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titleist ap3 718 release date

The Titleist AP3 718 irons have been released for sale. This latest set of clubs from Titleist is designed to provide golfers with maximum distance and forgiveness. The AP3 718 irons feature a deep undercut cavity with an average of 35 grams of tungsten for maximum stability and power. The multi-material construction is designed to deliver more forgiveness, while also providing enhanced feel and workability. The progressive blade lengths and sole widths are optimized for control and playability in each individual iron. With the release of the AP3 718 Irons, Titleist has again raised the barThe release date for the Titleist AP3 718 irons was August 31, 2017.


The Titleist AP3 718 is a performance iron that features a larger body and deeper CG than its predecessors. It has a hollow design with tungsten weighting to provide more forgiveness and launch, resulting in longer, more accurate shots. The combination of their fast face technology and progressive center of gravity also offer players improved feel and trajectory control on each shot. Additionally, the Titleist AP3 718 also features a thin topline and sole for improved turf interaction and better aesthetics.

Build QualityProgressive Construction

The Titleist AP3 718 irons feature a progressive construction, meaning that the clubs have different designs depending on which part of the set they are in. The long irons (3-5) have a hollow body construction with high-density tungsten weighting in the sole for improved launch and forgiveness, while the mid irons (6-7) utilize an advanced cavity back design for more control and workability. The short irons (8-PW) are blade style clubs with minimal offset for precise shot shaping. This progressive


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The Titleist AP3 718 release date has been highly anticipated by golfers all over the world. The new clubs are designed to provide maximum performance and accuracy for any golfer. Titleist has done a great job of creating a product that meets the needs of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. With the release of this new set of clubs, golfers will be able to improve their game and take it to the next level.

The Titleist AP3 718 release date allows golfers to get their hands on these

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