arm lock putter

The arm lock putter is a revolutionary tool for golfers. It provides an innovative way to improve stability and accuracy in the golf swing by locking the left arm close to the body and providing a more consistent and repeatable swing. This type of putter is designed to reduce wrist action, allowing for improved accuracy and consistency when putting. Arm lock putters are becoming increasingly popular among golfers of all levels, from beginners to pros. With its unique design, it provides an excellent opportunity for golfers to improve their game by reducing their reliance on wrist action.The main advantage of using an Arm Lock Putter is that it requires less wrist action, allowing for a more consistent stroke. This can lead to improved accuracy and better overall performance on the green. Additionally, it can help reduce stress on the wrists and shoulders for those who suffer from joint pain or arthritis. Another benefit is that it may help golfers get a better feel of the ball on the putter face due to its unique design and shorter shaft length. Finally, an Arm Lock Putter is often lighter in weight than traditional putters, which can result in less fatigue during a round of golf.

The Basics of Arm Lock Putter

Arm lock putting is a unique and effective technique for golfers of all skill levels. It involves gripping the putter with both hands, and using the arms to control the stroke instead of relying on the wrists or hands. This technique can help improve accuracy and consistency when putting. In this article, we will discuss the basics of arm lock putting and how it can help you improve your game.

Arm lock putting is based on a simple concept: use your arms to control the motion of your putter instead of relying on your hands or wrists. When you use this technique, your arms act as a stabilizing force that helps you maintain a consistent tempo and keep the putter head square at impact. This can lead to more accurate and consistent results when executing putts.

To execute an arm lock putting stroke, start by gripping the putter with both hands, keeping your arms close to your body. Your dominant hand should be closest to the putter head, while your non-dominant hand should be placed on top of that hand (like a handshake grip). From here, move into a proper stance in which you are comfortable and balanced. Begin with a slow backswing, letting your arms swing together in an arc-like motion until they reach their maximum extension. As you begin your forward swing, keep in mind that it should be controlled by your arms rather than wrists or hands. When you reach impact, make sure that your arms remain extended and in line with one another so that the putter face stays square at impact.

Arm lock putting can be especially helpful for players who struggle with their accuracy when executing short-distance putts. By using this technique, golfers can maintain better control over their strokes while still allowing for some flexibility in their tempo. If you are looking to improve upon your putting accuracy, give arm lock putting a try!

The Benefits of Using an Arm Lock Putter

An arm lock putter is a great tool for improving your golf game. It provides a more consistent stroke and helps you control the speed and direction of your putt. The arm lock putter also gives you more control over your putting stroke, so you can hit the ball accurately and with greater power. Here are some of the benefits of using an arm lock putter:

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1. Improved Consistency – An arm lock putter helps you keep your arms in the same position during every stroke, which eliminates inconsistencies in your putting motion. This makes it easier to hit more consistent shots and lower your scores.

2. Increased Control – The arm lock putter also helps you maintain a consistent grip on the club, giving you better control over the speed and direction of your stroke. With this increased control, you can make adjustments to ensure that every shot goes exactly where you want it to go.

3. More Power – An arm lock putter also gives you more leverage when putting, allowing you to generate more power behind each shot. This extra power can help carry the ball further and make it easier to get up-and-down from tough spots on the course.

4. Improved Accuracy – Finally, using an arm lock putter can help improve accuracy by helping to keep your arms in line with the target line throughout the stroke. This helps ensure that each shot is lined up properly before it’s even struck, giving you a better chance at making birdies or pars on tough holes.

Overall, using an arm lock putter can be a great way to improve your game and lower scores on the course. With improved consistency, increased control, more power, and improved accuracy on each shot, it’s easy to see why so many golfers swear by this simple yet effective tool!

Choosing the Right Arm Lock Putter

When you’re in the market for a new putter, you may have noticed the recent surge in popularity of arm lock putters. These putters, which are designed to be held at the end of your forearm rather than with your hands, can provide a more stable and consistent stroke. But how do you know if an arm lock putter is right for you?

The first step to choosing the right arm lock putter is to determine your current putting stroke. If you struggle with making solid contact and keeping your ball on line, then an arm lock putter might be just what you need. The extra stability provided by an arm lock can help you make more consistent contact and maintain control over your putting stroke.

The next step is to choose a model that fits your body type and playing style. Arm lock putters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to try out several models to find one that feels comfortable and natural in your hands. There are also adjustable models available that allow you to customize the length of the shaft for a more personalized fit.

Finally, consider how much money you’re willing to spend on an armlock putter. Armlock putters can range from fairly affordable models all the way up to high-end customizable options. Setting a budget will help narrow down your selection and ensure that you get the best possible value for your money.

With these tips in mind, finding the right armlock putter for your game should be much easier. Take some time to try out several different models before deciding on one, as this will give you a better idea of which model works best for your specific needs. With patience and research, you’ll be able to find an armlock putter that helps improve your game!

How to Use an Arm Lock Putter

An arm lock putter is a special type of golf putter designed to help golfers achieve a more consistent and stable stroke. This type of putter features a longer shaft that allows the golfer to anchor the putter against their forearm, providing them with more control over the putt. In order to use an arm lock putter correctly, you should follow these steps:

1. Start by gripping the club as you would normally grip any other golf club. Keep your grip light and relaxed.

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2. Place your left hand at the end of the shaft and wrap your right arm around the shaft so that your forearm is touching it. Make sure that your left wrist is flat and not bent.

3. Position your hands on the grip so that they are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with your palms facing each other.

4. Place the shaft on top of your left forearm so that it rests comfortably against it and feels secure.

5. Swing the club back and forth in a pendulum motion, keeping it pressed against your forearm throughout the stroke.

6. To finish off, follow through with the stroke in a smooth, consistent motion until you’ve completed your putt.

Learning the Proper Setup with an Arm Lock Putter

Using an arm lock putter is a great way to help improve your golf game, but it is important to learn the proper setup for maximum success. The key to setting up correctly with an arm lock putter is to make sure that your arms are in the correct position. Your arms should be bent slightly so that your elbows are in line with your torso and shoulders. This will allow you to have a more consistent stroke and help you achieve more consistent results on the green. Additionally, it’s important to keep your wrists relaxed and make sure that you are not gripping too tightly onto the club. You want to maintain a light grip on the club so that you can easily swing through the ball without any tension or strain on your wrists or forearms.

Another key aspect of setting up correctly with an arm lock putter is making sure that your stance is in the correct position. Generally, you should have a slightly wider stance than usual, about shoulder width apart. This will give you more stability as you swing through the ball and help keep your upper body in balance throughout the entire motion. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that your head is in line with the ball so that you can maintain good posture throughout your stroke.

Finally, when using an arm lock putter it’s important to remember that practice makes perfect! It may take some time before you get used to this style of putting but once you do, it will become second nature and can greatly improve your game! Make sure to take some time on the practice green and try different techniques until you find one that works best for you. With patience and practice, soon enough you’ll be putting like a pro!

The Pros of Using an Arm Lock Putter

An arm lock putter has many advantages for golfers looking to improve their game. First, an arm lock putter provides more control over the clubface at impact. This is because the golfer’s arms are locked in a stationary position when they putt, allowing them to focus on delivering the clubhead squarely to the ball. This can provide a more repeatable and consistent putting stroke, which can lead to lower scores. Additionally, arm lock putters typically have a heavier head weight which adds stability and accuracy when putting.

Another major advantage of using an arm lock putter is that it eliminates wrist movement during the stroke, allowing for a more natural and fluid motion. This can lead to improved consistency in distance control and accuracy when making short range putts. Additionally, an arm lock putter will also help you maintain your posture while you are putting, leading to better balance and stability throughout your stroke.

Finally, arm lock putters are typically very easy to set up and adjust. Many of these models come with adjustable shafts that allow golfers to customize their setup based on their size and posture. Additionally, these models often have adjustable weights that allow golfers to fine-tune their feel and feedback during their swing.

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The Cons of Using an Arm Lock Putter

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks associated with using an arm lock putter as well. The most significant issue is that it may take some time for golfers to learn how to properly use this type of club effectively. Because this style requires a specific type of grip and setup position, some players may find it difficult or uncomfortable at first until they become accustomed to the feel of the club in their hands.

Another potential issue with using an arm lock putter is that it may not be suitable for all types of putting styles or techniques. For example, if you tend to use more wrist action in your stroke then you may struggle with this style as it promotes a more stationary wrist position throughout the swing motion. Additionally, some players may find that they lack control over short range shots when using this type of club due to the fact that they cannot manipulate their wrists during the stroke like they could with other styles of clubs.


Getting the proper grip for your arm lock putter is essential for improving your game. The grip should be comfortable and relaxed, with the handle between your thumb and index finger. You want to make sure that you are not gripping too tightly, as this can cause tension in your arms and shoulders which can lead to poor shots. It is also important to ensure that you have the correct posture when gripping the club, as this will help you maintain consistency throughout your swing.


Your stance should be wide enough that you can easily reach the ball with your arm locked putter without having to overextend yourself. The ball should be positioned in line with your feet so that when you swing, it is located at the same position for each shot. Additionally, it is important to make sure that you are not standing too close or too far away from the ball as this can affect accuracy.


The swing with an arm lock putter should be smooth and fluid, with no jerky movements. You want to maintain a good tempo throughout the entire shot and focus on making a full follow-through at impact. Additionally, it is important to keep your head down during the entire swing so that you can remain focused on where you want to hit the ball.


Alignment is key when using an arm lock putter because it will determine how accurately you hit each shot. It is important to make sure that both arms are in alignment with each other so that they form a straight line from shoulder to shoulder when swinging. Additionally, make sure that the clubface remains square throughout the entire motion of your swing in order to ensure maximum accuracy and control over each shot.


Finally, practice makes perfect when it comes to using an arm lock putter effectively. Make sure to take time out of every session on the golf course or range and practice different shots with your arm locked putter so that you become more familiar with its feel and performance. Keep track of all of your practice sessions so that you can monitor any improvements in accuracy or consistency over time as well.


The arm lock putter is an innovative golf club designed to improve the accuracy and consistency of a golfer’s stroke. The club is designed with a longer shaft, shorter head, and more upright lie angle than conventional putters. The arm lock putting technique provides a more secure grip on the club and helps the golfer maintain a consistent tempo throughout the swing. This leads to improved accuracy and distance control. The arm lock putter has been proven to help golfers of all levels improve their putting game, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable way to lower their score.

Overall, the arm lock putter is an innovative golf club that offers many benefits for players of all levels. Its improved design has helped many golfers improve their putting game and lower their scores. If you’re looking for an effective way to make your putting game more consistent, accurate, and powerful, then an arm lock putter is definitely worth considering.