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2004 ezgo txt

The 2004 EZGO TXT is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and fuel-efficient golf cart. This model is great for both recreational and commercial use. It features a powerful 48-volt DC motor, an efficient electric drivetrain, and a rugged steel frame. The TXT also comes with a variety of options such as headlights, tail lights, and cup holders. This model is designed to be easy to operate and maintain, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable and dependable golf cart.The 2004 Ezgo TXT is a gas-powered golf cart offering great performance and reliability. This model features an advanced 34-horsepower engine that provides plenty of power for off-road adventures. The TXT also features a high-torque steering system, independent suspension and advanced braking system, making it incredibly easy to maneuver and control. The vehicle is equipped with headlights, tail lights, brake lights, windshield wipers and a horn, allowing you to easily navigate at night or in inclement weather. Additionally, the TXT comes with a rugged steel frame that provides superior durability and strength for off-road use. The 2004 Ezgo TXT is the perfect choice for those looking for exceptional performance in a reliable golf cart.

Engine Specifications

The 2004 Ezgo TXT is powered by a four-stroke, single cylinder engine that produces 11.5 horsepower at 3,600 RPMs. The engine is air-cooled and has an electronic fuel injection system for improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The engine also features an internal counterbalance for smooth operation and reduced noise levels.

Transmission Specifications

The 2004 Ezgo TXT has a continuously variable transmission with forward, neutral, and reverse gears. It features an automatic clutch for easy shifting between gears as well as a parking brake system for added safety. The transmission also has a gear ratio of 12.41:1 for improved acceleration and hill climbing capabilities.

Chassis Specifications

The 2004 Ezgo TXT features a welded steel frame with a powder-coated finish for increased durability and rust prevention. The frame is designed to accommodate up to four passengers with adjustable seating and footrests to ensure maximum comfort during use. The front suspension system uses independent double A-arm shocks with adjustable spring preload while the rear suspension utilizes leaf springs with adjustable shock absorbers.

Braking System Specifications

The 2004 Ezgo TXT is fitted with rear drum brakes that provide reliable stopping power when needed. The brakes feature an anti-lock braking system for improved stability during braking maneuvers as well as regenerative braking which helps to charge the battery when the vehicle is decelerating or coasting downhill.


The 2004 Ezgo TXT measures 84 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 51 inches in height. It has a wheelbase of 59 inches and weighs 880 pounds when empty. It has a minimum ground clearance of 5 inches which allows it to traverse over most terrain without issue.

Ezgo TXT Price

The Ezgo TXT was a popular golf cart in 2003, and it has been around since the 1960s. It is a reliable and affordable golf cart that is perfect for golf courses or private owners. The price of an Ezgo TXT in 2003 was around $4,500. This price includes the cost of the cart, as well as any accessories such as seats, a canopy, lights, etc. In 2004, the price of an Ezgo TXT increased slightly to about $4,700. This increase was mainly due to inflation and the increasing cost of parts and materials used to make the carts. Despite this increase in price, the Ezgo TXT remains one of the most affordable golf carts on the market today.

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The Ezgo TXT comes with many features that make it a great option for those who are looking for a reliable and affordable golf cart. It is powered by a reliable electric motor and can travel up to 20 miles per hour. The Ezgo also comes with several safety features such as headlights, taillights, seat belts, adjustable speed controls, and more. The durability of these carts also makes them a great choice for those who need something that will last them a long time.

The Ezgo TXT is still one of the most popular golf carts on the market today due to its affordability and reliability. If you are looking for an affordable golf cart that will last you many years then an Ezgo TXT is definitely worth considering.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Upgrading your Ezgo TXT golf cart in 2004 can be a great way to make it look and feel better. With a variety of accessories available, you can customize your cart to fit your needs and preferences. From specialty wheels and tires to body kits, there are many options when it comes to upgrading your Ezgo TXT. Here are some of the most popular accessories for 2004 Ezgo TXT golf carts.

Lift Kits

A lift kit is one of the most popular upgrades for any golf cart. It increases ground clearance and allows you to add larger tires, which can give your cart a more rugged look. A lift kit also increases stability and makes it easier to navigate rough terrain. There are a variety of lift kits available for the 2004 Ezgo TXT, so be sure to research your options before making a purchase.

Wheels and Tires

Upgrading the wheels and tires on your Ezgo TXT can drastically change its look and performance. There are many different styles of wheels available, so you can choose one that matches your style and budget. As for tires, you’ll want to make sure they match the terrain you’ll be driving on most often. All-terrain tires are great for off-road use while street tires will work better on pavement.

Body Kits

Adding a body kit to your Ezgo TXT can give it an entirely new look. There are many different types of body kits available, from basic plastic kits to full-on carbon fiber ones with custom designs and colors. Make sure you choose a kit that fits with the rest of your upgrades for a cohesive look that will turn heads wherever you go.

No matter what type of upgrades you choose for your 2004 Ezgo TXT golf cart, be sure that they’re installed correctly by an experienced professional. This will ensure that they last longer and perform better than if they were installed by someone without experience or knowledge in this area. With the right upgrades, you can take your golf cart from ordinary to extraordinary!

Battery Maintenance

Maintaining a 2004 Ezgo TXT golf cart requires regular battery maintenance. Make sure to check the water levels in the batteries regularly and top off with distilled water if needed. You should also check the terminals and connections for corrosion and clean them with a wire brush and baking soda if needed. It is also important to keep the batteries fully charged at all times for optimum performance. Batteries should be charged after each use or at least once a week.

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Check Tire Pressure and Brakes

It is important to check the tire pressure of your Ezgo TXT golf cart periodically. The correct tire pressure is usually indicated on the sidewall of the tire. If you find that your tires are not properly inflated, you may need to add more air with an air compressor or manually with a hand pump. Additionally, make sure to check the brakes on your golf cart periodically as well as any other mechanical components such as linkage, steering, etc.

Clean Golf Cart Regularly

It is important to keep your Ezgo TXT golf cart clean in order to maintain its performance and extend its longevity. Use a mild soap and water solution to wash down plastic surfaces on the exterior of your golf cart regularly. Additionally, use an appropriate cleaner or wax product designed specifically for cleaning and protecting plastic surfaces on your golf cart.

Inspect Cables and Connectors

It is also important to inspect cables and connectors on your Ezgo TXT golf cart periodically for any signs of wear or damage such as fraying or corrosion. If you find any signs of wear or damage, it is important to replace them promptly in order to prevent further issues that could lead to costly repairs.

Replace Worn Parts

Finally, it is essential to replace any worn parts on your Ezgo TXT golf cart promptly in order to ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of breakdowns or mechanical failures. Make sure check all components such as clutches, belts, bearings, etc., for signs of wear or damage regularly so that they can be replaced before they cause problems.

Common Repair Issues with a 2004 Ezgo TXT

The 2004 Ezgo TXT is a popular model of golf cart, but it can experience some common repair issues. The most common repair issue with this model is the solenoid. The solenoid is responsible for providing the electrical power to the starter, and when it fails, it will prevent the cart from moving. Other common issues include loose or worn out motor mounts, loose accelerator cables, and worn out brakes.

To determine if the solenoid is faulty, you will need to check for continuity between the two terminals on the back of the solenoid. If there is no continuity, then the solenoid needs to be replaced. If there is continuity but no power to the starter, then it could be caused by a faulty wiring connection or faulty ignition switch.

If you find that your motor mounts are loose or worn out, they should be replaced as soon as possible in order to keep your cart running smoothly and safely. Loose accelerator cables will cause your engine to run erratically and can lead to further damage if not repaired quickly. Worn out brakes will cause your cart to stop suddenly when you press down on the brake pedal and should also be addressed right away for safety reasons.

By being aware of these common repair issues with a 2004 Ezgo TXT golf cart, you can save time and money by being able to diagnose and fix problems quickly before they become more serious and costly repairs.

Battery Problems

If your 2004 Ezgo TXT is having trouble starting, the first thing to check is the battery. Make sure all of the cables are connected securely and that the battery holds a charge. If you are having difficulty determining whether or not the battery is good, take it to a professional for testing. If it needs to be replaced, invest in a deep-cycle battery specifically designed for golf carts.

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Electrical Wiring Issues

If your 2004 Ezgo TXT is having electrical problems, it could be due to wiring issues. Check for exposed wires or loose connections and repair or replace them if needed. Also make sure all switches are functioning properly and that there is no corrosion on the terminals or wires. If any of these components are damaged, they should be replaced as soon as possible.

Motor Troubleshooting

If your 2004 Ezgo TXT is having motor issues, check all of the belts and pulleys for wear and tear, as well as any other moving parts such as bearings and seals. Replace any worn-out components to ensure proper performance. Also check all wiring connected to the motor for any signs of damage or corrosion and repair them if necessary.

Brakes Troubleshooting

If your 2004 Ezgo TXT’s brakes are not working properly, check all of the brake pads, calipers, rotors, drums, and shoes for wear and tear. Make sure all cables are connected securely and that there are no broken parts or missing pieces. If any of these components need to be replaced, make sure you use OEM parts specifically designed for golf carts.

Pros of Owning a 2004 Ezgo TXT

The 2004 Ezgo TXT is an ideal golf cart for those looking for a reliable, long-lasting vehicle. It has many features that make it attractive to potential owners, such as its robust frame and durable engine. The 2004 Ezgo TXT also offers excellent maneuverability, allowing for quick turns and tight spaces. The battery power is especially impressive, providing a good range of up to 30 miles on a single charge. Additionally, the 2004 Ezgo TXT comes with a variety of accessories and customization options that can make it even more enjoyable to own.

Safety is also one of the major benefits of owning the 2004 Ezgo TXT. It features a two-wheel drive system with an automatic parking brake that makes it easier to control in wet or slippery conditions. It also has an anti-rollback system to help protect passengers in the event of an accident. Additionally, the vehicle comes with headlights and taillights for increased visibility during nighttime travel.

Cons of Owning a 2004 Ezgo TXT

One of the main drawbacks of owning the 2004 Ezgo TXT is its cost. While it is less expensive than some other models on the market, it can still be pricey depending on what kind of features and customization options you opt for. Additionally, some parts may not be covered by warranties or may require costly repairs if they fail or break down unexpectedly.

Another potential downside to owning the 2004 Ezgo TXT is its lack of power when compared to other models on the market. Its engine isn’t as powerful as some other competitors’, so it may struggle on hills or rough terrain. Lastly, depending on your area’s laws and regulations, you may need additional licensing or insurance for operating your vehicle on public roads or highways.


The 2004 EZGO TXT is a reliable and efficient golf cart that is suitable for many applications. It is a high-quality cart that has been designed to meet the needs of both golfers and non-golfers alike. The features included in this model make it capable of handling all sorts of terrain, including rocky terrain, hills, and even water hazards. Furthermore, the EZGO TXT has been designed to be easy to maintain and operate, making it an ideal choice for those who need a reliable and efficient golf cart. Overall, the 2004 EZGO TXT is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient golf cart.

In conclusion, the 2004 EZGO TXT is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient golf cart. It offers great features, such as its rugged design, easy maintenance, and capable performance on all sorts of terrain. Therefore, those looking for an all-around reliable golf cart should look no further than the 2004 EZGO TXT.

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