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Titleist TSi3 vs TSi4

Titleist TSi3 vs TSi4

First, it is important to know where the TSi3 and the TSi4 stand based on the present range of Titleist drivers. TSi3 is designed for professionals as well as for low handicappers while TSi4 is meant for professionals with extremely high swing speeds as well as for elite amateurs. So, based on this, it is safe to say that the TSi3 and the TSi4 are designed for the same type of golfers which are the professionals and the low handicappers. However, keep in mind that the TSi3 is more flexible and forgiving than TSi4. That is why it is not surprising that it is more popular. It can be used by a wider range of golfers, and at the same time, it can be customized so it can match your swing preferences.

So let’s see which one you should buy tsi3 vs tsi4?

What are the Differences Between TSi3 and TSi4?

After knowing a bit about each of these drivers, it’s time that we should get into the details of the TSi3 and TSi4 drivers review.

Backspin Numbers

Among all the drivers, the TSi4 offers the lowest backspin numbers. Because of this, it is important that you have an extremely high swing speed, as well as the capability of hitting the ball off the middle of the clubface in a consistent manner. Now, let’s verify the spin and launch of each club. For the TSi3, it has a low spin and high launch, while for the TSi4, it has an extremely low spin and high launch.

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For most golfers who have practically fast swing speed, it would be more appropriate if they use the low spin, high launch combination provided by the TSi3. As long as you are able to hit the ball efficiently, the TSi3 can generate a penetrating trajectory along with stable carry numbers. If you want to obtain the highest distance from the TSi4, then it is a must that you use a super-fast swing speed, at the same time, you must have good contact, with an excellent angle of attack. You must ensure that these three things occur consistently so you can hit monstrous strikes with the TSi4.

SureFit CG Track

Compared to other Titleist TSi drivers, the only one having a SureFit CG Track is the TSi3. Undoubtedly, this is the reason why it is the most famous Titleist Driver being used on the PGA Tour. With the SureFit CG Track, it gives you the chance to set the club in five various positions as Neutral, Fade, Strong Fade, Draw, and Strong Draw. Based on these settings, we can conclude that the TSi3 can be customized efficiently. You can access the loft adjustability, CG adjustability, as well as lie angle adjustability. For most golfers, the greatest challenge would be finding the best combination of settings that can generate excellent results for their unique swing.

Clubhead Size

One of the major differences between the TSi3 and the TSi4 is the clubhead size. For the Titliest TSi3, its clubhead size is 460 cc, while for the Titleist TSi4, its clubhead size is 425 cc. This means that the TSi3 has a larger clubhead size than the TSi4. This is probably the reason why some professionals such as Richy Werenski and Adam Scott prefer the TSi4. There are several good players that favor a more compact clubhead. Basically, it can help in shaping the ball much easier, at the same time, it can also help you in searching for more fairways in case a smaller clubhead is more suitable for your eye.

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Generally, the bigger the clubhead of the driver, the more forgiving it can be. This is the reason that the maximum driver clubhead size set by the USA is 460 cc. Most often, with a bigger clubhead, manufacturers will be able to increase the moment of inertia or MOI, which can help in determining how forgiving a driver is. While the clubhead size of TSi4 is about 8% smaller than TSi3, which only measures at 425 cc.

Aside from the clubhead size, the CG of TSi4 is set extremely forward as possible. As a result, the MOI (forgiveness) will be reduced and the backspin numbers will be lowered down. With these attributes, the driver can generate excellent long bullet drives that can withstand the wind and get a lot of run once it lands. However, if you want to hit these bullet drives using the TSi4, then you must have a fast swing speed, you must hit the center of the clubface constantly, and you must have a good angle of attack. Although this is not too much to ask for an experienced professional, however, it can be quite too much to ask for an amateur player. Since the TSi4 is quite demanding for most amateurs, it would be much better if they use the TSi3, which is more forgiving, less demanding, and more customizable.

TSi3 Product Technology

The TSi3 has multi-dimensional stability. Sometimes players think that high MOI means heel-to-toe forgiveness, however, Titleist uses a more holistic technique for MOI design. With enhanced aerodynamics, you can simply turn loose on the course confidently. With the SureFit CG track technology, Titleist TSi3 Drivers offer five positions for the adjustment of the club head CG.

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TSi4 Product Technology

The TSi4 is perfect for players who are searching for maximum distance with low spin. It has the lowest and most forward CG to provide you with less spin at impact and less dynamic loft. Just like TSi3, the TSi4 has also multi-dimensional stability. It has a loft and lies adjustability which is designed to provide maximum benefit for all players.

Conclusion tsi4 vs tsi3?

Ultimately, it is evident that the Titleist TSi3 is a much better choice for most low handicappers and even for some professionals. It’s quite forgiving, extremely long, and more customizable. On the other hand, for golfers who have a super-fast swing speed, the best option is the Titleist TSi4. It can help you in hitting those long bombs off the tee. Unfortunately, this is not appropriate for players whose swing speed is below 100 mph and it’s also not the most forgiving club.


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