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titleist ts3 hybrid adjustment chart

The Titleist TS3 Hybrid Adjustment Chart is a helpful tool for golfers looking to customize their TS3 Hybrid to their unique swing. The chart provides detailed instructions on how to adjust the loft, lie angle, and face angle of the clubhead using Titleist’s patented SureFit® technology. This chart is especially useful for those looking to maximize their performance on the course. With the right adjustments, golfers can get more distance, increased accuracy, and improved overall performance.The Titleist TS3 Hybrid Adjustment Chart provides guidance on how to adjust the TS3 Hybrid for optimal performance. The chart includes information on loft, lie angle, and face angle adjustments. In addition, it provides general guidelines on how to evaluate the golf club’s performance after each adjustment is made. This chart is a useful tool for any golfer looking to maximize their TS3 Hybrid performance.

What Does the Titleist TS3 Hybrid Adjustment Chart Show?

The Titleist TS3 Hybrid Adjustment Chart shows golfers how to adjust the loft and lie of their hybrid clubs for optimal performance. This chart is a great tool for any golfer looking to improve their game by making the most of their equipment. The chart helps golfers understand which adjustments can be made to different types of hybrids, and how each adjustment will affect overall performance.

The chart explains how to adjust the loft angle, face angle, lie angle, and center of gravity on each club. It also provides instructions on how to adjust each club based on a golfer’s swing speed, ball-flight trajectory, and preferred shot shape. The chart also outlines the difference between adjusting a hybrid for higher launch or lower launch.

By using the Titleist TS3 Hybrid Adjustment Chart, golfers can gain an understanding of how different adjustments affect their game and make better informed decisions when selecting a hybrid club. It allows them to make adjustments that are tailored specifically to their swing style and preferences, giving them the best chance of achieving improved performance on the course. With this information in hand, golfers can ensure that they have the right clubs to help them play better golf.

How to Use the Titleist TS3 Hybrid Adjustment Chart

The Titleist TS3 Hybrid Adjustment Chart is a great tool for golfers looking to fine-tune their clubs for optimal performance. This chart can help you identify the best loft, lie angle and shaft length for your game. It’s important to understand how to use the chart correctly so that you can get the most out of your clubs.

The first step is to find your current driver loft and lie angle in the left-hand column of the chart. Using this information, you will be able to determine which settings are optimum for your swing. The chart also includes a range of recommended settings based on player type, swing speed and handicap level.

Once you have identified your ideal settings, it’s time to adjust the club accordingly. The Titleist TS3 Hybrid comes with an adjustable hosel that allows you to tweak the club’s loft and lie angle. Make sure that you follow the instructions provided in order to make any adjustments correctly.

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It’s also important to consider other factors when choosing your ideal settings such as ball flight trajectory, shot shape and spin rate. If you are unsure about any of these elements, speak with a professional fitter or PGA professional who can help guide you through the process.

Using the Titleist TS3 Hybrid Adjustment Chart is a great way to get more out of your clubs and fine-tune them for optimal performance on the course. With a few simple adjustments you can take your game to the next level!

How to Adjust Your Titleist TS3 Hybrid After Referring to the Chart

The Titleist TS3 Hybrid is an excellent club that can be custom-fit to your individual swing. To get the most out of your hybrid, you should refer to the Titleist fitting chart and make adjustments according to your individual swing characteristics.

The chart will provide information on how you should adjust the loft, lie angle, and head weight of the club for optimal performance. The loft adjustment is very important as it affects both launch angle and spin rate. The lie angle affects ball flight direction. Lastly, head weight determines how far you can hit the ball with each swing.

To adjust your Titleist TS3 Hybrid according to the chart, start by setting the loft adjustment dial on top of the clubhead. It is important that you set it correctly in order for it to work properly and deliver consistent results. Once you have done this, move onto adjusting the lie angle. This is done by loosening or tightening two screws located on either side of the hosel of the clubhead. Make sure these screws are tight so that they do not come undone during play.

Lastly, adjust the head weight by using a wrench and loosening or tightening two screws located at either end of the sole plate on the bottom of the clubhead. This will determine how far you can hit each shot with your Titleist TS3 Hybrid and should be set according to your personal preferences or what works best for your particular swing type and characteristics.

By following these steps and referring to Titleist’s fitting chart when adjusting your Titleist TS3 Hybrid, you can ensure that it is perfectly fitted for optimal performance every time you step up to hit a shot with this great club!


Lofts refer to the angle of the face of a golf club. It is the angle between the sole and the top line of a club and is measured in degrees. Generally, the higher the loft, the more vertical angle that is created between the ground and the club face. This can help to create a higher trajectory on your shots and get them to land softly on the green. Lower lofts are used for longer shots, while higher lofts are used for shorter shots.

Lie Angles

Lie angles refer to the angle at which a golf club sits on the ground when it is in its address position. The lie angle affects how well you can make contact with the ball when you swing your club. Lie angles are usually measured in degrees, and they also affect your ball flight trajectory depending on whether they are upright or flat. Generally, an upright lie will create a lower trajectory while a flat lie will create a higher one.

Face Angles

Face angles refer to how open or closed your golf clubface is at impact with respect to your intended target line. An open face will cause you to hit slices, while a closed face will cause you to hit draws or hooks. Face angles are usually measured in degrees as well and can go from slightly open (around 1-2 degrees) all the way up to severely open (around 7-8 degrees). Knowing how much you need to adjust your face angle can help you hit more accurate shots off the tee or from other areas of the course.

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Understanding the Adjustment Components of a Titleist TS3 Hybrid

The Titleist TS3 Hybrid is one of the most advanced golf clubs available on the market, and it is capable of providing powerful performance for all types of golfers. The adjustable features that this club offers are designed to allow golfers to customize their game and find the perfect fit for their style. This article will explain the different adjustment components of a Titleist TS3 Hybrid, so you can understand how this club works and how to adjust it for your game.

The first adjustment component of a Titleist TS3 Hybrid is the loft angle. This component can be adjusted to provide more or less loft on your shots, allowing you to customize your ball flight and trajectory. Additionally, the lie angle can be adjusted to help you achieve better accuracy when hitting shots off the fairway or rough. Finally, the weighting system allows you to adjust the weight distribution within the clubhead, which can be used to help you make more consistent shots from all lies.

In addition to these adjustments, some models of Titleist TS3 Hybrids feature adjustable sole plates that allow you to adjust the sole plate thickness in order to fine tune ball flight and spin rates. This feature provides an additional level of customization so you can dial in your game even further. Additionally, some models also feature interchangeable shafts that allow you to switch between stiffer and lighter shafts depending on your playing needs and swing speed.

Understanding how each adjustment component works on a Titleist TS3 Hybrid is essential if you want to get maximum performance out of this club. With proper knowledge about each component’s function, you will be able to better optimize your game with this advanced equipment.

Benefits of Making Adjustments to a Titleist TS3 Hybrid

The Titleist TS3 Hybrid is designed to provide golfers with optimal performance, and making adjustments to this club can help players maximize their performance. The adjustable hosel of the TS3 Hybrid allows for the loft, lie angle, and face angle to be changed. This enables golfers to customize their hybrids for specific playing conditions and shot shapes. By making adjustments to the Titleist TS3 Hybrid, golfers can benefit from increased distance, more consistent ball flight, more spin control, and better accuracy.

Making adjustments to the Titleist TS3 Hybrid can help golfers increase their distance off the tee. By changing the loft or lie angle of their hybrid club head, golfers can optimize launch conditions for maximum distance and accuracy. Additionally, increasing the face angle of a hybrid will create more spin on shots – this helps reduce slice tendencies and improve accuracy off the tee.

Having control over spin rate is important for better performance in any situation on the course. By adjusting the face angle of a hybrid clubhead, players can create more backspin on approach shots onto greens – this helps with stopping power and improves accuracy when trying to get close to pins. Additionally, adjusting loft settings can help players create higher shots with less spin that are suitable for playing out of tough lies or from longer distances.

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Making adjustments to a Titleist TS3 Hybrid can also improve overall consistency in ball flight direction and trajectory shape from shot-to-shot. Golfers can fine-tune their hybrids by changing loft settings or lie angles depending on what type of shot they are trying to hit – whether it’s a high draw or low fade. With properly adjusted hybrids in their bag, golfers will have a greater ability to shape their shots as well as hit them consistently in desired directions from any lie on the course.

In conclusion, making adjustments to a Titleist TS3 Hybrid offers numerous benefits that enable golfers to maximize their performance on every shot they take. By changing loft settings and face angles, golfers will benefit from increased distance off tees as well as improved spin control and accuracy when hitting approach shots into greens. Furthermore, adjusted hybrids provide greater consistency in ball flight direction from shot-to-shot as well as improved trajectory shaping abilities when hitting different types of shots around the course.

Variations in the Adjustment Options for Different Golfers

Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from the ability to adjust their golf clubs. Professional golfers may need to make more fine-tuned adjustments than recreational golfers, while recreational golfers may benefit more from making simple adjustments. However, there are still some basic adjustments that both types of golfers can make. For example, many modern golf clubs allow for adjustable lie angles to be set. This allows the golfer to customize the angle at which they approach the ball, depending on their individual swing and stance. Additionally, many modern clubs allow for adjustable weights or counterbalancing systems. These adjustments allow the golfer to change the center of gravity on their clubhead, allowing them to hit longer and straighter shots.

For professional golfers, there are even more advanced adjustment options available. Many pro-level drivers and irons come with interchangeable shafts that can be adjusted for different types of shots or distances. Additionally, loft and lie angles can be adjusted more finely than in recreational clubs, allowing for even greater customization of a golfer’s shot shape and trajectory. Finally, professional golfers often use equipment with adjustable swing weights and counterbalancing systems that allow them to customize their swing feel to match their own style.

Ultimately, whatever type of golfer you are – professional or recreational – there are adjustment options available that can help you improve your game. By taking advantage of the technology available in modern equipment, you can customize your clubs and optimize your performance on the course.


The Titleist TS3 Hybrid Adjustment Chart is an essential tool for golfers looking to get the most out of their hybrid clubs. It provides detailed information about the various settings available for the TS3 Hybrid and also includes useful tips and advice on how to make the most effective adjustments. With the help of this chart, golfers can make sure they are getting maximum performance from their hybrid clubs.

The chart also provides a great way to compare settings between different models and brands of hybrids, allowing golfers to easily determine which setting will be most suitable for their game. This makes it easier for golfers to find the right equipment and get better results on the course.

Overall, it is clear that Titleist has put a lot of effort into producing this hybrid adjustment chart in order to maximize the performance of its hybrid clubs. By taking advantage of its features, golfers can ensure they are getting maximum benefit from their hybrids.

Ultimately, with its easy-to-use design and comprehensive advice, the Titleist TS3 Hybrid Adjustment Chart is a valuable resource for any golfer looking to get more out of their game.

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