yamaha golf cart governor

The Yamaha Golf Cart Governor is a device that is designed to control the speed of your golf cart. It works by sensing the speed of your golf cart and delivering a signal to the motor to adjust the power output accordingly. This device is essential for ensuring your golf cart stays at its optimum performance and ensures a safe ride for everyone on board. It also helps save fuel, making it an economical option for those looking to save money on their golf cart.A Yamaha Golf Cart Governor is a device used to limit the speed of a golf cart. It works by controlling the fuel/air mixture and limiting the amount of power available to the engine. The governor may also be used to reduce noise, vibration, and emissions from the golf cart.

How Does the Yamaha Golf Cart Governor Work?

The governor on a Yamaha golf cart is responsible for controlling the maximum speed of the vehicle. It is designed to keep the cart from accelerating too quickly and making it difficult to control. The governor works by using a centrifugal force to limit the acceleration of the engine. When the engine speed increases, centrifugal force pushes against a spring-loaded lever inside the governor, which then restricts fuel and air flow to the engine, limiting its power output and top speed. This ensures that the cart does not go faster than its predetermined maximum speed.

The governor can be adjusted to change the maximum speed of a golf cart. Adjusting it requires making changes to either end of the spring-loaded lever inside the governor. Increasing tension on one end will increase maximum speed while decreasing tension on one end will decrease maximum speed. It is important to be careful with any adjustments made to a governor because it can cause damage or malfunction if done incorrectly.

Yamaha golf carts are equipped with governors that are easy to adjust and maintain. However, if you experience issues with your golf cart’s governor, it is important to consult a professional for help in order to avoid causing any further damage or malfunctioning of your vehicle.

When Do You Need to Replace a Yamaha Golf Cart Governor?

The governor on your Yamaha golf cart is responsible for controlling the speed of your vehicle. If your cart is running at an unusually high or low speed, it could indicate that the governor needs to be replaced. You should also replace your governor if you are experiencing any jerking or stalling during acceleration. Additionally, if you notice any unusual noises coming from the engine, such as a grinding noise, then it is likely time for a new governor. It is important to replace the governor as soon as possible in order to maintain the safety and performance of your Yamaha golf cart.

In order to replace the governor, you will need to remove it from the engine and install a new one. This process may vary slightly depending on the model of your golf cart, so it is important to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for exact details. Once you have removed the old governor, you can install a new one and adjust it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. After installation, it is essential that you test your cart for proper functioning before taking it out on the course.

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Replacing a Yamaha golf cart governor can be a complicated task and should not be attempted by anyone without prior experience or knowledge of mechanics. If you are unsure about how to properly replace your governor or would like additional assistance, then contact a certified mechanic or technician who specializes in golf carts for advice and assistance. They will be able to help ensure that your replacement is successful and that your golf cart runs safely and smoothly once again.

What Parts Make Up a Yamaha Golf Cart Governor?

A Yamaha golf cart governor is an essential part of the cart’s engine. It helps regulate the speed of the cart and prevents it from going too fast. The governor is made up of several different parts, including a flywheel, torque converter, drive belt, and pulley system. The flywheel is connected to the crankshaft, which helps regulate the speed of the engine. The torque converter is responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. The drive belt connects the flywheel to the torque converter so that both components can work together. Finally, a pulley system is used to adjust the speed of the cart by changing its gear ratio. All these parts work together to ensure that your golf cart runs smoothly and safely at all times.

In order for your golf cart’s governor to function properly, it must be properly maintained and cared for. Regularly inspecting all parts of the governor for wear and tear will help ensure that your golf cart runs efficiently and safely at all times. If any part of your golf cart’s governor needs to be replaced or repaired, it should be done as soon as possible in order to ensure that your golf cart runs optimally.

Different Models of Yamaha Golf Cart Governors

Yamaha golf carts are renowned for their power and performance, and one key component that contributes to this is the governor. The governor helps control the speed of the golf cart by increasing or decreasing the amount of fuel injected into the engine. Yamaha has several different models of governors, each one designed to serve a specific purpose.

The most basic model is the ATV Model G29/G27 Governor, which is designed for use in 4-stroke golf carts with carbureted engines. This governor provides a simple and reliable way to adjust the speed of the cart, allowing it to go as fast as 30 mph.

The next step up from the ATV Model G29/G27 Governor is the AXIS G19 Fat Tire Governor. This governor is specifically designed for use in 4-stroke golf carts with EFI engines and has been optimized for use in fat tire carts with oversized tires. It provides a smoother ride and more responsive performance than other governors on the market, making it ideal for use in off-road conditions.

For higher speed applications, Yamaha offers two high-performance governors: The AXIS G16 Speed Governor and The AXIS G15 High Performance Governor. Both governors are designed to maximize engine performance at higher speeds, allowing golf carts to reach top speeds of up to 40 mph or more. Both governors provide a smooth ride and superior acceleration even at higher speeds.

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Finally, Yamaha also makes a governor specifically designed for electric vehicles: The EVX-S Governor. This governor can be used with both AC or DC motors and provides efficient energy management, allowing electric vehicles to go longer distances without recharging or refueling.

No matter what type of golf cart you have or what type of application you need it for, there is likely a Yamaha governor that will fit your needs perfectly. With these different models available, you can be sure that your golf cart will have all the power and performance you need without sacrificing reliability or safety.

Troubleshooting a Yamaha Golf Cart Governor

Troubleshooting a Yamaha golf cart governor can be a tricky process. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help you determine what is causing the issue and how to go about fixing it. The first step is to check for any loose or disconnected wires. If any of the wires are disconnected or loose, they will need to be reconnected or tightened in order for the governor to work properly.

The next step is to inspect the throttle plate and make sure that it is operating correctly. If the throttle plate does not open and close properly, it could be causing problems with the governor. You may also need to check the cable that connects the governor arm to the engine for any signs of wear or damage.

If everything appears to be in working order, then it may be time to check on other potential issues such as fuel supply, air intake, and spark plugs. All of these components must be in good working order in order for your golf cart governor to function correctly. You should also take a look at the carburetor and make sure that it is clean and free of debris.

Finally, if you still cannot seem to locate or fix the problem with your Yamaha golf cart governor, then it might be time to call a professional repair technician who can diagnose and repair any issues you may have with your golf cart governor. With their help, you can get back out on the course as soon as possible!

Installing the Governor

Installing a new governor on your Yamaha golf cart is a relatively straightforward process. First, you’ll need to locate the correct governor for your model of golf cart. The governor typically attaches to the carburetor and is held in place with two screws. Once you have the correct governor, attach it to the carburetor using the two screws. Make sure that it is firmly secured to prevent any issues during operation.

Adjusting the Governor Settings

Once you have installed the governor, you’ll need to adjust its settings so that your golf cart runs smoothly. This involves adjusting the idle speed, maximum speed, and acceleration rate. These settings will vary depending on your model of golf cart, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to adjust these settings. Once you have adjusted them appropriately, your golf cart should be ready for use.


Before taking your golf cart out for a spin, it’s important to test it out in a safe environment. Start by testing it at low speeds and then gradually increase the speed until you reach maximum speed. If everything is working properly, then you can go ahead and take it out on the course!

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Tips for Maintenance

In order to ensure that your Yamaha golf cart runs smoothly for years to come, it’s important to follow some basic maintenance tips. Be sure to inspect all parts of your golf cart regularly, including checking all connections and replacing worn parts as needed. You should also make sure that all fluids are at proper levels and change them as necessary. Finally, be sure to keep all moving parts lubricated with oil or grease in order to prevent any wear or tear from occurring over time. Following these simple tips will help keep your Yamaha golf cart running like new!

Benefits of Having a Properly Tuned Yamaha Golf Cart Governor

A properly tuned Yamaha golf cart governor can help you get the most out of your golf cart. By ensuring that the governor is set to the correct specifications, you can maximize the performance of your engine and enjoy smoother rides with less effort. Here are some of the benefits of having a properly tuned Yamaha golf cart governor:

1. Improved Performance: With a properly tuned Yamaha golf cart governor, your engine will run more efficiently and effectively. This will result in better acceleration, increased speed and improved fuel economy. You’ll be able to get more out of your golf cart without having to expend extra effort.

2. Smoother Ride: A properly tuned Yamaha golf cart governor also helps ensure that your ride is smoother and more comfortable. It will keep the engine running at its optimal level so that you can enjoy a smooth ride without having to worry about sudden changes in speed or power levels.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Properly tuning your Yamaha golf cart governor will reduce wear and tear on the engine, resulting in fewer maintenance costs over time. This means you can save money on regular maintenance while still getting maximum performance out of your vehicle.

4. Increased Safety: Having a properly tuned Yamaha golf cart governor helps ensure that you have complete control over the speed and power levels of your vehicle at all times, which is essential for safe driving on the course or off-road trails. By keeping everything running smoothly, you can avoid dangerous situations when driving with others or on rough terrain.

Overall, having a properly tuned Yamaha golf cart governor can make all the difference when it comes to optimizing performance and safety while operating your vehicle. With its improved performance, smoother rides and reduced maintenance costs, it’s well worth investing in proper tuning for your engine today!


The Yamaha Golf Cart Governor is an important component in the overall golf cart system. It ensures that the golf cart functions properly and helps keep the engine running at its optimal performance level. The governor also maintains proper speed and acceleration settings, as well as providing stability for the golf cart during operation. With its superior design, and its ability to manage and control the performance of a golf cart engine, it is an essential tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their golf cart experience.

Overall, the Yamaha Golf Cart Governor provides superior performance and reliability while keeping your engine running at its peak level of efficiency. It is designed to provide consistent power delivery and acceleration while maintaining a safe operating speed for your vehicle. With its easy installation process, it is a great addition to any golf cart system and can be used to help improve your overall experience on the course.