to its superior design and materials used in its construction.


Using the Taylormade White Driver effectively requires practice and skill. Knowing how to adjust your grip, stance, and posture for each shot can be difficult. Practice makes perfect, so make sure you spend enough time at the driving range hitting with your Taylormade White Driver. Taking lessons from a pro or studying instructional videos online can help you get better quickly.


The grip is one of the most important elements of using a driver. You should use an overlapping or interlocking grip for maximum control and accuracy. Make sure your hands are in the correct position, with your left hand below your right hand if you’re a right-handed golfer. Your hands should not be too tight or too loose on the club.


A good stance is essential for hitting long and accurate shots with the Taylormade White Driver. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, with your weight evenly distributed on both feet. Make sure you are square to the ball so that you have a clear view of the target ahead of you. It’s also important to keep your head still during the swing to maintain balance and consistency.


Your posture is key when swinging any golf club, but especially when using a driver. Your back should be straight and slightly bent at the waist for maximum power and accuracy while swinging the club through its arc. Make sure to keep your arms extended while swinging so that you can maximize your reach on each shot with the Taylormade White Driver.

Price Range for the Taylormade White Driver

The Taylormade White Driver is a popular golf club that offers great performance and distance. It is one of the most popular drivers on the market today due to its superior quality and performance. The price range for the Taylormade White Driver varies depending on where you purchase it from. Generally, it can be found for anywhere between $200 – $400.

The price range for this driver will also depend on what type of shaft you choose to go with it. If you choose the stock shaft, then you can expect to pay around $200. However, if you opt to upgrade to a higher quality shaft, such as one made from graphite, then you can expect to pay more – around $300 – $400.

Additionally, there are often deals or discounts available that can make the Taylormade White Driver even more affordable. For example, many golf stores or online retailers will offer discounts when purchasing multiple items at once or when buying in bulk. It’s also worth checking if any additional accessories or add-ons are included in the price of the driver, as this could help reduce the overall cost of your purchase.

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In summary, the price range for the Taylormade White Driver is typically between $200 – $400 depending on where you buy it from and what type of shaft you opt for. However, there are often discounts and deals available that can make this driver even more affordable than its initial price tag suggests.

Where to Buy a Taylormade White Driver

If you’re looking for a new driver to add to your golf equipment collection, consider the Taylormade White Driver. This driver is designed to deliver maximum distance and accuracy on the course. The club features a white crown and an adjustable hosel that allows you to fine tune your launch angle. The ultra-light weight of the club head helps generate faster swing speeds, while the forgiving face ensures consistent ball speed across all types of shots. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golf pro, the Taylormade White Driver is sure to help improve your game.

Finding the right place to buy a Taylormade White Driver can be tricky. Thankfully, there are plenty of reputable retailers that offer this club in their selection. Many online retailers have this driver available at competitive prices, and some may even offer free shipping on larger orders. Additionally, local golf pro shops often carry this driver and can provide helpful advice on which model might be best suited for your swing style. It’s also worth noting that some department stores carry Taylormade drivers, so keep an eye out for these when shopping around.

Finally, if you’re unable to find the exact model of driver you’re looking for at local or online retailers, consider checking out auction sites like eBay or Craigslist. These sites often have used clubs available for sale at discounted rates – just be sure to inspect any secondhand clubs thoroughly before committing to a purchase.


The TaylorMade White Driver is an excellent choice for golfers looking to make the most out of their game. It offers a unique combination of forgiveness and distance, making it suitable for all levels of players. The lightweight and aerodynamic design make this driver easy to handle, and its adjustable features offer a great degree of customization. The overall look and feel of the club is also outstanding, making it a good option for any golfer who wants to look their best on the course.

The TaylorMade White Driver is an all-around great choice that will certainly help golfers reach their goals on the course. Whether you’re looking for distance, accuracy, or just ease of use this driver has it all. With its combination of performance and looks, the TaylorMade White Driver is sure to become an essential part of your golfing arsenal.

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