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Unlock Your Maximum Distance and Accuracy with the Warrior Custom Golf Driver

Why you need a custom golf driver

When you are out for a round of golf, you will want to start with a strong tee shot, and for the best performance, you will need a driver. Driver golf clubs are designed to provide the most distance and, as such, are commonly used for on-par four and five-tee shots. It is an essential golf driver for players at all levels, and they are often the longest clubs and the ones with the lowest loft.

Given their importance and specifications, there is a growing demand for Warrior custom golf drivers, even among beginners. This guide provides you with an overview of what a custom gold driver is, why you should consider one and how to pick the right warrior custom golf driver.

Difference between a stock and custom golf driver

Stock golf drivers come unchanged as the manufacturer made them. There is no modification anywhere. Manufacturers make them with the average height player in mind. You can get golf driver shafts with different flexes, but it will still be the same stock from the manufacturer.

Custom golf drivers change this as they are modified to suit the buyer. They may have a modified shaft or a different length. They may also have different custom grips, and the lie angles may differ. Previously, it would take aftermarket modifications to get a custom gold driver, and they would be more costly than stock golf drivers.

Fortunately, brands like Warrior Golf, specializing in custom golf gear, have changed that. You can now order your custom golf driver straight from them. Other manufacturers are catching up, providing a variety of custom options at the same price as their stock drivers. However, Warrior golf remains the leading custom brand for players at all levels.


Why you need a custom golf driver

Most players question whether a custom golf driver is worth it. There is also a misconception that only advanced players need custom fitting, but that is not true. Everyone needs a custom golf driver, and players with the most handicap require a custom golf fitting the most.


The wrong golf driver affects your swing, making you adopt poor positions as you aim to make the most of the driver. It also affects your performance. Even if you work around an ill-fitting golf driver, it will cause problems when you want to step up your game at levels where the lie angle and the flex become significant factors.

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That’s because you would have already gotten used to the workable position with the wrong driver; thus, you will make slow progress getting used to the proper fitting driver.


Here is why getting a custom golf driver is great for players at different levels

  • For beginners, a warrior custom golf driver allows you to practice with a framework and swing that is in line with your natural play style resulting in comfortable play and faster progression.
  • For an intermediate player, the custom fit allows you to make the most of your techniques and other tools you have learned. The correct driver and right swing will help you eliminate the poor shots and allow you to start performing at consistent levels.
  • For advanced players, custom-fitting drivers match their knowledge allowing them mastery and control over the shots they want to take.


What gets customized in a golf driver


During the custom fitting process, several variables of the golf driver are measured and changed to match you with the right club. The main aspects of gold driver customization are;


Grip size


Grip size affects how you control the golf drive and whether you can consistently apply pressure. The focus here is your hand size and the shape of your shot. It is also a matter of preference and which grip feels right in your hands. Weather can also affect the grip feel since hot and humid conditions will cause you to sweat more, which causes sweat to enter the grip pores, causing them to clog up and become unplayable.




The shaft length is measured to match your height to create a perfect drive. The right shaft length allows you to attain consistent contact and get more distance from your drivers.



The loft of a golf drive refers to the clubface’s angle from its position on the shaft. The higher this angle is, the higher the ball trajectory you get. With a custom lock to match your style, you can optimize the launch angle of your shot.

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Face angle


The face angle refers to the direction the clubface is pointing on impact. It influences directional control and weight which affects the balance of the drive. The correct face angle will allow you to optimize the balance of the shot, and as such, you can correct flaws in your swing, like hooks and slices.




The type of shaft impacts trajectory, accuracy, and distance. The different types of the shaft are categorized according to these five ratings; regular, stiff, extra stiff, ladies, and seniors. The type of shaft you select should match your tempo and swing.


A matching shaft allows you easily maintain excellent control of the club. It also gives you consistency in achieving solid contact regularly.


Considerations when picking a custom golf driver


So, what should you consider when choosing your warrior golf driver? Most of the things are what are measured during the fitting process, but a few are not. It would help if you considered the following,




Adjustability is one of the best features in your warrior custom golf drivers. It allows you to change several aspects of the driver customizing it to your preference. First, you can adjust the hosel, which will enable you to switch the driver’s loft to choose the preferred launch angle. You can also use the adjustable hosel to change the lie angle to either a draw or a fade.


A draw will curve the ball from right to left for right-handed golfers and vice versa for left-handed players. A fade will curve the ball from left to right for right-handed golfers and vice-versa for left-handed golfers.


Another aspect you can adjust is the center of gravity. Certain golf drivers come with moveable weights that you can adjust at the club’s sole. The adjustments allow you to hit your desired shot, whether a natural shot, a fade, or a draw.




The material matters for the shaft and the club head. The common materials for the shaft are steel, graphite, or titanium. Steel shaft drivers are heavy but more affordable than graphite or titanium shaft drivers. Titanium and graphite shafts make for lighter drivers and will lead to increased clubhead speed and the shot’s distance.

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For clubheads, the material options are composite material and titanium. Titanium makes the clubheads strong, lightweight, and durable. The lightweight nature allows for faster swings leading to a greater distance. Titanium heads also have a large sweet spot allowing for a higher margin of error. Composite clubheads use several materials to make the clubheads.


Lighter materials in composite clubheads will help reduce the weight and lead to faster ball speeds. Heavier materials like tungsten can be used to increase the club’s weight of the perimeter.




The clubface angle affects the trajectory and distance of the ball. Drivers come in lofts ranging from 8 to 15 degrees. The left you choose will depend on the swing speed you want to achieve. For example;

  • To achieve more than 90mph, you need the lowest loft possible
  • To get 80-90mph, you require 9-10.5 degrees of loft
  • For 70 -80 mph, you require 10.5 to 11.5 degrees of loft
  • For 60-70 mph, you require 12 to 13 degrees of loft
  • For less than 60 mph, you require 14 t 15 degrees of loft


A high loft results in a higher trajectory, and vice versa is valid for a lower loft. New golfers may want a higher trajectory requiring a driver with a high loft, while experienced golfers usually prefer low-loft drivers for their low-ball flight.




Weight is a significant factor as it impacts the clubhead’s speed. Drivers have a weight ranging from 275 to 310 grams. However, some are as light as 265 grams. Most golfers will benefit by using a lightweight driver to achieve the most distance from a tee shot. Even manufacturers make their drivers lighter for increased speed.



As the longest club in your bag, a golf driver will measure 45 to 48 inches for men, while women drivers will measure 43 to 44 inches. The length of your golf driver affects your control, so you should find a height that gives you more overall control.




A warrior custom golf driver could be what you need to move your game to the next level or overcome your beginner struggles. It is getting a personalized gold driver that matches and suits your style.

It ensures you are using your best posture and swing, and you can get those distant shots. It is also more comfortable and offers you more control necessary for technical shots. One of the best brands out there is Warrior Golf, and they match quality with affordable rates giving you more value for your money.

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