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aaron baddeley closed stance

Aaron Baddeley is one of the most successful professional golfers worldwide. He is known for his unique closed stance, which gives him a powerful and accurate swing. His closed stance allows him to draw the ball consistently and gives him a greater range of motion when hitting shots. Aaron’s closed stance has helped him become a multiple PGA TOUR winner and one of the top players on the world stage.Aaron Baddeley’s Closed Stance is a golfing technique that has many benefits. It helps to promote a draw, increases the stability of the swing plane, and encourages increased power and distance. The closed stance helps to reduce the chances of swaying and sliding during the backswing, and it also aids in preventing excessive hip-movement during the downswing. Additionally, this stance can help improve accuracy by helping to square up the clubface at impact. Finally, this stance helps to promote a consistent tempo throughout the entire swing.

Impact of Closed Stance on Ball Flight

The closed stance in golf is a position in which the feet are slightly closer together than the standard, neutral stance. This will alter the angle of your body and how it interacts with the club, which can have a major impact on your ball flight. While it may seem like a minor change, it can make a huge difference to your game if you learn how to properly control and manage the closed stance.

The most obvious effect of the closed stance is that it will change the angle of attack. This means that you can use it to adjust your shot shape and trajectory. For instance, if you want to hit a draw or fade, closing your stance will make it easier to achieve that result. On the other hand, if you want to hit straight shots, then using an open stance may be more effective.

Another important consideration is that your swing plane will also be affected by a closed stance. When you stand closer together, your arms and torso will naturally be forced into a more upright position at address. This could lead to shallower swing planes and decrease the amount of clubhead speed generated. It also means that you’ll have less room for error due to reduced margin for clubhead speed compensation.

Finally, balance can be an issue when using a closed stance as well. Since your feet are so close together at address, it can cause instability in some players who have difficulty maintaining their posture throughout their swing. Additionally, standing too close together can limit hip movement on both sides of the ball which could lead to poor contact and off-target shots.

In conclusion, using a closed stance can have both positive and negative impacts on ball flight depending on how well you control it during your swing. Knowing when and how to properly employ this technique is essential for maximizing its potential benefits while minimizing any potential drawbacks. With proper practice and understanding of this technique’s effects, players can use it as an effective tool in their arsenal for improving their game.

Closed Stance

A closed stance is a position assumed by a golfer when addressing a golf ball. It is a stance where the feet are positioned to be slightly staggered and the toes point inwards, towards the target. The shoulders are also slightly turned in towards the target. This stance provides more stability and control over the shot, as it allows for better balance and a firmer base from which to hit the ball. Additionally, a closed stance gives more consistency with each swing as posture and body mechanics remain relatively unchanged throughout each swing.

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The primary purpose of a closed stance is to create an effective swing plane, which will ensure that the club face strikes the ball correctly and at an angle that will maximize distance. It also helps to keep the golfer’s body aligned properly during their swing, allowing them to hit straighter shots and avoid slicing or hooking off target. Additionally, it helps reduce fatigue as it allows for more efficient movement while swinging, thus reducing strain on muscles and joints. It is an important component of any golfer’s game and should be practiced regularly in order to maintain accuracy and consistency in their swing.

Advantages of Closed Stance for Golfers

For golfers, having a closed stance during their swing can provide a number of advantages. A closed stance is when a golfer’s feet are positioned closer together, and the ball is positioned slightly further away from the golfer’s body. This positioning allows the golfer to have more control over their swing and also improves their accuracy.

The first advantage of having a closed stance is that it can help golfers maintain balance throughout their swing. By positioning their feet closer together, they can ensure that their weight is evenly distributed throughout their swing, allowing them to maintain control and accuracy. Additionally, this position also helps them keep their head down and stay focused on the ball while they are swinging.

Another benefit of a closed stance is that it helps golfers keep their arms in the proper position for maximum power. When a golfer has a closed stance, it positions the arms at an angle that allows them to generate more power and speed with each swing. Additionally, it also allows them to maximize the use of their core muscles, which helps build strength over time.

Finally, having a closed stance also gives golfers better accuracy when hitting the ball. By positioning themselves closer to the ball, they can make sure that they are able to hit the ball with greater precision and accuracy than if they were in an open stance. Additionally, this position also gives them more control over how much backspin or sidespin they put on the ball as well as how far it will travel after impact.

Overall, having a closed stance provides many advantages for golfers that can help improve both accuracy and power during their swing. It allows them to maintain balance throughout their swing while keeping their arms in an optimal position for maximum power. Additionally, it helps ensure better accuracy when hitting the ball by positioning themselves closer to it and allowing greater control over backspin or sidespin as well as how far it will travel after impact.

Closed Stance Techniques

Having a closed stance when playing golf can help you to generate more power and accuracy when playing. Closed stance techniques involve shifting your body weight to the outside of your feet and closing the angle between them, creating a more stable base and allowing you to hit the ball with greater force. Here are some tips for improving your swing with a closed stance:

First, make sure that your feet are placed close together and angled slightly inward. Your feet should be approximately shoulder-width apart, with your toes pointed slightly inward towards each other. This will help ensure that you are in an optimal position for generating power while maintaining balance.

Second, focus on turning your hips as you swing. This will help you generate more power as well as increased accuracy when striking the ball. When turning your hips, keep them square to the target and make sure that they move before your shoulders do during the backswing. This will create a proper loading of power in order to hit the ball with greater force.

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Third, try to keep your arms close to your body throughout the entire swing. This will help maintain balance and control while also allowing you to generate more club head speed. Keeping your arms close also helps ensure that they move in sync with the rest of your body, which is necessary for achieving optimal accuracy and distance on each shot.

Finally, practice consistently in order to improve your technique and become comfortable with a closed stance setup. The more time you spend practicing with a closed stance, the better you will become at utilizing this technique effectively on the course.

How to Execute the Aaron Baddeley’s Closed Stance

The Aaron Baddeley’s closed stance is an effective way of increasing accuracy and distance for golfers. It involves a more upright posture with a slightly narrower stance, which allows for better balance and greater control of the club face. To execute the Aaron Baddeley’s closed stance, begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your weight evenly on both feet, keeping your hips and shoulders square. Then, shift your weight slightly to your left foot and bend your knees slightly so that they point directly out in front of you. Your right foot should be slightly raised off the ground, with its toes pointed inward towards the target.

Next, take a grip on the club and ensure that your hands are in the correct position on the club. Your left hand should be placed directly beneath the shaft of the club while your right hand should be placed higher up near the top of the shaft. This will allow you to control both sides of the club face more effectively when you swing.

Once you have taken a proper grip on the club and shifted your weight onto your left foot, it is time to swing. Make sure that you keep your head still throughout the swing and maintain good balance by keeping all of your weight on your left foot until after contact has been made with the ball. When swinging through impact, make sure to keep your hands in front of you as much as possible so that you stay in control of both sides of the club face all throughout your swing.

Finally, when finishing off your swing make sure that you follow through completely until all energy has been transferred from your body into the ball – this will help ensure maximum distance and accuracy from each shot taken using Aaron Baddeley’s closed stance technique.

Common Mistakes with the Aaron Baddeley’s Closed Stance

One of the most common mistakes seen with Aaron Baddeley’s closed stance is when golfers fail to properly align their feet and hips. It is important for golfers to ensure that their feet are parallel to each other and properly aligned with their hips. This alignment helps to create a strong and stable base for the swing, allowing for more power and accuracy. When golfers fail to properly align their feet and hips, they may end up hitting shots that lack power or accuracy.

Another common mistake seen with Aaron Baddeley’s closed stance is when golfers place too much pressure on their back foot. The back foot should be placed slightly ahead of the front foot to facilitate proper weight transfer during the swing. However, if too much pressure is placed on the back foot, it can cause an imbalance in the swing which can lead to inconsistent shots.

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Finally, another mistake that is often seen with Aaron Baddeley’s closed stance is when golfers fail to keep their hands in front of them throughout the swing. Keeping the hands in front of the body during a swing allows for a powerful and consistent motion as well as improved accuracy. If the hands are placed too far behind, it can cause an inconsistent motion which can lead to weak shots or even missed shots.

By understanding these common mistakes associated with Aaron Baddeley’s closed stance, golfers can make sure they are correctly aligning their feet and hips, placing proper weight on their back foot, and keeping their hands in front of them throughout the entire swing. Doing so will help ensure more consistent and powerful shots as well as improved accuracy overall.

Maintain a Steady Stance

One of the most important tips for maintaining balance in Aaron Baddeley’s Closed Stance is to maintain a steady stance. This means that the feet should be aligned in a straight line and the hips should be slightly lower than the shoulders. The arms should also be held in a comfortable position so that they do not affect the balance of the body. Additionally, it is important to keep the spine straight, as this will allow for better balance and help maintain good posture while playing golf.

Practice Proper Posture

In order to achieve balance in Aaron Baddeley’s Closed Stance, it is important to practice proper posture while playing golf. It is essential to keep the head and eyes up, as this will help ensure that the body remains balanced throughout the swing. Additionally, it is important to keep the arms close to the body and avoid excessive movement which could throw off one’s balance. It is also important to move slowly and deliberately when making a swing, as this will help ensure that one’s body remains balanced throughout.

Focus on Weight Distribution

Another key tip for maintaining balance in Aaron Baddeley’s Closed Stance is to focus on weight distribution. This means that one should strive to evenly distribute their weight across both feet in order to achieve balance during their swings. It is also important to keep one’s weight slightly forward of center at address so that they are able to make an effective turn when playing golf. Additionally, it is beneficial for golfers to practice shifting their weight from side-to-side during their swings so that they can learn how best to control their weight distribution for greater accuracy and consistency while playing golf.

Keep Your Head Down

Finally, one of the most important tips for maintaining balance in Aaron Baddeley’s Closed Stance is keeping your head down throughout your swing so that you can maintain your focus on impact with the ball. Keeping your head down will allow you to maintain your posture and stay balanced throughout your swing, enabling you to hit more accurate shots with improved consistency. Additionally, keeping your head down will help you stay focused on making solid contact with each shot so that you can maximize distance off each tee shot or approach shot.


Aaron Baddeley’s closed stance has enabled him to become one of the most successful golfers in the world. His ability to adapt his playing style to changing conditions has been an important factor in his success. His closed stance provides him with stability and power, allowing him to hit longer and straighter shots. It is also an efficient way for him to control his ball flight, which is essential in order to perform well on the golf course.

In summary, Aaron Baddeley’s closed stance provides him with numerous benefits that have enabled him to become one of the best golfers in the world. His consistent performance over the years is a testament to how effective this playing style can be. By using a closed stance, Aaron Baddeley has been able to maximize his potential and reach new heights in golf.

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