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What is a breakfast ball in golf?

What is a breakfast ball in golf

Golfers who get off to an awful start on the course are sometimes persuaded by their teammates that you should “grab a breakfast ball,” maybe at the start of the day even.

In golf, what is the meaning of a breakfast ball from the initial tee or another tee, and what is the concept of a breakfast ball?

On the golf course, players will come across a variety of terminology related to the game. A frequent discussion point on first tee box is whether or not one breakfast ball is allowed to start the round.

What Does It Mean To Throw Breakfast Balls On The Golf Course?

Our main question is, what is a breakfast ball in golf?

A breakfast ball, also known as a mulligan, is a retry of your approach shot on first hole of a round of golf. It is not always an early morning round when a breakfast ball is played. It is basically a do-over after the first ball, or first tee shot goes wrong.

When playing golf with friends, breakfast balls are often tolerated but are prohibited at formal events. Before actually taking a break for breakfast, make sure that everyone with whom you are playing is on the same page.

That is the only scenario where you will be asked to take a breakfast ball.

After a round-opening mishit tee shot, there is a breakfast ball. Without incurring a fee, the player may put another golf ball into play and utilize it as their first stroke.

In essence, the breakfast ball is a player’s second attempt at their first stroke of the day. It is the result of a bad tee shot, and people get to hit a second ball due to the bad first shot.

Why Does It Get The Name “Breakfast Ball”?

In the Official Rules of Golf, the breakfast ball is not mentioned. It’s important to remember that using the breakfast ball during official, competitive play is really prohibited.

The name “breakfast ball” refers to essentially getting a second chance at the very first golf shot of the round. To take a breakfast ball means the same thing.

Due to this incident happening on their first tee shot of the round and breakfast being the first meal of the day, the ball is known as the “breakfast ball.”

The rules governing how the breakfast ball operates often decided by the participants in the tournament, which usually takes place in a friendly round agreement between players.

However, some flounders and other joyful events, like those for charities, may offer the chance to use a breakfast ball as a charity event for the competition. It is considered legal then.

It is important to note that no official event will permit a golfer to play the breakfast ball. The golfer may take a breakfast ball on first tee in these circumstances(i.e., a casual round) occasionally without any problems.

What Is The Result Of A Breakfast Ball Being Hit?

A breakfast ball might be agreed upon in advance of a round or game with friends. Players that take advantage of the option to utilize a second ball from the first tee will simply shoot an additional tee shot.

When a player makes their second putt, the ball they hit becomes their official ball. The first ball will not be hit since it is not part of the score.

Some organizations consider the breakfast ball to be final, while others let a player pick between their first shot and the breakfast ball as their best stroke.

If you’re playing with a group of friends, you’ll have the option of discussing and agreeing to these details on what each player may do with their ball.

Can You Hit Two Balls Off Of One Breakfast Ball Legally?

A player is not permitted to utilize a mulligan or take a breakfast ball during an official tournament. The golfing regulations don’t allow for such a concession.

Mulligans may, however, be utilized in amateur rounds that are not included in calculating a player’s impairment index.

Mulligans allow golfers to go faster rather than make them hunt for dropped balls and to make immediate course-related adjustments. Mulligans may be used sparingly in a social game of golf as long as they don’t slow down play or the round’s flow.

Therefore, taking a breakfast ball is entirely OK, provided your playing partners are cool with it. It is also only possible if you are not competing in an official match.


Its interpretation is up to the group a golfer is playing with since it is not a set regulation and it is against the rules set by golfing authorities.

Most often, if a player is not satisfied with their first approach shot of the day, they may “retee” without incurring a stroke penalty and shoot their first shot once again.

Normally, the redo is played where it lies and considered the first shot, although some organizations provide the choice of choosing the initial shot if the retry turns out to be worse.

If a golfer doesn’t use this on their initial shot, some groups will provide them with a mulligan to utilize later in the round, but again, this is entirely up to the group’s judgment.

Finally, it is difficult to redo while participating in competitive matches or tournaments since all official rounds of golf do not allow any breakfast balls or mulligans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lunch ball in golf?

It’s a second chance or mulligan. Yes, the phrase “lunch ball” in golf refers to the mulligan, a shot that a golfer may repeat without incurring a penalty if other golfers agree to it.

What does chicken mean in golf?

When a player’s lead arm is bent at the elbow and cups at the wrist on impact, it is referred to as “chicken” or “chicken winging.” The term comes from how the lead arm looks like a chicken wing.

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