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What is the #1 driver in golf?

Think of a car with a weight in the trunk crashing into a wall. The face on the Stealth is 11% larger than that of the SIM2 and 20% larger than the original SIM. While the pros and handicapers are smashed for miles with a 7-degree loft on their driver, for the rest of us mere mortals, a 10.5 or even a 13-degree club would be a more careful choice. As with the Stealth HD, the Sim2 Max D by TaylorMade was specifically designed to help golfers square the clubface on impact and minimize the horrific left-to-right misses that have ruined countless rounds of golf.

For golfers who aren’t branded when it comes to riders, the ZX7 sits beautifully at the address, the pear-shaped head is very appealing and there’s nothing on the crown to pull or distract the eye. Even the tiny alignment aid is very subtle — just the look that players really love.


What is the most accurate driver in golf?

If you’re not worried about moving weight and want a higher ball flight but still have a low spin, this could be a good driver to explore further — especially if you already know your spec. But with the Mizuno STG 220 driver, you get three rails and two moving weights to tailor it to your exact swing. Pretty normal, but paired with the low CG, players should have little trouble getting decent lofts with this driver. The clubface contains 60 layers of carbon to increase energy transfer on impact and achieve faster ball speeds.

They are particularly good for golfers who spray strokes around the face and often land in the hands of players with average and higher swing speeds (85—100 mph, with an average of 93 mph).

What is the best driver for distance?

The Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero is a great endurance rider for highly skilled golfers and offers a real weapon for the tee with excellent adaptability. But after testing both, I actually switched from a Mavrik Subzero to a Max driver, as the LS was actually underbooting for my game. This brand-developed artificial intelligence technology optimizes facial thickness (within legal limits, of course) to increase your distance by at least 10 mph. However, we would recommend this driver for those with a low handicap who are looking for a driver for the distance as we will come to better options for people with a high handicap.

While the first two drivers on this list were more of a premium option that is certain to offer, this option is a powerful driver that fits any budget.

What are the 5 best drivers in golf?

A 11.5g tungsten weight at the very back of the club head helps with spin and consistency, and the Rogue ST Max is certainly one of the more comfortable feel riders on the market. Draw-biased drivers are designed to stop the unwanted slice that plagues the majority of amateur golfers. The Sim2 Max D helps golfers who find it difficult to keep the ball in play due to missing shots far to the right, but be warned; a draw bias driver is not a magic wand to free you from your slice. The G425 LST is equipped with technology, including moving weights to promote pulling, fading, or neutral flight. It features a precision forged surface for greater distance and an ultra-thin crown that allows the weight to be distributed elsewhere in the club head to help with forgiveness.

Michael Piko
Michael Piko

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