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718 cb

718 CB is a Canadian retail company, offering fashion apparel and accessories for the modern man and woman. Founded in 2017, 718 CB has become one of the most sought-after brands for stylish fashion-forward looks. With an ever-evolving selection of top quality apparel, 718 CB provides customers with on-trend pieces that are sure to make a statement. With an emphasis on fit, material and design, 718 CB strives to offer fashionable pieces that are both comfortable and affordable. Whether you’re looking for something casual or a little bit dressier, 718 CB has something to suit every individual style.The 718 cb is a high-performance iron from Taylormade. It features a forged performance face and more aggressive toe-heel weighting for improved accuracy and workability. The club also has an improved sole design for better turf interaction, a center of gravity that is positioned further back to promote higher launch and longer carry distance, and an ultra-thin face construction for faster ball speed. Additionally, the 718 cb comes with KBS Tour steel shafts which are designed to provide optimal feel and control.


718 cb irons are known for their durability due to the strong material used in making them. The clubs are made from stainless steel, which is highly resistant to wear and tear. This makes them a great choice for golfers who want to use their clubs for a long time without having to worry about damage or wear and tear. The clubs also come with a high-quality finish that helps protect them from the elements, ensuring that they stay in good condition for many years.


Another great benefit of 718 cb irons is that they provide golfers with increased distance off the tee. The design of the clubface allows players to generate more power and speed when striking the ball, resulting in greater distance and accuracy. Additionally, the low center of gravity helps players get more spin on their shots, allowing them to hit longer drives with greater accuracy.


The 718 cb irons also offer excellent forgiveness on mishits and off-center shots. The clubhead is designed with a larger sweet spot that helps reduce mis-hits and increases accuracy on off-center strikes. This makes it easier for golfers to hit straight shots without having to worry about losing distance or accuracy due to poor contact on the clubface.


Lastly, 718 cb irons offer a great feel when striking the ball. The clubs have an improved vibration dampening system that reduces feedback on mis-hits while providing a softer feel at impact. This ensures that players have maximum control over their shots while still getting excellent feedback from each shot they take.

Design of 718 cb

The 718 cb irons from Callaway Golf are designed for golfers who want to hit the ball farther and straighter. The clubs are designed with a larger profile, allowing for more forgiveness on off-center shots. The clubs also feature an improved face design, which helps to provide more distance and accuracy. The 718 cb irons have a wider sole design, which allows for better turf interaction and a higher launch angle. The clubs also feature Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres technology, which helps to reduce vibration and improve feel at impact. The 718 cb irons are designed to provide maximum distance and accuracy, making them ideal for mid to low handicap golfers.

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The 718 cb irons have an improved face design that provides more forgiveness on off-center shots. The larger profile of the club head allows for more forgiveness on mis-hits as well as improved ball speed and carry distance. The wider sole design of the club helps to increase launch angle and decrease turf drag for improved control and consistency. Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres technology helps to reduce vibration at impact, providing a soft yet solid feel when striking the ball.

In addition to the improved face design, the 718 cb irons feature a unique hosel design that promotes straighter shots and reduces twisting on mis-hits. This helps to keep the ball in play even when contact is not perfect. The wide sole also helps to reduce turf interaction on mis-hits, reducing the amount of spin and promoting a more consistent flight path for increased accuracy.

Overall, the 718 cb irons from Callaway Golf are designed with all levels of golfer in mind – from beginners looking for extra forgiveness on their shots, to experienced players seeking maximum control and accuracy from their iron shots. With its improved face design, wider sole design and lowered center of gravity, these clubs provide exceptional performance no matter what your skill level is.

Who Can Use 718 cb

718 cb is a state-of-the-art golf club designed to help golfers of all skill levels to improve their game. It is suitable for both professional and amateur players, as well as those just starting out in the game. The club offers an innovative and modern design that provides a comprehensive range of features, allowing users to customize the way they play and maximize their performance. The 718 cb club is perfect for players looking to improve their accuracy, distance, and control on the course. It is also ideal for those seeking an all-around great golf experience. With its lightweight construction, adjustable loft, and high quality craftsmanship, this club is sure to provide players with years of reliable performance.

Cost of 718 cb

The cost of a 718 cb driver can vary greatly depending on the brand, condition, and features. Higher-end models typically cost more than entry-level drivers, but they also offer more performance. The latest generation of Callaway’s 718 cb drivers feature a deeper face to create more ball speed, as well as improved sound and feel. Depending on the features and conditions, a high-end driver can cost anywhere from $400 to $600. Lower-end models may be significantly cheaper, with some costing around $200 or less. When shopping for a new driver, it’s important to consider your budget and the features you need in order to make sure you get the best value for your money.

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In addition to the cost of the driver itself, there are other costs associated with golf clubs. Depending on your skill level and preferences, you may need additional clubs such as fairway woods or hybrids. You may also need to purchase clubfitting services or special shafts for your clubs. These added costs can add up quickly so it’s important to factor them into your budget when shopping for golf clubs.

Durability of 718 cb

The 718 CB is a popular iron from Callaway Golf, designed with a focus on playability and forgiveness. It features Callaway’s 360 Face Cup technology for increased ball speed, and the lightweight design helps players generate more club head speed for greater distance. Additionally, the 718 CB’s tungsten infused sole ensures that it is one of the most durable irons on the market.

The tungsten infused sole helps to lower the center of gravity in order to make it easier for golfers to launch their shots higher and farther. This sole also adds stability and durability to the club head, making it more resistant to wear and tear over time. The use of tungsten also makes this iron more forgiving on off-center shots by allowing more weight to be distributed away from the face of the club.

Overall, players can be sure that their 718 CB Iron will last them a long time, thanks to its durable construction and tungsten infused sole. This iron has been designed with playability and forgiveness in mind, making it an ideal choice for all levels of golfer. So if you’re looking for an iron that will give you consistent performance round after round, then look no further than the 718 CB Iron from Callaway Golf.

Versatility of 718 cb

The 718 CB is one of the most versatile clubs in golf. It is designed to give golfers a great combination of distance, accuracy and control. The club has a low center of gravity which helps it to produce long, straight shots that can be hit with confidence. It also has a wide sole that allows for more forgiveness on mis-hits and off-center shots. The 718 CB also has a low spin rate which helps to reduce sidespin and improve accuracy. This makes it an ideal club for players of all levels who are looking for a reliable and versatile club.

The 718 CB is also great for shaping shots and adjusting launch angle or trajectory. Its low center of gravity combined with the wide sole helps give it great versatility in terms of ball flight while still providing plenty of forgiveness on mis-hits. With its low spin rate, the 718 CB allows players to work the ball in any direction without sacrificing accuracy or distance. This makes it an ideal choice for players who want to be able to shape their shots with precision and confidence.

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Overall, the 718 CB is an incredibly versatile club that offers golfers of all levels great distance, accuracy and control along with plenty of forgiveness on off-center hits. Its low spin rate helps to keep sidespin at bay while still providing plenty of power and control. Its wide sole gives golfers great versatility in terms of ball flight while still providing plenty of forgiveness on mis-hits. All in all, the 718 CB is a great choice for golfers looking for a reliable, versatile club that will help them take their game to the next level.


The 718 cb is a modern classic design that features an enhanced sole design, a square toe shape and a shallow face shape. The sole design allows for improved turf interaction and better contact with the ball, while the square toe shape helps to add forgiveness and accuracy. The shallow face shape provides more feel and workability when playing shots from different lies. The 718 cb also features an advanced CG positioning system, which helps to maximize launch conditions for greater distance.


The 718 cb is constructed with an adjustable hosel and forged 1025 carbon steel body for excellent feel and stability. The clubface is made from titanium to provide increased ball speed and forgiveness. Additionally, the 718 cb features an ultra-premium shaft designed to deliver optimal performance on every shot.


The 718 cb offers golfers enhanced performance due to its advanced technology and construction materials. Its adjustable hosel allows for easy loft and lie adjustments, while its CG positioning system helps to maximize launch conditions for greater distance. Its forged 1025 carbon steel body provides excellent feel and stability, while its titanium clubface increases ball speed and forgiveness. Additionally, the ultra-premium shaft delivers optimal performance on every shot.


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