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The Aldila RIP Phenom is an advanced golf shaft designed to provide maximum performance, stability, and control. With its patented Quad Carbon weave and Tour-proven design, the RIP Phenom helps players maximize their game with improved accuracy and distance. The shaft is also designed with a mid-kick point that produces consistent ball flight and trajectory, as well as a stiff tip section to reduce spin and promote straight shots. The Aldila RIP Phenom is the perfect choice for players looking for a powerful shaft that offers unparalleled control and accuracy.The Aldila RIP Phenom offers a wide range of benefits to golfers. It features an advanced carbon fiber weave that creates a stiffer and stronger shaft than previous models, resulting in improved accuracy and distance control. The RIP Phenom also has a low kick point for better launch and spin control, as well as increased stability through impact. Additionally, the shaft is lightweight, so it’s easier to swing and won’t strain your muscles. The Aldila RIP Phenom is an excellent choice for golfers looking for improved accuracy and distance off the tee.

Aldila RIP Phenom Review

The Aldila RIP Phenom is a popular golf shaft that has been around for several years. It is used by many professional golfers and is known for its quality and consistency. The shaft has a mid-high launch angle and a low-mid spin rate, making it ideal for players who want to hit the ball straight and far. The stiff flex profile of the shaft also makes it a good choice for those seeking more control over their shots. The Aldila RIP Phenom also features Aldila’s proprietary Voodoo Technology, which

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Aldila RIP Phenom Graphite Shafts

Aldila RIP Phenom graphite shafts are rapidly becoming one of the most popular options for golfers looking for a lightweight and durable shaft. The Aldila RIP Phenom is made with the latest in graphite technology, resulting in a light and responsive shaft that is perfect for those looking to increase their distance. The Aldila RIP Phenom also offers great feel, thanks to its mid-kick point design, making it ideal for players of all levels. Its unique design offers maximum flexibility and control while still


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The Aldila RIP Phenom is a great choice for golfers of all skill levels. It has proven to be very reliable and has a great feel when it comes to distance and accuracy. The shafts are lightweight and provide plenty of control with their mid-trajectory launch and low spin rate. The Aldila RIP Phenom is also very versatile, allowing golfers to choose between regular, stiff, or extra stiff flexes. Overall, the Aldila RIP Phenom offers a reliable and consistent performance that will help you get the most out of your game

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