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best golf instructors in michigan

Michigan is known for having some of the best golf instructors in the country. The state is home to a variety of experienced and knowledgeable instructors, who have dedicated their lives to teaching others how to play the game of golf. From PGA professionals to experienced amateurs, these instructors have the expertise and knowledge to help you improve your game and achieve your goals. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a few tips or an experienced golfer wanting to take your game up a level, these instructors can provide you with the guidance and instruction needed to become successful on the golf course. Here are some of the best golf instructors in Michigan that you should consider when looking for help with your golf game.1. Mark Blackburn – Mark Blackburn Golf Academy, Ann Arbor
2. Terry Koehler – Terry Koehler Golf Academy, Grand Rapids
3. Bill Hagen – Hagen Golf Performance, Lansing
4. Bruce Heppler – Bruce Heppler Golf Academy, Grand Rapids
5. Patrick & Suzanne Read – Read Golf Instruction, Grand Rapids
6. John Gonsalves – John Gonsalves Golf Academy, East Lansing
7. Michael Breed – Michael Breed Golf Academy, Kalamazoo
8. Mike Bender – Mike Bender Golf Academy, Fort Myers FL/Grand Blanc MI
9. Tom Patri – Tom Patri Golf Instruction, Northville/Livonia/Novi/Commerce Twp
10. Rick Smith & Jim McLean – Rick Smith & Jim McLean School of Golf, Grand Blanc

Where to Find the Best Golf Instructors in Michigan

Are you looking for the best golf instructors in Michigan? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, having access to a top-notch golf instructor can help you improve your game and take your skills to the next level. Michigan is home to many excellent golf instructors who can help you with all aspects of your game. Here are some of the best places to find golf instructors in Michigan.

The first place to look for golf instructors in Michigan is at your local golf course. Many courses will have experienced professionals on staff who can provide basic instruction and advice on how to improve your swing, stance, and other fundamentals. Through lessons and clinics, these instructors can help you identify weaknesses and work on areas that need improvement.

Another great resource for finding quality golf instruction in Michigan is through private clubs. Most private clubs have experienced, professional staff who offer private lessons and group clinics to their members. These instructors typically have many years of experience under their belt and know how to maximize the potential of each golfer’s game.

For those looking for more specialized instruction, there are also several independent golf professionals located throughout Michigan who offer individualized lessons and clinics tailored specifically for each student’s needs. These professionals typically have additional certifications or credentials that make them qualified to teach at a higher level than most club professionals. They also often provide more individualized feedback than group classes or clinics, making them a great choice for serious players looking for an edge on their game.

Finally, there are some excellent online resources available for those seeking top-notch golf instruction in Michigan. Many of these websites offer video lessons from experienced PGA Tour players as well as interactive tutorials featuring drills and practice tips from leading experts in the field of golf instruction. With these resources, you can access quality instruction from anywhere with an internet connection – perfect if you don’t live near a quality instructor or if you simply prefer learning online!

No matter what your skill level or goals may be, there are plenty of great resources available when it comes to finding top-notch golf instruction in Michigan. From local courses to private clubs and independent pros, anyone looking for high-quality golf instruction can find what they need in this state – provided they know where to look!

1. Bill Breski

Bill Breski is one of the most experienced golf instructors in Michigan. He has been teaching golf for over twenty-five years and has helped hundreds of golfers improve their game. Bill is a PGA Member and a Certified Professional in Instruction, as well as a Certified Club Fitter. He also holds an Associate’s Degree in Professional Golf Management from Ferris State University. Bill specializes in individual and group instruction, as well as custom club fitting and repair. He believes that “the game of golf can be enjoyed by anyone with the right instruction and equipment” and strives to help his students achieve their goals.

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2. Chris O’Neill

Chris O’Neill is another highly experienced golf instructor in Michigan. He has been teaching since 2003 and has worked with players of all levels, from novices to professionals. Chris is a PGA Member, a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Instructor, and an Advanced Trackman Certified Instructor. He has also earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Central Michigan University and is a Certified Club Fitter with Swing Science Golf Technologies. Chris offers individualized lessons for all ages, custom club fitting, video analysis, range instruction, on-course playing lessons, and more.

3. Mike Kowalczik

Mike Kowalczik is one of the most experienced golf instructors in Michigan with over 30 years of experience teaching the game. Mike is a PGA Member and holds several certifications including Master Professional in Instruction from the PGA of America; Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Certified; Advanced Trackman Certified; FlightScope Level 2; SAM Putt Lab Level 1; SPi Putting Biomechanics Level 1; AimPoint Green Reading Level 1; TPI Fitness Trainer Level 1; TPI Junior Coach Level 1; US Kids Golf Top 50 Instructor; Mizuno Fitting Professional; Cobra Fitting Professional; Ping Fitting Professional; TaylorMade Fitting Professional; Callaway Fitting Professional ; Cleveland Wedge Certified Fitter ; Mizuno Iron Certified Fitter ; Cleveland Driver & Fairway Wood Certification ; Callaway Driver & Fairway Wood Certification ; Cleveland/Srixon Iron Certification ; Callaway/Odyssey Putter Certification ; Cobra Putter Certification ; TaylorMade Iron Certification . Mike provides private lessons as well as custom club fitting.

4. John Anderson

John Anderson is another experienced golf instructor based in Michigan who has been teaching since 1992. John is certified by both the PGA of America and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). He holds Master Certifications from both organizations as well as being certified by FlightScope Radar Technology for ball flight analysis, AimPoint Green Reading technology for putting analysis, US Kids Golf Top 50 instructor certification for junior instruction, power training certification for swing speed development training programs , SAM PuttLab certification for advanced putting analysis , TaylorMade club fitting certification , Odyssey putter fitting certification , Cleveland wedge fitting certification , Mizuno iron fitting certification , Cobra driver & fairway wood fitting certifications , Callaway driver & fairway wood fitting certifications , Titleist Vokey wedge fitting certifications . John provides private lessons and custom club fittings to players of all skill levels.

5. Jeff Schafer

Jeff Schafer rounds out this list of experienced golf instructors in Michigan with over fifteen years experience teaching the game to players at all levels ranging from beginner to professional golfer alike . Jeff is certified by The PGA of America through The Player Development Program (PDP) Levels I & II which includes certifications from Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Levels I & II along with Short Game Coaching Course work under Dave Pelz’s program . As well Jeff is certified through FlightScope Radar Technology for ball flight analysis , AimPoint Green Reading technology for putting analysis , US Kids Golf Top 50 instructor certification for junior instruction . Additionally Jeff provides customized club fittings through Ping Golf Clubs along with custom putting fittings through Odyssey putters . Jeff offers private lessons on both technique & strategy along with trackman launch monitor sessions .

Finding the Right Golf Instructor in Michigan

Finding the right golf instructor can make all the difference in improving your game. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, a qualified golf instructor can help you reach your goals. Michigan is home to some of the best golf instructors in the country, and it is important to take the time to find one that fits your needs. Here are some tips for finding the right golf instructor in Michigan.

One of the best ways to find a qualified golf instructor is to ask friends and family who may have taken lessons from an instructor. Ask them about their experiences and what they liked or disliked about their lesson. You can also check with local golf courses or driving ranges for recommendations on instructors. Many facilities have experienced and knowledgeable staff that are willing to help guide players towards an instructor who is right for them.

When looking for a golf instructor, it is important to look at their credentials and experience. Make sure they have certifications from organizations such as PGA of America, US Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF) or LPGA Teaching & Club Professional Division (T&CP). Also, ask how long they have been teaching and if they have any specialties or expertise in certain areas such as short game, putting, etc.

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It is also important to consider the style of instruction that you prefer when selecting a golf instructor. Some instructors focus more on technical aspects while others prefer more of a holistic approach. Be sure to communicate with your prospective teacher what kind of instruction you are looking for and find out if they are able to provide it.

Finally, cost should be taken into account when selecting an instructor. While cost will vary depending on the type of instruction provided, it is important to make sure that you get value for your money when selecting a teacher. Ask around for pricing information from different instructors so that you can find one that fits within your budget while still providing quality instruction.

Finding the right golf instructor in Michigan doesn’t need to be difficult if you take the time to do some research and ask questions about their credentials and experience level before making a commitment. With these tips, you can be sure that you will find an experienced and knowledgeable teacher who will be able to help you take your game to the next level!

Understanding What Makes a Great Golf Instructor in Michigan

Golf is a popular sport in Michigan, and finding the right instructor can make all the difference in your game. A great golf instructor should be knowledgeable, experienced, and patient. They should be able to provide helpful advice and demonstrate proper technique. They should also be able to customize their instruction to meet the individual needs of each student. Here are some key points to consider when selecting a golf instructor in Michigan:


Experience is important when it comes to golf instruction. Look for instructors who have been teaching for at least a few years and have a proven track record of success with their students. Check references from former students and inquire about their experience with the instructor. It’s also important to find out if they have any specialized certifications or credentials that may be beneficial for your particular needs.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are essential for successful golf instruction. The instructor should be able to explain techniques clearly without being too technical or overwhelming. They should also be able to effectively communicate with their students and provide helpful feedback without being overly critical or harsh. It’s important that the instructor makes an effort to get to know their student’s abilities, as this will help them tailor their instruction accordingly.


Golf instructors should be flexible enough to accommodate different skill levels and learning styles. They should also be willing to adjust their approach based on input from students about what works best for them. An experienced instructor will understand that everyone learns differently and adjust accordingly so that they can help each student reach their goals effectively.


Finally, look for instructors who can produce results with their students. Ask around for references from former students who have seen success under the guidance of the particular instructor you’re considering hiring. This way you’ll know that they have what it takes to help you take your game to the next level!

Patience and Encouragement

The best golf instructors in Michigan are those that bring a high level of patience and encouragement to each lesson. They understand that golf can be a difficult game to learn and they use their expertise to help students progress at their own pace. They take the time to explain the fundamentals of the game, provide tips for improvement, and make sure that each student feels comfortable with the material being taught. The best instructors also offer positive reinforcement when appropriate, which helps to keep students motivated and focused on improving their game.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

The best golf instructors in Michigan have a deep understanding of the game itself as well as the physical skills needed for success. They are able to provide clear instruction on how to execute proper technique, as well as how to effectively practice and improve upon it. This knowledge comes from years of experience playing the game themselves, or from training under other experienced players or coaches. The best instructors can also offer insight into mental aspects of the game such as course management, concentration techniques, and course strategy.

Excellent Communicators

In addition to being knowledgeable about the game itself, excellent golf instructors are excellent communicators. They know how to explain concepts in a way that is easy for their students to understand. They listen closely to what their students are saying so they can identify areas of improvement and ensure they are challenging but not overwhelming them with instruction. The best instructors also have an ability to break down complex concepts into simple terms that any golfer can comprehend, making it easier for even beginners to understand complex parts of the game quickly.

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Supportive Attitude

The best golf instructors in Michigan understand that learning a new sport can be intimidating for some people, so they create a supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions or seeking help when needed. They strive not only for technical improvement but also personal growth with every lesson so their students can confidently tackle any challenge on or off the course.

The Benefits of Working with a Professional Golf Instructor in Michigan

Working with a professional golf instructor in Michigan can provide many benefits to golfers of all skill levels. The personalized attention and feedback from an experienced instructor can help players refine their technique and take their game to the next level. A professional instructor can also provide advice on club selection, swing mechanics, and the mental aspects of the game. With the right instruction, golfers can improve their scores and feel more confident on the course.

In addition to individual lessons, many instructors offer group clinics that allow golfers to learn from each other while developing better skills and techniques. These clinics often include tips on course management, how to read greens, and strategies for playing in different weather conditions. Group lessons also provide an opportunity for socializing among players of similar abilities.

For competitive golfers looking to take their game to the next level, working with an instructor can be invaluable. An experienced coach can help identify areas for improvement and develop a customized practice plan that focuses on strengthening those areas. Professional instructors are also able to provide feedback on tournaments and competitions that will help golfers better prepare for future events.

No matter what level of golfer you are, working with a professional instructor in Michigan is a great way to improve your game. With personalized instruction and feedback from an experienced coach, you can hone your technique, develop better mental strategies, and take your game to new heights.

Finding a Good Golf Instructor in Michigan

If you are looking for a good golf instructor in Michigan, there are several things to consider. The first is the instructor’s qualifications and experience. Make sure the instructor is certified by the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) or the USGTF (United States Golf Teachers Federation). Ask how long they have been teaching and if they have any additional certifications or awards. It is also important to look at their track record of success with their students. Do they have positive reviews from previous clients?

Another important factor to consider when choosing a golf instructor in Michigan is their teaching style. Everyone learns differently, so it’s important to find an instructor who can tailor their instruction to your needs and ability level. Ask what methods they use to teach and if they offer any kind of guarantee on the results.

When it comes to pricing, ask about cost upfront before committing. Some instructors may offer packages that include multiple sessions at a discounted rate, so be sure to inquire about those options as well. Also, make sure you understand what’s included in the cost – do they provide clubs or other equipment? Will there be additional fees for practice time on the course?

Finally, take some time to observe a few lessons before committing to one particular instructor. This will give you an idea of how they teach and if their instruction style is right for you. By taking these steps, you should be able to find a great golf instructor in Michigan who can help you improve your game and take it to the next level!


Michigan is home to some of the best golf instructors in the world. From the top-notch facilities to the experienced pros, everyone can find something to help them improve their game. Whether you’re looking for a quick lesson, a comprehensive program, or even a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Michigan has what you need.

No matter what your skill level is, there’s an instructor out there who can help you reach your goals. So don’t wait any longer – find the perfect golf instructor in Michigan today and start improving your game!

With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start when looking for a golf instructor. But by understanding what qualifications and experience they possess, as well as what sort of program or lesson they offer, you can make sure you’re getting the best instruction possible. With that knowledge in hand, anyone can take their game to the next level and become a better golfer with help from one of Michigan’s top golf instructors.

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