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vokey wedge fitting

Vokey wedge fitting is a specialized technique used to ensure golfers achieve the best possible performance from their wedges. It involves taking into account a golfer’s personal preferences, such as loft, bounce, grind and sole profile, as well as analyzing the golfer’s swing to determine the ideal specifications for their wedges. This ensures that a golfer’s wedges are perfectly suited to their game, allowing them to achieve maximum performance on the course.Vokey Wedge Fitting is the process of selecting the right wedge for a golfer’s game. It is an important part of the golf club-fitting process and involves matching the right loft, bounce, grind and shaft to a player’s individual swing type and playing conditions. Vokey Wedge Fitting provides players with maximum performance, increased control, and consistency in their short game.

Benefits of Vokey Wedge Fitting

Vokey Wedges are some of the most popular wedges available today, and for good reason. They are designed to provide golfers with superior performance, accuracy, and control when playing shots around the green. The Vokey Wedge Fitting process takes a golfer’s individual game into account to create a custom-fitted wedge that maximizes their performance. Here are some of the benefits of having a Vokey wedge custom fitted:

One of the biggest benefits is increased accuracy. The Vokey Wedge Fitting process takes into account the golfer’s swing style, as well as their lie angle, loft angle, and shaft length. By analyzing these factors, they can create a wedge that is tailored specifically to the golfer’s individual needs. This ensures that every shot is launched with maximum accuracy and control, resulting in improved scores around the green.

Another advantage of having a custom-fitted wedge is improved control. The fitting process takes into account all of the variables that affect how a ball will travel through the air when hit with a wedge. This allows for greater spin rate and trajectory control, which helps golfers hit more consistent shots with increased accuracy and distance control.

Finally, having a custom-fitted wedge can also help improve consistency in one’s short game overall. When you have a club specifically designed for your swing style and individual needs, it makes it easier to replicate shots on every attempt. This helps golfers develop better short game habits over time which translates into lower scores on the course.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to having your Vokey Wedges custom fitted to match your individual game needs. From increased accuracy to improved control and consistency in your short game, having your wedges fitted by an experienced professional can take your game to new heights!

How to Find the Right Vokey Wedge Fitting

For any golfer, having the right wedge is essential to success on the greens. A Vokey wedge is one of the most popular options on the market, and for good reason. It can help you get up and down from all kinds of lies, with its versatile and precise design. But before you can take advantage of its many features, you need to find the right Vokey wedge fitting. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

The first step in finding the right Vokey wedge fitting is to consider your swing type. Are you a beginner or a more experienced golfer? If you’re new to the game, it might be worth opting for a lower lofted club since it will be easier to hit out of tight lies or shorter distances. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced golfer, a higher lofted club may be better since it allows for more spin and control around the green.

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Another important factor to consider when looking for a Vokey wedge fitting is your playing style. Are you an aggressive player who likes to attack pins or do you prefer a more laid-back approach? If you prefer a more conservative style, then choosing a lower bounce model might be best for you since it will provide better control and accuracy when playing out of bunkers or other tricky shots around the green. Conversely, if you’re an aggressive player who likes to go after pins, then opting for a higher bounce model might be best as it will give you extra spin and help keep your ball on line when attacking flags.

Lastly, consider your budget when looking for a Vokey wedge fitting. There are plenty of models available at different price points ranging from very affordable to quite pricey. Decide how much money you’d like to spend and then narrow down your search accordingly. Once you do that, it should be much easier to find the perfect Vokey wedge fitting for your game!

Shaft Flex

When choosing a Vokey wedge fitting, one of the most important factors to consider is shaft flex. The shaft flex of the wedge should match the flex of your other clubs. If you have a stiff shaft in your driver, then you should also select a stiff shaft for your Vokey wedge. This will ensure that all of your clubs have the same feel and performance.

Loft & Lie Angle

Another important factor to consider when selecting a Vokey wedge fitting is loft and lie angle. The loft and lie angle of your wedge should be adjusted to fit your swing. If you are someone who tends to hit the ball low, then you should choose a higher lofted wedge with a flatter lie angle. On the other hand, if you tend to hit high shots, then a lower lofted wedge with a slightly upright lie angle might be better for you.

Grind Options

The grind options offered by Vokey wedges can also affect how well they perform on the course. There are several grind options available depending on what type of shot you are trying to hit. For example, if you need more control and spin around the greens, then you might want to choose a higher bounce option such as the M Grind or S Grind. However, if you need more forgiveness when hitting off tight lies, then selecting one of the lower bounce options such as the F Grind or K Grind might be beneficial.

Grip Size

Finally, grip size is another factor that can affect how well your Vokey wedges perform on the course. Different golfers prefer different sizes when it comes to their grips so it’s important that you find one that fits comfortably in your hands. If you are unsure about which size would be best for you, then it might be helpful to consult with an experienced club fitter who can help determine which size will work best for your swing.

Different Types of Vokey Wedge Fitters

Vokey wedge fitters are some of the most popular golf club manufacturers in the world. They are known for producing high-quality wedges and clubs that provide players with great performance on the course. There are several different types of Vokey wedge fitters available, each designed to meet the needs of different types of golfers.

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The first type of Vokey wedge fitter is the Standard Fitter. This type is designed for players who want a more traditional-style wedge. It features an adjustable hosel, allowing players to adjust the loft, lie angle, and bounce angle to their own specifications. The Standard Fitter also has a more rounded sole design, which makes it easier to control shots around the green.

The second type of Vokey wedge fitter is the Tour Fitter. This is designed for more advanced players who want a higher-performance wedge. It features an adjustable hosel that allows them to customize the loft and lie angles to their exact specifications. It also has a more aggressive sole design, which helps reduce spin and improve accuracy from any lie angle on the course.

The third type of Vokey wedge fitter is the High Performance Fitter. This type is designed for elite players who need maximum performance from their wedges. It features an adjustable hosel that allows them to customize both loft and lie angles to their exact specifications. It also has a slightly thinner sole design, which provides improved feel and control when making shots around the green.

Overall, there are three main types of Vokey wedge fitters available on the market today: Standard Fitter, Tour Fitter, and High Performance Fitter. Each one has its own unique design features that can help golfers get better performance from their wedges on the course. Whether you’re looking for a traditional-style wedge or something with advanced technology for maximum performance, there’s sure to be a Vokey fitter that fits your needs perfectly!

Common Issues with Vokey Wedge Fitters

Vokey wedge fitters are designed to provide golfers with the best possible experience when they are playing the game. However, there are some common issues that can arise from using these wedges. One of the most common issues is that they can be difficult to hit consistently due to their weight and length. The weight of the clubhead can cause it to be more difficult to maintain control over, and the length of the club can make it harder to get a consistent swing plane.

Another issue is that the grooves on Vokey wedges can wear down with use, which can affect ball spin and control. This is especially true for players who don’t take proper care of their clubs. It is important to clean and inspect your wedges regularly, as this will help ensure that you maintain maximum performance out of them.

Finally, many players have difficulty finding the right shaft flex for their swing speed when using Vokey wedges. It is important to find a shaft flex that matches your swing speed so you can maximize your performance on the course. A fitter should be consulted if you’re having trouble finding the right fit for your swing speed and needs.

Tips for Purchasing a New Vokey Wedge Fitting

When it comes to purchasing a new Vokey wedge fitting, there are several important tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is essential to understand your own individual golfing style and technique. Knowing how you swing the club and what type of shot you’re likely to hit will help inform the right wedge fitting for you. It’s also important to consider the type of course you typically play most often, as different courses may require different types of wedges.

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It is also important to consider the loft of the wedge when purchasing a Vokey wedge fitting. The loft of a wedge will determine the trajectory of your shot, so be sure to select a club with the appropriate loft for your style and playing conditions. Additionally, it can be helpful to look at the bounce angle of the clubhead when selecting a new Vokey wedge fitting. The bounce angle will determine how much spin you get on your shots, so be sure to get one that suits your needs.

Finally, it can be beneficial to consult an experienced golf pro or club fitter when selecting a new Vokey wedge fitting. A professional can help provide valuable insight into which model and specifications are best suited for your particular game and playing conditions. With their knowledge and expertise, they can ensure that you find the perfect Vokey wedge fitting for your game.

The Pros and Cons of Vokey Wedge Fitters

Vokey wedge fitters are well-known among professional golfers for their ability to give golfers the perfect wedge for their game. They offer a wide selection of wedges in different sizes, shapes, and materials to help golfers get the most out of their swing. But before buying a Vokey wedge fitter, it’s important to understand the pros and cons.

One of the biggest advantages to using a Vokey wedge fitter is that they provide a customized fit for each golfer. The wedges are specifically designed to match the swing characteristics of each golfer, allowing them to get the most out of their swing. The wedges also come in various sizes and shapes, so golfers can find the perfect fit for their game.

Another benefit is that Vokey wedge fitters are made with high-quality materials that can last through many rounds of golf. This ensures that you won’t have to replace your wedge too often, giving you more time to focus on improving your game. Additionally, the wedges come with an adjustable sole plate, allowing you to customize your club’s loft and lie angle for optimal ball flight.

On the downside, Vokey wedge fitters can be quite expensive compared to other options on the market. This may be prohibitively expensive for some golfers who are just starting out or who don’t play regularly. Additionally, some golfers may not like the fact that they have limited control over how their club is fitted since it’s based on pre-determined specs from Vokey.

Overall, Vokey wedge fitters offer many advantages over traditional wedges. They provide a custom fit for each golfer and are made with high-quality materials that can last through many rounds of golf. However, they can be expensive and offer limited control over how they’re fitted. Understanding these pros and cons will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a new wedge fitter.


Vokey wedge fitting is an invaluable tool for golfers of all levels and abilities. It allows them to find the perfect wedge for their game, and helps them to improve their skills in a short amount of time. The fitting process is simple and straightforward, and takes into consideration a variety of factors, such as lie angle, loft, bounce, and more. With the right Vokey wedge in hand, golfers can make the most out of their game and have a better chance at improving their overall performance.

Ultimately, Vokey wedge fitting is an excellent way for golfers to get the most out of their game. With the right combination of factors in place, they can enjoy a more enjoyable round of golf with more consistent results. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, Vokey wedges can help you improve your performance on the course.

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