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titleist 710 mb

The Titleist 710 MB irons are part of the AP series from Titleist, and they provide golfers with the ultimate in workability and playability. With precision-crafted muscle-back blades, the 710 MB irons offer a classic look and feel while delivering increased shot control and consistency. The deep undercut cavity provides higher launch angles and increased forgiveness on off-center shots. An optimally weighted sole design allows for improved turf interaction and shot versatility. The 710 MB is a preferred choice of touring professionals around the world.The Titleist 710 MB irons are a classic muscle back design with a traditional look and feel. These clubs feature a compact shape, thin top line and minimal offset to provide players with a tour-inspired look. The 710 MB irons have an X-20 stainless steel body that provides excellent feel for the ball and consistent shots. The heads also feature a slightly wider sole, which helps to lower the center of gravity and produces more consistent ball flights on off-center hits. The irons are designed with progressive blade lengths and offsets for maximum workability from any lie. Titleist 710 MB irons offer players maximum control and shot making ability to hit any shot desired with confidence.

Design Features

The Titleist 710 MB irons feature classic muscle back design with modern shaping and technology. The heads are compact with a thin topline, minimal offset, and traditional sole width. The short irons have a slightly larger head size than the long irons for extra forgiveness. The faces of the irons are constructed with a high-strength steel alloy for maximum ball speed. The grooves on the face are deeper and more aggressive to create more spin on shots hit from different lies. The soles feature cambered leading edges to ensure smooth turf interaction through impact. A special laser milled process is used to produce more consistent spin rates across the entire face of each iron for improved accuracy and distance control.

The 710 MB is designed to provide professional-level performance, feel, and workability for better players who demand precision shot making from their clubs. With its combination of classic looks, modern technology, and superior craftsmanship, this iron set will appeal to discerning golfers who value performance over flashiness.


The Titleist 710 MB has a classic look that has been carried over from its previous generations. The heads are sleek and the black finish gives them a modern feel. The muscle back design allows for a more precise shot and the grooves on the face help to provide more spin for better control. The cavity in the back of the club head provides a larger sweet spot for increased forgiveness on off-center shots.


The Titleist 710 MB has a great feel that golfers of all levels can appreciate. The heads have an incredibly soft feel at impact, making it easy to get good feedback from your shots. The milled face also helps to provide a consistent feel and response no matter where you strike the ball on the face. The weighting of the club is also well balanced, making it easy to swing and hit consistently.

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The Titleist 710 MB performs exceptionally well in all categories. It is long off the tee, with great workability and accuracy when playing approach shots into greens. The milled face helps to deliver consistent ball flights, even when playing in windy conditions. The club also provides good spin rates on shots around the green, allowing players to easily stop their shots quickly or hit higher flop shots when needed. Overall, it is an excellent choice for golfers who want performance without sacrificing any feel or looks.

Construction Details

The Titleist 710 MB irons feature a classic, muscleback design that is forged from 1025 carbon steel. This material provides soft feel and maximum workability for players who demand precision in their iron play. The heads are slightly larger than previous generations of Titleist irons, with a slightly thicker top line and sole for extra forgiveness. The center of gravity is also positioned lower in the clubhead to promote a higher launch angle and more spin on longer shots. The grooves on the clubface are designed to provide maximum spin control on even the most difficult lies.

The Titleist 710 MB irons also feature a unique sole design that helps reduce turf interaction for better control and performance on a variety of surfaces. As with all Titleist clubs, the 710 MB irons come with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts for added stability and accuracy.


The Titleist 710 MB Irons provide superior performance and accuracy. The irons are designed to provide the golfer with a more consistent ball flight, greater control, and a softer feel on impact. The irons also feature a deep cavity design which allows for more forgiveness on off-center shots. The face of the club is also designed with increased thickness to improve the feel of the clubhead and to increase ball speed.


The Titleist 710 MB Irons offer great distance and consistency. The design of the clubhead is optimized for increased ball speed and improved distance on each shot. The deeper cavity design also helps to launch the ball higher and further while providing better control when striking off center shots.


The Titleist 710 MB Irons feature a softer feel on impact which provides a more comfortable experience for the golfer. The face of the club is designed with increased thickness which helps to absorb more vibration to further improve feel at contact. Additionally, the deeper cavity design provides excellent stability through impact which aids in providing a smooth transition from backswing to downswing for improved accuracy and consistency.


The Titleist 710 MB Irons have an appealing look that will make any golfer proud to show them off as they take their shots out on the course. The classic blade style of these irons gives them an elegant look that stands out from other clubs in your bag. Additionally, the black and gold finish adds style while still maintaining the clean lines of this beautiful set of clubs.

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The Titleist 710 MB Irons offer superior performance, distance, feel, and look that any golfer can appreciate. These irons are designed with advanced technology that provides improved control, accuracy, distance, and feel while still maintaining classic styling that will stand out amongst any golfers bag of clubs. Any golfer looking for improved performance should consider trying out this set of irons from Titleist today!

The Right Shaft for Titleist 710 MB

Choosing the right shaft for your Titleist 710 MB clubs is a key factor in getting the most out of your game. The correct shaft can help you achieve optimal ball flight and distance, as well as improved accuracy and feel. With a variety of shafts available, it’s important to choose one that best meets your individual needs. When selecting a shaft, it’s important to consider three main factors: flex, weight and torque.

Flex is the amount of bend in the shaft during the golf swing and can affect ball flight, distance and accuracy. Different players have different swing speeds and therefore require different flexes to optimize their performance. It’s important to choose a shaft with the correct flex to maximize performance.

Weight is also an important factor when selecting a shaft for your Titleist 710 MB clubs. A heavier shaft will typically produce more distance while a lighter shaft will usually result in more control. The weight of the shaft should be selected based on individual preference as well as swing speed and other factors such as physical strength.

Torque is another key element when selecting a golf shaft for your Titleist 710 MB clubs. Torque refers to how much the club twists during impact with the ball. A higher torque will usually result in less accuracy but more feel while a lower torque produces more distance with less feel. It’s important to select a torque that works best for each player’s particular golf game and swing style.

By considering these three factors – flex, weight and torque – you can find the right combination that delivers maximum performance from your Titleist 710 MB clubs. With so many options available, it’s important to take your time when selecting the right shaft so you can get maximum performance from your equipment on every shot.

Refining Your Swing with the Titleist 710 MB

The Titleist 710 MB irons are designed to give you maximum forgiveness and performance on your swing. With a classic look, feel, and sound, these clubs are designed to help you refine your game as quickly as possible. The heads are slightly larger than traditional irons, but the shorter blade length helps to increase your accuracy and control. They also feature a slightly wider sole which helps reduce turf drag for a smoother swing path. The innovative sole design also helps you launch the ball higher and further than ever before.

The heads are constructed with soft steel which helps to provide excellent feedback from each shot. This feedback allows golfers to instantly feel how their swing is performing and make adjustments accordingly. The high-quality craftsmanship of these irons also ensures that they will last for many rounds of golf without losing their performance.

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The Titleist 710 MB irons come with a variety of options to customize your set up. You can choose between graphite or steel shafts, various degrees of loft, and different lengths to fit all types of golfers. They also feature progressive offset technology which helps even out shots hit from different locations on the clubface. This technology allows players to hit straighter shots more consistently no matter where they strike the ball on the clubface.

Overall, the Titleist 710 MB irons are an excellent choice for any golfer looking to refine their swing and take their game to the next level. The combination of forgiveness, performance, customization options, and stylish design makes these clubs an ideal choice for any golfer seeking improved accuracy and distance off the tee.

Customization Options for the Titleist 710 MB

The Titleist 710 MB is a classic, tour-proven muscle back blade that delivers the look, feel and control preferred by serious players. It can be customized to match the individual needs of any player. This includes customizing the weight, lie angle, loft, and shaft length.

Weight: The 710 MB’s head weight can be adjusted using standard weight kit components. This allows players to choose a heavier or lighter clubhead based on their preference or skill level.

Lie Angle: The lie angle of the 710 MB can be adjusted up to 3 degrees based on the player’s swing type or stance. This allows for better ball flight and accuracy when hitting shots.

Loft: The loft of the 710 MB can be adjusted up to 1 degree in either direction based on the player’s swing speed or launch angle preferences. This allows for greater control and accuracy when hitting shots.

Shaft Length: The shaft length of the 710 MB can also be customized to fit a player’s height and swing type. Players who are taller may want a longer shaft which will help them generate more power while shorter players may want a shorter shaft which will help them achieve better accuracy and control with their shots.

Overall, with its customizable features, the Titleist 710 MB is an ideal choice for any serious golfer who wants to get the most out of their game. With its classic look and feel combined with modern technology, it is sure to improve your game no matter what your skill level may be!


The Titleist 710 MB irons offer the ultimate in precision and accuracy for players of all skill levels. The classic look and feel of the clubhead combined with modern technologies, such as traditional shaping, progressive offset, and a thin top line provide a great playing experience. The improved ball flight will help golfers hit more consistent shots with greater distance and control. The Titleist 710 MB is an excellent choice for experienced golfers looking to update their clubs or for beginners looking to get into the game.

In conclusion, the Titleist 710 MB irons provide a great combination of classic design and modern technology that will improve any golfer’s game. With the ability to customize each iron to fit your playing style, you can be sure that your clubs will help you reach your goals on the links.

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