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Tour Edge offers a limited warranty on all Tour Edge golf clubs purchased from authorized Tour Edge dealers. This warranty provides protection against defects in material and workmanship for up to two years from the date of original purchase. The limited warranty covers all Tour Edge golf clubs, including hybrids, fairway woods, drivers, wedges, irons, putters and junior clubs. In addition to defects in material and workmanship, this limited warranty also covers any damages due to normal wear and tear or misuse. If a product is found to be defective within the two-year period of coverage, it will be replaced or repaired atTour Edge offers a lifetime warranty on all golf clubs purchased from an authorized Tour Edge retailer. This warranty covers the repair or replacement of any defective product or part due to faulty workmanship or materials. In order to be eligible for warranty coverage, you must fill out and submit the online product registration form within 30 days of purchase. If a product is deemed defective, Tour Edge will replace it with a new or refurbished product at its discretion. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, alteration, or normal wear and tear. Any unauthorized alterations void the warranty. Tour Edge reserves the right to refuse service

Product Warranty Periods

Tour Edge golf equipment is covered by a limited warranty for a period of one year. This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship, including manufacturing defects. Tour Edge will replace the defective product with a new product, at no cost to the customer. If the customer chooses to have the product repaired instead of replaced, Tour Edge will repair the product at no charge. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse, normal wear and tear, alterations, improper care or storage. Customers are responsible for shipping costs associated with returning the item

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Tour Edge Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tour Edge offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their clubs, bags, and accessories. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship that occur during normal use of the product. Any product covered by this warranty will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Tour Edge. In order to qualify for the limited lifetime warranty, customers must register their product within 30 days of purchase.

The limited lifetime warranty does not cover any damages caused by improper care or misuse, including but not limited to club heads that have been

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Tour Edge has one of the most comprehensive warranties in the golf industry today. The warranty coverage is extensive and provides a great level of protection for Tour Edge products. The warranty also covers repair or replacement costs, should an issue arise with a Tour Edge product. Additionally, the warranty extends to all clubs, bags, and accessories in the Tour Edge line. All of this is provided at no additional cost to the customer.

The Tour Edge warranty is a great benefit for any golfer who purchases any of their products. It provides peace of mind knowing that they

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