tommy armour 845 max irons

Tommy Armour 845 MAX Irons are designed to provide maximum forgiveness and accuracy for the mid-to-high handicap golfer. Featuring a combination of modern technology and classic styling, these irons are designed to give players the confidence they need to hit every shot with accuracy. With a larger sweet spot, a low center of gravity and a deep undercut cavity, the Tommy Armour 845 MAX Irons offer maximum stability and distance control. The innovative sole design ensures that each iron is easy to hit from any lie, making them ideal for all golfers.The Tommy Armour 845 MAX Irons offer a variety of benefits to golfers. These irons boast a cavity back design, which offers increased forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the irons feature ultra-thin faces for maximum distance and playability. The offset hosel helps to square the face more easily at impact and the progressive sole design allows for better turf interaction. The Tommy Armour 845 MAX Irons are also designed with a low center of gravity, which helps to get the ball airborne quickly and easily. All of these features combine to create an iron that provides maximum forgiveness, distance, and playability.

Head Weight

The Tommy Armour 845 MAX Irons feature a head weight of around 260 grams, providing an optimal balance of power and control. This allows golfers to generate more clubhead speed with greater accuracy and consistency. The combination of head weight and design also gives the irons a higher moment of inertia (MOI), which helps to reduce the effects of off-center hits.

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Offset Design

The Tommy Armour 845 MAX Irons have an offset design that helps to promote a straighter ball flight. This allows golfers to attack the pin with confidence, knowing that their shots will remain on target. The irons also feature a deep undercut cavity, which provides additional forgiveness on mis-hit shots.

Head Shape

The Tommy Armour 845 MAX Irons have a classic shape that will look great in any player’s bag. The square toe and low profile help to inspire confidence at address, while the large cutouts in the sole provide additional playability from any lie. The irons also feature a thin top line and progressive offset for a clean look at address.


The Tommy Armour 845 MAX Irons come with a high-quality rubber grip that provides excellent traction and feel in all playing conditions. The grip also features precise grooves that help to promote proper hand placement for maximum control during the swing.