where are srixon irons made

Srixon is a leading manufacturer of golf equipment and accessories, renowned for producing high-quality products designed to enhance the performance of golfers at all levels. One of the most popular products in their range are the Srixon irons, which are crafted with exceptional precision and made from premium materials. So, where are Srixon irons made? The answer is simple – all Srixon irons are made in Japan using advanced manufacturing processes and the finest quality materials.Srixon irons are manufactured in Himeji, Japan.

Srixon Irons: Quality Craftsmanship

Golfers are always searching for the perfect set of clubs to help them improve their game. Srixon irons are one of the most popular choices among players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. The quality craftsmanship of Srixon irons ensures that each shot is consistent and reliable. The innovative design features of the clubs provide golfers with greater distance and accuracy while also promoting a more enjoyable experience on the links.

Srixon has been manufacturing golf equipment since the early

History of Srixon Golf Clubs

Srixon is a renowned Japanese golf brand that has been providing high-quality golf clubs since the 1950s. The company was founded by Katsuji Tamura, who developed the first deep cavity irons in Japan. Since then, Srixon has become a leader in golf club production and innovation, delivering some of the most advanced clubs on the market.

Srixon’s early years saw them produce some of the most revolutionary clubs at the time. Their original deep cavity irons set a new

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Srixon irons are made in the USA, Japan and China. The quality of the irons is consistently high across all production sites, with each site having its own area of expertise. In the USA, Srixon produces premium forged iron sets with a focus on feel and playability. In Japan, Srixon produces highly precise cavity back iron sets with a focus on accuracy and distance. In China, Srixon produces cast irons with a focus on affordability and accessibility. No matter which site they come from, Srixon irons