tommy fleetwood what’s in the bag

Tommy Fleetwood is a professional golfer from England who has had an impressive career. He currently plays on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. He has won multiple tournaments in Europe and the United States, including the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship in 2017. His equipment of choice is a set of Taylor Made clubs, which he has been using since 2012. He is known for his aggressive style of play, and his ability to hit long drives off the tee. With his combination of power and accuracy, Tommy Fleetwood is one of the top golfers on the tour today.Tommy Fleetwood’s equipment includes a set of Callaway clubs, a Titleist golf ball, and FootJoy shoes. He also carries a TaylorMade M4 driver, Odyssey O-Works putter, and Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges.

What’s in Tommy Fleetwood’s Bag?

Tommy Fleetwood is one of the most successful professional golfers on the European Tour. He has won multiple tournaments and has been a consistent performer for many years. With such success, it’s no surprise that he has an impressive collection of golf equipment in his bag.

Fleetwood’s bag contains a variety of clubs including a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. Each club is specifically chosen to help him hit the ball with maximum distance and accuracy. His driver is usually a TaylorMade M4 or M5 model while his 3-wood is usually a TaylorMade M3. His irons are usually Titleist 718 AP2s while his wedges are usually Titleist Vokey Design SM7s. He also carries two putters – an Odyssey White Hot Pro #7 and an Odyssey O-Works Red #7.

Fleetwood also carries various accessories in his bag which are just as important as the clubs themselves. Among those are several dozen golf balls which he uses depending on the course conditions or situation. He also carries several towels for cleaning clubs and wiping away any moisture from the grip before hitting shots. He also keeps extra gloves handy so that he can switch out if one gets too wet or dirty during the round.

Other items in Fleetwood’s bag include tees, rangefinders, alignment sticks and sunglasses among others. All these items help him perform at his best when on the course competing against some of the best players in the world. With such an impressive collection of equipment, it’s no wonder why Tommy Fleetwood is considered one of the top players on tour today!

Clubs Used by Tommy Fleetwood

Tommy Fleetwood is an English professional golfer who plays on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. He is currently ranked in the top 10 in the Official World Golf Rankings. As a professional golfer, Tommy is always looking for ways to get an edge on the competition and has been known to make equipment changes to increase performance. So, what clubs does he use?

Tommy plays with a TaylorMade M4 driver and a Titleist 917F2 fairway wood which he uses off the tee. He also carries a Mizuno MP-18 MMC 3-iron and uses TaylorMade P790 irons from 4-iron through pitching wedge. His wedges are Titleist Vokey SM6 models, and his putter is a Scotty Cameron Futura X5R model.

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In addition to these clubs, Tommy also carries an assortment of TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges for different types of shots around the green. He also keeps a set of Prototype irons from Callaway in his bag as testers for potential changes or upgrades.

For his ball, Tommy plays with Titleist Pro V1X golf balls which he believes give him more control around the greens. Tommy has also been known to experiment with other golf balls from time to time but always goes back to the Pro V1X in tournaments.

Overall, Tommy Fleetwood’s equipment setup is tailored specifically for his game and allows him to play at his highest potential on every course he visits. Whether you’re looking for new clubs or just want to see what one of Europe’s top players is using on Tour, this should give you some insight into what Tommy Fleetwood plays with each week.

Tommy Fleetwood’s Bag at the Genesis Open

At the Genesis Open in February 2018, professional golfer Tommy Fleetwood showed up with an impressive bag of clubs. His clubs included a TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB iron set (3-PW), a Callaway X-Forged Utility iron (4), a TaylorMade SLDR S driver, and a Titleist 915F fairway wood. He also had a TaylorMade M1 3-wood and two Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges (54° and 58°). To top it off, Fleetwood had a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter in his bag.

It was clear that Fleetwood had taken some time to carefully choose the right clubs for his game. The mix of different brands and models allowed him to have the perfect combination of control and distance for each shot he needed to hit. For instance, his driver provided great distance off the tee while his irons offered better control when hitting approach shots into greens. His wedges gave him a variety of shots around the greens, while his putter ensured that he would never be far from the hole.

Overall, Tommy Fleetwood’s bag was well-stocked with all of the necessary clubs to compete at the highest level of golf. Even though he didn’t win at the Genesis Open, it was clear that he had all of the tools necessary to play some great golf that week – it just came down to execution for him on that particular day.

What’s in Tommy Fleetwood’s Bag Now?

Since February 2018, Tommy Fleetwood has made some changes to his bag setup as well as kept some things consistent. He now carries an all-TaylorMade setup with an M5 driver, M6 fairway woods (15° & 19°), P790 irons (4-PW), Milled Grind wedges (50° & 56°) as well as a Spider Tour Red putter.

While there have been some changes to what clubs he carries in his bag since 2018, one thing has stayed consistent: Tommy Fleetwood is still using some of the best equipment on tour today and is making sure to get every bit out of each club in his arsenal. The combination of modern technology from TaylorMade along with classic designs from other brands allows him to have all of the control and distance he needs no matter what type of course or tournament he is playing in.


Overall, it is clear that professional golfer Tommy Fleetwood has taken time and consideration when choosing which clubs should go into his bag each week on tour. His combination of different brands allows him to have all sorts of control and distance off each club while also taking advantage of modern technology from TaylorMade golf products. It will be interesting to see how he continues to tweak his bag setup throughout 2019!

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Tommy Fleetwood’s Irons

Tommy Fleetwood is one of the best professional golfers in the world, and his clubs are essential for him to perform at the highest level. As such, it’s important for him to have a set of irons that are perfectly suited to his game. So what clubs does Fleetwood have in his bag?

Fleetwood is currently playing Titleist 718 AP3 irons, a set that provides him with plenty of forgiveness and control. He also has Titleist 718 MB irons in his bag, which provide more accuracy and workability than the AP3s. In addition, he carries Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges for added versatility around the greens.

It’s clear that Tommy Fleetwood takes great care in selecting his equipment, as each club is perfectly suited to help him perform at his best on the course. Whether he’s hitting long approach shots with his irons or chipping around the greens with his wedges, he can trust that each club will get the job done.

Tommy Fleetwood’s Wedges

Tommy Fleetwood is one of the most renowned professional golfers in the world. He has been playing golf for many years now and has developed an impressive bag of wedges ranging from sand wedges to lob wedges. Tommy’s range of wedges helps him to get out of tight spots on the course, and his skill with these clubs has earned him a reputation as one of the best wedge players in the world.

Tommy’s bag includes several different types of wedges, such as a sand wedge, lob wedge, pitching wedge, and gap wedge. Each club is designed to help Tommy hit shots from different distances and angles on the course. The sand wedge is ideal for hitting shots from bunkers or other areas with a lot of sand or rough. The lob wedge helps Tommy hit higher shots over obstacles such as trees or water hazards. The pitching wedge is perfect for hitting shots close to the green, while the gap wedge gives Tommy more control when hitting between clubs such as a nine iron and five iron.

Each of Tommy’s wedges are crafted with precision to help him perform his best out on the course. He regularly tests them out in practice rounds and adjusts their loft and lie angles accordingly. Tommy also relies on his caddie to give him feedback on how each club performs in different situations so he can make any necessary adjustments before his next round.

Overall, Tommy Fleetwood’s range of wedges have been key to helping him become one of the best golfers in the world today. His skill with these clubs has helped him win countless tournaments and become one of the most successful players on tour today.

TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter Used by Tommy Fleetwood

Tommy Fleetwood is one of the top players in the golfing world, and he has been using TaylorMade’s Spider Tour Putter for some time now. This putter is designed for golfers who want maximum control and accuracy on the green. It features a lightweight aluminum body that reduces fatigue during long rounds and a classic blade shape that helps provide consistent ball contact. The head is also designed with a low center of gravity, which helps promote a smooth stroke and prevent unwanted skids or slices. The putter also comes equipped with an adjustable sole weight to help fine-tune your swing, as well as an adjustable shaft length to fit your body size and posture.

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When you combine all of these features, it’s easy to see why Tommy Fleetwood chooses TaylorMade’s Spider Tour Putter. It provides him with unmatched control and accuracy on the green, allowing him to make precise shots with confidence. If you’re looking for a putter that will help you improve your game, then look no further than TaylorMade’s Spider Tour Putter.

Tommy Fleetwood Golf Accessories

Tommy Fleetwood is one of the most successful professional golfers in the world. He has won several major championships, and his skills have earned him a spot in the top ten golfers of all time. As a result, he is often seen using top-of-the-line golfing accessories for his game. One of the most essential pieces of equipment used by Tommy Fleetwood is his golf clubs. He prefers to use premium clubs from well-known brands like TaylorMade and Callaway, and he also uses a variety of different golf balls to suit different courses and conditions.

In addition to golf clubs, Tommy Fleetwood also uses other types of accessories such as gloves, sunglasses, hats, shoes, clothing, and even rangefinders. His gloves are usually made from durable materials like leather or synthetic fabric to provide maximum comfort while playing. He also wears sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun’s glare during outdoor games. His hats are usually stylish and comfortable so that he can look good while playing without compromising on protection for his head from UV rays or windy conditions.

For footwear, Tommy Fleetwood prefers comfortable shoes that are designed specifically for golfing purposes with features such as anti-slip soles and extra cushioning for better grip on the ground. His clothing is usually made out of lightweight fabrics that allow for greater freedom of movement during games. Finally, he uses rangefinders to accurately measure distances between him and other objects on the course such as trees or bunkers so that he can properly plan his shots accordingly.

Overall, Tommy Fleetwood’s use of top-of-the-line equipment helps him to perform at an elite level on the course – a testament to his dedication and commitment to improving himself as a golfer day in and day out.


Tommy Fleetwood is an incredibly versatile and talented golfer. His success in the sport of golf has been proven time and time again, as he has won tournaments on both the European and PGA Tours. His impressive bag of clubs is a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport. He uses a variety of clubs, from drivers to wedges, to help him make the perfect shot every time. His equipment selection is constantly evolving as he continues to strive for success on the course. Tommy Fleetwood is an example of what dedication and hard work can achieve in the world of golf.

Ultimately, Tommy Fleetwood’s bag selection reflects his commitment to excellence in golf. He knows exactly what kind of equipment he needs in order to perform at his best on the course, and he always strives to improve upon his previous successes. His commitment to excellence is why he has become one of the top players on both European and PGA Tours, and it’s why we can expect great things from him in the future.