what clubs does matt fitzpatrick use

Matt Fitzpatrick is one of the top professional golfers on the world stage. He has been successful in many tournaments and is known for his consistent ball-striking and precise iron play. To achieve such levels of success, Matt relies on a carefully selected set of golf clubs to maximize his performance on the course. His current equipment includes a Titleist TSi2 driver, Titleist TS3 fairway woods, Titleist U500 and U510 utility irons, Titleist T100 and T200 irons, Vokey SM8 wedges, and an Odyssey Stroke Lab Two-Ball Putter. With these clubs in his bag, Matt has all that he needs to take on any course in style.Matt Fitzpatrick plays with a full set of TaylorMade golf clubs. His bag consists of a TaylorMade SIM Max driver, SIM Max fairway woods, P790 irons and Milled Grind 2 wedges. He also carries a TaylorMade Spider Tour Red putter.

Matt Fitzpatrick Golf Clubs Used

Matt Fitzpatrick is one of the top professional golfers on the PGA Tour and he has an impressive selection of golf clubs in his bag. He plays a variety of different brands, including Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, and Mizuno. His current setup includes a Titleist driver, three-wood, hybrid clubs, irons, wedges and a putter. The driver is a Titleist 917D3 with a Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 60X shaft. His fairway woods are the Titleist 915F with Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki ZT70 shafts and hybrids are TaylorMade GAPR Mid with Fujikura Atmos Blue shafts.

His irons are Mizuno JPX 919 Tour with Nippon Modus 120X shafts and his wedges are Titleist Vokey SM7 with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 120 S+ shafts. He also uses a Scotty Cameron 009 Putter with a Super Stroke Traxion Flatso 1.0 grip. Matt Fitzpatrick’s choice of golf clubs shows that he is willing to experiment with different brands in order to find the best combination for his game. He has found success on tour by using this combination of clubs and it has allowed him to consistently compete at the highest level of professional golf.

Matthew Fitzpatrick’s Preferred Golf Club Brand

Matthew Fitzpatrick is a British professional golfer who rose to fame in the 2013 US Amateur Championship. He has gone on to have a successful career, winning multiple PGA Tour events and representing Europe in the 2016 Ryder Cup. As such, he has become one of the most recognizable players on the tour. As a result, many people are interested in what kind of golf clubs he uses.

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Fitzpatrick has been an ambassador for TaylorMade since 2018 and he endorses their clubs on the course. He currently plays with TaylorMade SIM Max irons, M4 woods and P750 tour irons. In addition, he also uses TaylorMade’s TP5 golf balls. His bag is rounded out with a few other pieces of equipment from TaylorMade, including wedges and a putter from their Spider family.

For all those looking to emulate Fitzpatrick’s game, his preferred golf club brand is obviously TaylorMade. They offer a wide range of clubs that are suited to different types of golfers from beginners to professionals like Fitzpatrick himself. So if you’re looking for some quality equipment to take your game to the next level, then look no further than TaylorMade for all your golfing needs!

Golf Clubs

Matthew Fitzpatrick is currently using a full set of TaylorMade golf clubs, including the M4 driver, fairway woods and P790 irons. The P790 irons are designed to provide maximum distance and forgiveness and feature a hollow-body construction with SpeedFoam Technology. He also has a set of TaylorMade TP5x golf balls in his bag for maximum accuracy and spin control.

Golf Shafts

Matthew Fitzpatrick’s current setup includes KBS Tour shafts in his driver, fairway woods, and irons. He is also using a Nippon Modus 120 X-flex shaft in his wedges for more control around the greens.

Other Equipment

In addition to his clubs and shafts, Matthew Fitzpatrick relies on many other pieces of equipment to help him perform his best on the course. He uses a Scotty Cameron Phantom X putter for precise distances on the green, along with a Odyssey White Hot Pro 2-Ball mallet putter for distance control. He also carries an Odyssey O-Works Red #7 putter for short game shots around the green.

He rounds out his equipment setup with TaylorMade Tour Preferred gloves for grip stability and Tour Preferred towels for enhanced clubhead speed and ball control during wet weather conditions.

What Iron Set Does Matt Fitzpatrick Play?

Matt Fitzpatrick is a professional golfer who competes on both the European and PGA Tours. He is known for his creative approach to the game, which allows him to achieve success on the course. As far as equipment goes, Fitzpatrick uses a set of Mizuno JPX919 irons. The JPX919s are a forgiving set of clubs that provide a good combination of distance and workability. The irons feature a deep undercut cavity that provides a low center of gravity, making it easier to get the ball airborne with every swing. Additionally, the clubs have been designed with an offset hosel, which helps reduce the amount of drag during the downswing. This allows for more accuracy and control over each shot. Overall, Fitzpatrick’s choice of iron set makes him one of the most consistent golfers on tour today.

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Types of Woods Used by Matt Fitzpatrick

Matt Fitzpatrick is a professional golfer who has won many tournaments in his career. He is known for his efficient use of woods and irons. He typically uses a combination of woods and irons that give him the power, accuracy, and forgiveness he needs to succeed.

His driver is usually a TaylorMade M6 with a Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Pro White shaft. This combination gives him the distance and forgiveness he needs off the tee. His fairway woods are often Titleist 917F2 or TaylorMade M4 models with either a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White or Aldila Rogue Black shafts. These clubs give him extra yardage on long par 4s and 5s, while also providing extra accuracy when needed.

His hybrids are typically Titleist 818H1 or TaylorMade M3 models with either Graphite Design Tour AD DI-7 X or Fujikura Atmos Blue shafts. These hybrids allow him to hit high, penetrating shots into greens for precise yardages and approaches from long distances. His irons are usually Titleist 718 AP2 or TaylorMade P790 models with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts. These clubs provide him with the control and spin necessary to hit accurate shots into greens from any distance.

Overall, Matt Fitzpatrick’s use of woods and irons has been very successful in his career as a professional golfer. His combination of the right clubs has allowed him to play at an elite level for many years now, even winning multiple tournaments along the way!

Wedges Used by Matt Fitzpatrick

Matt Fitzpatrick, one of the most successful golfers in the world, is known for his precision and accuracy on the golf course. He also uses the best equipment available to help him achieve his goals. One of the clubs that he has used with great success is his set of wedges. Matt Fitzpatrick’s wedges consist of a Titleist Vokey SM7 in 46°, 50°, 54° and 58° lofts. The SM7 wedge features a Tour-proven grind and sole design which delivers maximum shot control and spin around the greens.

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Fitzpatrick’s wedges also feature two rows of grooves that are designed to provide more spin on short shots from the rough or sand. This helps him to ensure that he can get close to the pin when playing from off the green or out of a bunker. The grooves on these wedges also help to reduce backspin when hitting shots from tight lies, allowing for more control and accuracy when making shots from any type of lie.

Fitzpatrick’s wedges have helped him to become one of the best golfers in the world and they are part of his success story. His set of Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges has helped him achieve success on tour and is a testament to how important it is to have quality equipment in your bag if you want to take your game to the next level.

Odyssey Triple Track Putter Used by Matt Fitzpatrick

The Odyssey Triple Track Putter used by Matt Fitzpatrick is a great choice for golfers of all skill levels. This putter is designed to provide a consistent and accurate swing, with the help of three lines that align with the golf ball. The Triple Track design helps improve alignment and accuracy, while the weighted head provides a smooth feel at impact. The putter also features an adjustable hosel so you can customize your lie angle to fit your game. With its high-quality construction and excellent performance, this putter is sure to make a great addition to any golfer’s bag.


Matt Fitzpatrick is a professional golfer who uses a variety of clubs in his golf bag, from woods to irons to wedges and putters. He has two main drivers, a TaylorMade M5 and a Callaway Rogue driver, as well as an array of fairway woods, including a TaylorMade M4. His iron set consists of the Mizuno JPX 900 Tour irons and he also uses three different wedges, all from Titleist. His current putter is the Odyssey O-Works Black. Matt Fitzpatrick’s selection of clubs is the perfect blend between traditional and modern, giving him maximum versatility on the course.

In conclusion, Matt Fitzpatrick’s club selection provides him with great versatility on the golf course. His combination of modern and traditional clubs allows him to play with accuracy and precision while still being able to hit powerful shots when needed. With this combination, Matt Fitzpatrick has been able to achieve great success in his professional golf career so far.

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