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Ben Crane Putters are a range of putters designed by professional golfer Ben Crane. The range of putters offers golfers the opportunity to benefit from Ben’s expertise and experience as a professional golfer. His putters are designed with forgiveness in mind, allowing golfers to maintain consistency in their putting stroke. They also feature a unique ‘high-moment of inertia’ design, which helps deliver a more consistent roll and distance control. For those looking for a high performance putter, Ben Crane Putters are an excellent choice.The Ben Crane Putter is a revolutionary golf club that offers golfers a number of benefits. It has been designed by PGA Tour professional, Ben Crane, and its unique features provide golfers with an improved feel and performance. The putter features a lightweight shaft and a toe-weighted design which make it easier to control the direction of the ball. Additionally, its laser-milled face provides more consistent contact with the ball to ensure more accurate shots. Finally, its unique shape helps to promote proper alignment of the putter face for improved accuracy and consistency on the green. With all these benefits, the Ben Crane Putter is sure to help any golfer improve their game.

Overview of Ben Crane Putter

Ben Crane Putters are designed to help golfers improve their game, whether they are a beginner or an experienced golfer. The putters feature an advanced design that helps golfers make more consistent and accurate putts. The putter features a unique weight distribution, which reduces the amount of torque on the shaft and helps the golfer maintain control over their stroke. It also has a high MOI (Moment of Inertia), which helps reduce energy loss during the swing and increases accuracy. Additionally, the lightweight design makes it easier to maneuver and the soft-touch grip improves control and comfort. With its high-performance features, Ben Crane Putters can help golfers get closer to achieving their goals on the course.

The putters are available in a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fiber, and titanium. Each material offers different advantages, such as weight distribution, feel, and durability. Ben Crane also offers two types of putter head shapes – traditional blade or modern mallet – to fit any type of golfer’s needs. The putters also come in a variety of lengths to accommodate different height players. With its customizable options and performance-enhancing features, Ben Crane Putter is an ideal choice for any level of golfer looking for an edge on the course.

Head Weight

The Ben Crane Putter features an adjustable head weight system, allowing for greater control over the club. The adjustable weights allow golfers to fine-tune the putter’s balance and swingweight, making it easier for them to control their putts. The adjustable head weight also helps golfers maintain a consistent stroke and hit more accurate shots.

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The Ben Crane Putter comes with a specially designed grip that provides maximum comfort and stability during the stroke. The grip is made from a soft synthetic material that allows for a secure hold and prevents slipping. This allows golfers to maintain their grip pressure throughout the entire stroke, which in turn helps them maintain accuracy when putting.


The Ben Crane Putter features an adjustable loft system, allowing golfers to customize the loft of their putters to better match their playing style. The adjustable loft helps golfers achieve more consistent distance control with their putting, allowing them to make more accurate shots from different distances on the green.

Lie Angle

The Ben Crane Putter also features an adjustable lie angle system that allows golfers to customize the lie angle of their putters to better match their playing style. This feature helps golfers achieve greater accuracy on the green, as they can adjust the lie angle of their putter depending on which type of shot they are trying to hit.


The Ben Crane putter is designed to provide a smoother, more consistent putting experience. The putter features an offset design that helps promote a consistent stroke while the weight is evenly distributed throughout the head for better balance and control. The head also features an adjustable sole plate for added customization. The putter is constructed from stainless steel and comes in both right-handed and left-handed models.


The Ben Crane putter features a superstroke mid-size grip that provides excellent control and feedback. The grip has an ergonomic design that allows for comfortable use during long rounds of golf. The grip also features a non-slip surface for added confidence when putting.


The Ben Crane putter is designed to provide superior performance on the green. The club has a low profile head shape that promotes an even contact with the ball while the weight distribution helps promote a smooth, consistent stroke. The adjustable sole plate also allows players to customize their putting experience to suit their individual preferences.


The Ben Crane putter is constructed from durable stainless steel which ensures it can withstand heavy use on the course. The club also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure it will perform up to expectations over time.

Advantages of Ben Crane Putter

The Ben Crane Putter is a high-performance golf putter that offers golfers many benefits. It features a unique design with a thick grip and an adjustable-length shaft that helps improve accuracy and consistency. The putter also has a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness and improved accuracy. Additionally, it has an ultra-lightweight head that maximizes distance control and ball speed. The putter also has an adjustable loft angle to help golfers customize their setup for maximum performance. Finally, the putter comes with interchangeable face inserts to help golfers adjust their launch angle and trajectory for increased control and accuracy.

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Overall, the Ben Crane Putter is a great choice for any golfer looking to improve their putting performance. Its unique design helps improve accuracy and consistency while its adjustable features allow golfers to customize their setup for optimal performance. The lightweight head helps maximize distance control and ball speed while the interchangeable face inserts help golfers adjust their launch angle and trajectory for increased control on the green.

Ben Crane Putter Review

The Ben Crane Putter is one of the most popular putters on the market today. It is designed to provide golfers with an incredibly accurate and consistent stroke, allowing them to make more putts and lower their scores. The putter features a classic blade design with a deep face, which helps to ensure that the ball rolls off the face in a straight line. The putter also has a heel-toe weighting system, which helps to reduce skidding and improve contact on the ball. Additionally, the putter has an adjustable loft so that golfers can customize their roll and distance control.

The Ben Crane Putter is constructed from high-quality materials that are designed to last for many seasons of use. The head is made from stainless steel, which provides stability and resistance to wear over time. The shaft is made from graphite, which offers a lightweight feel and increased control. The grip also has a textured surface that helps keep your hands in place during the swing.

Overall, the Ben Crane Putter is an excellent choice for golfers who want an accurate and reliable stroke each time they step up to the tee box. Its classic design allows you to hit both long-distance shots as well as short-range ones with ease. The adjustable loft also allows you to customize your roll for different courses or conditions. Finally, its high-quality build ensures that it will last through many rounds of golf without any issues.

Price Range of Ben Crane Putter

Ben Crane putters come in a variety of price points, ranging from budget-friendly to high-end. Budget-friendly putters start at around $50, while high-end models can cost several hundred dollars. Putters in the mid-range generally cost between $100 and $200.

In addition to price, there are several other factors to consider when purchasing a Ben Crane putter. Putter length and weight are two of the most important aspects to consider for optimal performance on the green. The head shape and alignment aids are also important factors that affect performance.

When selecting a Ben Crane putter, it’s important to consider your own individual needs and preferences as well as your budget. It’s also helpful to demo different models on the course or in an indoor putting facility before making your decision. This will give you a better idea of which model is best suited for your style of play and preferences.

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For those looking for more affordable options, used Ben Crane putters can be found online or at local golf shops for less than their original retail price. Used models may not have all the latest features available in newer models, but they will still perform as expected when out on the course.

Design and Comfort

The Odyssey White Hot Putter is designed to offer excellent comfort and accuracy. The putter features a classic heel-shafted design, with an oversized head and lightweight construction. The putter also features a soft feel polyurethane insert, which provides a smooth roll off the face. The overall design of the putter is sleek and modern, making it look great in the bag and on the course. Compared to other putters, the Odyssey White Hot Putter offers superior comfort and accuracy. The lightweight construction makes it easy to move around during your stroke, while the oversized head ensures maximum stability.


When it comes to performance, the Odyssey White Hot Putter is one of the best on the market. The soft feel polyurethane insert provides a smooth roll off the face for greater control and accuracy. The oversized head ensures maximum stability when putting, while the lightweight construction helps to reduce fatigue during practice or play. Compared to other putters, the Odyssey White Hot Putter offers superior performance with its unique design.


The Odyssey White Hot Putter is made from high-quality materials that are built to last. The durable construction ensures that this putter will stand up to regular use on both practice greens and courses alike. When compared to other putters on the market, the Odyssey White Hot Putter offers superior durability thanks to its strong build quality and materials used in its construction.

Compare with Other Putters

When comparing it with other putters on the market, it’s clear that the Odyssey White Hot Putter stands out from its competitors in terms of design, comfort, performance and durability. While other putters may offer similar features at a lower price point, they often lack in terms of quality or overall performance when compared against this premium offering from Odyssey Golf.


The Ben Crane Putter is an excellent putter for golfers who want to add some extra accuracy to their putting. It is also an affordable option for those looking to upgrade their putter without breaking the bank. The unique design of the Ben Crane Putter gives it a distinct look and feel, while the offset hosel helps to promote a consistent stroke. Its carbon fiber construction ensures that it is durable and light weight, making it easy to use and control. Overall, the Ben Crane Putter is an excellent choice for golfers who want a reliable and accurate putter.

The Ben Crane Putter comes highly recommended from professional golfers and amateurs alike. With its unique design, affordable price tag, and superior performance, it’s no wonder why so many golfers are making the switch to this exceptional putter. If you’re looking for a new putter that will give you added accuracy on the greens, then the Ben Crane Putter is definitely worth considering.

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