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aldila quaranta 40 graphite

The Aldila Quaranta 40 Graphite is a uniquely designed golf shaft that brings together the latest in golf shaft technology with a classic look and feel. Featuring an ultra-lightweight design, the Quaranta 40 is designed to generate maximum clubhead speed and help optimize launch conditions for more distance off the tee. The Quaranta 40’s stiff tip section helps reduce spin, resulting in a more penetrating trajectory and better control of your shots. The graphite construction also helps to dampen vibrations at impact for a softer feel and increased forgiveness. With its classic look and modern performance, the Aldila QuarantThe Aldila Quaranta 40 Graphite Shaft is an ultra-lightweight, high launching, low spinning shaft designed to deliver exceptional performance. Its unique design features 40 ton carbon fiber for superior stability and a mid/high kick point for a higher launch angle and increased carry distance. The Aldila Quaranta 40 also has Aldila’s signature Nv2 nanofiber tip technology for improved feel and enhanced energy transfer to the ball at impact. The shaft’s premium construction and design make it the perfect choice for golfers looking to maximize their game with increased power and accuracy.

Superior Performance

The Aldila Quaranta 40 Graphite offers superior performance and power that can help golfers of all levels improve their game. The graphite is designed to provide the player with an increased range and accuracy, as well as increased ball speed. It also provides a more consistent feel, allowing you to maximize your power and control during each shot. The graphite is lightweight and flexible, providing greater maneuverability on the course.

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Unmatched Durability

The Aldila Quaranta

Lightweight Design

The Aldila Quaranta 40 Graphite Shaft is designed to be lightweight and easy to swing. It is constructed with premium grade graphite material, which is extremely light yet strong and durable. The shaft features a reduced overall weight and a low total mass for increased club head speed without compromising stability and control. The lightweight design also gives the player more feel and feedback from their swings, allowing them to better understand their shot shape and trajectory.

High Launch Angle

The Aldila

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The Aldila Quaranta 40 graphite shaft is a great choice for golfers looking to improve their accuracy and distance off the tee. It features an advanced multi-material construction that is designed to stiffen at impact for maximum energy transfer, while also providing a great feel. The profile and weight of the shaft are designed to help golfers optimize their launch conditions, allowing them to get more out of their swing. The Aldila Quaranta 40 graphite shaft is also very durable and reliable, making it a great long-term investment. All in

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