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where does lydia ko live now

Lydia Ko is a professional golfer from New Zealand. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida, United States. Lydia was born in South Korea but moved to New Zealand at the age of seven, and has since developed into one of the top female golfers in the world. She won the 2014 Evian Championship, becoming the youngest ever major champion at 17 years and 9 months old. Ko also became the first golfer from New Zealand to become world number one in any sport.Lydia Ko currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand.

Where Did Lydia Ko Grow Up?

Lydia Ko is a professional golfer from New Zealand. She was born in South Korea and moved to New Zealand when she was six years old. Growing up, Ko spent most of her time in Auckland, New Zealand, where she attended Pinehurst School and studied at ACG Parnell College.

Ko began playing golf when she was five years old after her father took her to a driving range with her brother. From there, she quickly developed an interest in the sport and began taking lessons from a local golf pro. At the age of seven, Ko won her first tournament and by the time she was nine she had already won several junior golf tournaments in New Zealand.

At the age of twelve, Ko became the youngest-ever winner of an amateur golf tournament when she won the 2009 New South Wales Open Amateur Championship. This win earned her international recognition and made her the top-ranked female amateur golfer in the world.

In 2012, Ko turned professional at just fourteen years of age and immediately made a splash on the professional tour with wins at both The Evian Championship and Canadian Women’s Open in 2013. Since then, she has gone on to win several more tournaments worldwide and become one of the most successful female golfers in history.

Today, Lydia Ko continues to pursue success on the professional tour while also giving back to the game that has given her so much success. She is an active ambassador for Golf Australia’s development program as well as a representative for several other charities throughout New Zealand and beyond.

Where Has Lydia Ko Played Professional Golf?

Lydia Ko has played professional golf all over the world. She has competed in tournaments on the LPGA, PGA, and European Tours. She has also taken part in several major championships and won multiple titles.

Ko made her professional debut at the 2013 New Zealand Women’s Open, where she won at the age of 15. This was followed by a win at the Canadian Women’s Open in 2015, becoming the youngest player ever to win an LPGA event. Since then, she has had multiple top-10 finishes on both the LPGA and PGA Tours.

The New Zealander has participated in several major championships, including four U.S. Women’s Opens and three ANA Inspirations. At the 2016 ANA Inspiration, Ko finished second to In Gee Chun in a playoff. She also finished tied for second at the 2018 Evian Championship after losing to Angela Stanford in a sudden-death playoff.

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Ko has also competed on both the Ladies European Tour (LET) and European Tour (ET). At the 2016 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, she finished tied for third place to become the first female golfer to make a top-three finish on either tour since 2007.

In addition to playing tournaments around the world, Ko is a frequent competitor in her home country of New Zealand as well as Australia, where she often plays on their respective tours or at team events such as ISPS Handa World Cup of Golf or ISPS Handa Vic Open.

Overall, Lydia Ko is one of golf’s most accomplished players and continues to compete on global tours around the world including America’s LPGA Tour and Europe’s LET and ET Tours.

Lydia Ko’s Success in Professional Golf

Lydia Ko has had an incredible career in professional golf since turning pro in 2013. She has won 17 LPGA tournaments, two majors, and four year-end awards. She is currently the number one ranked female golfer in the world, a position she has held for 85 weeks. Ko has also had success on the PGA Tour, becoming the youngest winner ever of an event with her victory at the 2015 Lotte Championship.

In addition to her tournament wins, Ko has earned over $20 million in prize money and endorsements. She was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2017 and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2020 at just 23 years of age.

Ko’s success on the course is due largely to her impressive skill set and work ethic. She is known for her consistent ball striking off the tee and consistently ranks among the leaders in fairways hit and greens in regulation on tour. Her mental game is also very strong as she does not let bad shots or bad luck affect her during tournaments.

Off the course, Ko is an ambassador for golf and actively promotes it around the world. In 2017 she established The Lydia Ko Foundation to promote golf development among young people around the world, with a focus on providing opportunities to girls who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Ko’s success on tour has not only brought attention to women’s golf but also provided inspiration for young athletes everywhere who are looking to make it as a professional golfer. With two majors championships already under her belt, there is no telling what else she can accomplish as she continues to compete at the highest level of golf.

Lydia Ko’s Current Achievements

Lydia Ko is one of the most successful female golfers in the world. She has achieved a remarkable amount of success in her career, making her one of the most respected players on the professional tour. Ko has won multiple championships and tournaments, including two major championship wins. She is also the youngest player to have ever won a Major Championship and a Rolex Player of the Year award. Additionally, she has earned numerous individual awards, such as being named World No.1 for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016.

Ko is also well-known for her philanthropic work, having established The Lydia Ko Foundation to support children’s education in New Zealand. The foundation has raised over $3 million to date and provided educational opportunities to thousands of children around the world. In addition to her charitable work, she also serves as an ambassador for various organizations, including UNICEF and The Global Poverty Project.

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In addition to her impressive career accomplishments, Ko is also an accomplished athlete off the course. She is an avid hiker and runner who often participates in triathlons and marathons around the world. She is also an active participant in various community initiatives that aim to improve the lives of those in need. Through all of these efforts, Lydia Ko continues to be a role model for young athletes everywhere who aspire to follow her example of excellence both on and off the course.

How Does Lydia Ko Spend Her Time Away From Golf?

Lydia Ko is one of the most successful professional golfers in the world, and she takes her time off the course seriously. When she’s not competing, Ko can often be found spending time with her family and close friends, exploring new places and cultures, or engaging in activities that help her relax and stay fit.

Ko also makes sure to find time to give back to the community. She supports numerous charities and causes that are near and dear to her heart, including The First Tee program, which introduces children to golfing. She also works with local organizations to help children learn more about nutrition and physical fitness while participating in golf activities.

When Ko has some free time away from golf, she loves taking a break from it all by listening to music or playing some of her favorite video games. She’s also an avid reader who enjoys a good book or two when she needs a break from the game.

Ko also loves spending time outdoors whenever possible. She loves going for walks or hikes in nature and taking in the beautiful views that come with it. She also enjoys fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, skiing and more when given the chance.

No matter how busy her schedule gets, Lydia Ko always makes sure to find the time for things that bring her joy away from golf. That could be anything from spending quality time with family and friends to indulging in a favorite hobby or activity – whatever it is that helps keep her balanced both on and off the course.

Lydia Ko Lives in New Zealand

Lydia Ko is a professional golfer who has become one of the most successful players in the game. She is currently living in New Zealand, the country of her birth. Born in South Korea, she moved to New Zealand when she was only six years old. Over the years, Ko has established herself as one of the top female golfers in the world and continues to be a major force on the international stage.

Ko started playing golf at an early age and quickly began to show her potential. She won her first professional tournament at just 15 years old, becoming the youngest player to ever do so. She went on to set multiple records as a teenager, including becoming the youngest ever world number one ranked golfer in 2015.

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As well as her numerous successes on the golf course, Ko is also an Ambassador for UNICEF and actively promotes the sport through her various charitable activities. Her commitment to giving back to her adopted home country is evident and makes her an inspiration for many young people in New Zealand.

Ko continues to live and play golf in New Zealand today and is seen by many as a symbol of excellence for all aspiring golfers from around the world. With her achievements and dedication, Lydia Ko has cemented herself as one of New Zealand’s greatest sporting heroes and will continue to be an inspiration for generations to come.

Lydia Ko Currently Residing In

Lydia Ko is currently residing in Orlando, Florida. She moved there from her native New Zealand to pursue her professional golf career. Since making the move to the United States in 2016, she has firmly established herself as one of the top golfers in the world. She is a two-time major champion and has won 17 LPGA Tour events and six Ladies European Tour titles during her pro career so far.

Ko made the decision to move to Orlando after turning professional in 2014. It was a big change for her, but one that she feels has helped her become a better golfer. She now lives and trains at the Grande Lakes Golf Club with renowned coach David Leadbetter, who she credits with helping to improve her game.

Living and training in Orlando has also given Ko access to some of the best practice facilities in the world. The Grand Lakes Golf Club features two championship golf courses as well as a state-of-the-art practice facility where Ko can work on all aspects of her game. She also takes advantage of the club’s world-class fitness center where she can maintain her physical conditioning and stay fit for tournament play.

In addition to having access to great practice facilities, living and training in Orlando gives Lydia Ko plenty of other opportunities. She can take part in various activities such as shopping, dining out, and attending sporting events like basketball or baseball games at nearby stadiums. Living in Orlando gives Lydia Ko an opportunity to experience all that Florida has to offer while still maintaining focus on becoming one of the best professional golfers in history.


Lydia Ko is a professional golfer who currently resides in Windermere, Florida. She was born in South Korea and spent much of her childhood living in New Zealand. Ko has achieved remarkable success in professional golf, having won multiple major championships and becoming the youngest person to ever win an LPGA major title. As she continues to pursue her golfing career, Ko is currently residing in the Sunshine State of Florida, where she is able to take advantage of the numerous golf courses and enjoy the warm weather year-round.

Ko’s success on the golf course has only been matched by her immense popularity off the course. With fans from all over the world, Lydia Ko is an international superstar who shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Whether it be in Windermere or anywhere else, Lydia Ko will surely remain one of the most recognized and beloved professional golfers for many years to come.

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