black widow putter

The Black Widow Putter from Pinemeadow Golf is a popular choice due to its high-quality design and performance. This putter features a double-bend shaft, an oversized head, and a black finish that helps to reduce glare. The club also has a special alignment system which helps you line up perfect putts every time. With this putter, you can expect improved accuracy, distance control, and overall performance on the green.The Black Widow Putter is a high-performance golf club designed to help golfers achieve a smooth, accurate stroke. The putter features a heavy head weight, which helps to stabilize the putter through impact for improved accuracy. The face of the Black Widow Putter is milled with precision to provide consistent ball roll for more consistent putting results. Additionally, the putter has an offset hosel, which helps to reduce “skidding” and twisting during the stroke for improved accuracy. The Black Widow Putter is available in both standard length and belly length versions, allowing golfers to find the perfect fit for their game. With its superior design and craftsmanship, the Black Widow Putter provides enhanced accuracy on the greens and is sure to improve any golfer’s game.

Optimal Performance

The Black Widow putter is designed to provide optimal performance for every golfer. The superior clubhead design and precision engineering ensure a consistent, accurate stroke. The deep face of the clubhead provides excellent feel and feedback, allowing you to make more accurate putts. With its weight-forward design, the Black Widow delivers a smooth, consistent stroke with maximum accuracy.

Ergonomic Design

The Black Widow putter features an ergonomic design that helps to reduce fatigue and improve comfort while playing. The lightweight shaft and head are designed to fit comfortably in your hands, while the unique grip shape helps you keep a firm hold on the club. The balanced weight distribution ensures an even swing with minimal effort required from you.


The Black Widow putter is extremely versatile, allowing you to customize your stroke for any situation. With adjustable lie angles and weight distributions, you can find the perfect setup for your game. The club can be used for both short and long putts, as well as chips and bunker shots from any distance.


The Black Widow putter is built to last with its high-quality materials and craftsmanship. It has been tested in all conditions to ensure it will stand up against wear and tear over time without sacrificing performance or accuracy. This ensures that your investment in this club will last for years of use on the course.


The Black Widow putter is designed for precision. The putter has a unique shape that helps players line up their shots more accurately and consistently. It has two lines that run parallel to each other, creating a perfect straight line for the ball to roll along. The club also features an adjustable weight system, which allows players to customize the feel of their putting stroke. This helps them find the most comfortable balance with their putter, improving accuracy and consistency.


The Black Widow putter also offers excellent control over the ball’s trajectory and speed. The club is designed with a low center of gravity, which ensures that the ball will roll along a smooth path with minimal backspin or sidespin. This gives players added control over their shots, allowing them to make precise adjustments in order to reach the hole more easily.

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The Black Widow putter also provides a great feel when it comes to striking the ball. Its head is designed with an intricate grooved face, which helps create an ideal impact between club and ball. This gives players an improved sense of touch when they are hitting the ball, resulting in smoother and more accurate shots.


Finally, the Black Widow putter is designed for durability and performance over time. Its high-quality construction ensures that it will last for many rounds of golf without needing repairs or replacements. The club is also engineered to maintain its shape and swing weight as it ages, so your putting stroke won’t suffer from any wear-and-tear issues over time.

Types of Black Widow Putters

Black Widow putters are a popular brand of golf clubs from TaylorMade. They are known for their superior craftsmanship and quality materials, making them ideal for golfers of all levels. The Black Widow putter line includes several different models, each designed to meet the needs of different types of players. Here is a look at some of the most popular Black Widow putter models:

The Tour Preferred MC model is designed for the serious golfer who demands precision and accuracy when putting. It has a slightly heavier head than other models, which promotes more stability and control during the stroke. The Tour Preferred MC also features a unique “True Path” alignment system that helps golfers align their putts more accurately.

The Corza Ghost is a mallet-style putter with an eye-catching black finish that stands out on the green. It has a large, round shape that promotes an easier setup and improved accuracy on long distance putts. The Corza Ghost also features an adjustable weighting system that allows golfers to customize the feel and performance according to their individual needs.

The Ghost Spider S is a mid-mallet style putter with an extended alignment line for increased accuracy. It also has two rear weight cartridges which can be adjusted to provide extra stability on off-center strikes. The Ghost Spider S also features TaylorMade’s patented “Pure Roll” insert technology which helps the ball roll end over end for increased accuracy and distance control.

The Lethal is another mid-mallet style putter from TaylorMade, featuring a high MOI design that helps promote greater forgiveness on off-center strikes. The Lethal also has an adjustable sole weighting system which allows players to customize their swing weight according to their individual preferences. This model also features TaylorMade’s “Pure Roll” insert technology to help improve roll characteristics during the stroke for better distance control and accuracy.

How to Choose the Right Black Widow Putter

Choosing the right putter is an important part of any golfer’s game. With so many different brands and models on the market, it can be hard to find one that suits your individual style and skill level. One brand that stands out from the rest is Black Widow Putters. The Black Widow putters have been developed with a unique design and technology which improves accuracy and distance control while also providing a comfortable feel for all golfers. When choosing a putter, there are several factors to consider, such as head weight, shaft length, grip material, and alignment features. Understanding how each of these components affects performance can help you find the perfect putter for your game.

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Head weight is an important factor in selecting a putter as it influences how easily you can control the clubhead during the stroke. The Black Widow range of putters come in both traditional steel heads and heavier mallet heads with tungsten weights that increase stability and provide more consistent contact with the ball.

Shaft length also plays a role in determining which type of putter will work best for you. If you are shorter or taller than average, you may find that a longer or shorter shaft helps improve your accuracy. Black Widow offers several different lengths, from short to mid-length to long blade putters that provide greater reach for those with longer arms or more experience in putting.

Grip material is another crucial element to consider when selecting a putter. A softer grip will offer more feedback during the stroke whereas a firmer grip will provide better feel but less feedback on contact with the ball. Black Widow has several different types of grips available including rubberized grips and multi-layer wraps designed to fit comfortably in your hands while improving accuracy and consistency during your stroke.

Finally, alignment features are important when choosing the right Black Widow putter as they help you visualize where your ball will go before it leaves your clubface. Many models include alignment lines or dots on top of their clubheads which make reading greens easier by helping you line up correctly every time you address the ball.

By considering all these factors when selecting a new Black Widow Putter, you can be sure to find one that fits your game perfectly and helps improve your performance on the course!

Where to Purchase Black Widow Putters

Black Widow putters are renowned for their quality craftsmanship and exceptional performance on the golf course. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, these putters provide a great way to improve your game. But where can you purchase Black Widow putters?

Fortunately, you have several options available. Many of the world’s leading golf retailers stock Black Widow putters, so you can easily find one in-store or online. If you’d prefer to purchase directly from the manufacturer, you can also do that with ease; simply visit their website and browse through their selection of putters.

Alternatively, there are many third-party websites that offer a wide range of Black Widow putters at competitive prices. These websites often have sales and discounts, so it’s worth taking some time to shop around and compare prices before making your purchase.

Finally, if you know someone who already owns a Black Widow putter, they may be willing to sell or trade it with you at a discounted rate. This is an excellent way to get your hands on one of these high-quality putters without breaking the bank.

Overall, finding an affordable Black Widow putter is easy; with so many options available, you’re sure to find something that suits your budget and playing style. So don’t wait any longer; start shopping today!


Cleaning your Black Widow putter is an important part of its maintenance. To properly clean your putter, you should use a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Make sure to rinse off the soap thoroughly with clean water and dry the putter thoroughly after cleaning. It’s also important to avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals when cleaning your putter as they can cause damage to the surface.

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When not in use, it’s important to store your Black Widow putter properly. You should store it in a cool, dry place, such as a climate-controlled storage closet or garage. Make sure that the putter is stored away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. You should also wrap the putter in a soft cloth before storing it, which will help protect it from scratches and other damage.


A proper grip is essential for optimal performance with your Black Widow putter. Make sure that you re-grip your putter regularly with a quality golf grip that is suited for your hand size and playing style. When gripping the club, make sure that your hands are at least shoulder width apart and that you maintain a light grip pressure throughout your stroke.

Checking Loft and Lie Angle

Loft and lie angle play an important role in how well you hit the ball with your Black Widow putter. Over time, these angles can change due to wear and tear on the clubhead or shaft, or due to changes in temperature or humidity levels. Check these angles regularly to make sure they are correct for optimal performance.

Sharpening Grooves

The grooves on the face of your Black Widow putter help create backspin on the ball when struck correctly. Over time, these grooves can become worn down or damaged, which can affect performance negatively. To maintain optimal performance, you should check them regularly and sharpen them if needed using a quality groove sharpener.

Pros of a Black Widow Putter

The Black Widow putter is a popular choice amongst golfers due to its lightweight design and large sweet spot. Its head is designed to provide more stability, which helps to increase the accuracy of each stroke. It also has a larger face, which helps to increase ball speed off the putter and improve distance control. The putter also has an adjustable weight system, allowing players to customize the feel of the club and optimize their performance. The Black Widow putter also features an alignment system that makes it easy to line up each shot correctly.

Cons of a Black Widow Putter

One potential downside of the Black Widow putter is that it can be difficult to use for players who are used to traditional-style clubs. The club’s larger head can take some getting used to, as it may feel awkward during the putting stroke at first. Additionally, the club’s adjustable weight system makes it more expensive than other types of putters on the market. Lastly, because the club is designed for increased accuracy and stability, some players may find that it does not have as much “feel” as other styles of putters.


The Black Widow Putter is a great choice for those who are looking for a putter that offers both control and accuracy. It has an aerodynamic design, which helps golfers hit their shots with more consistency and accuracy. The clubhead is also very forgiving, making it easy to use even for beginners. The anti-glare finish makes it easier to read the greens, while the weighting system gives players added control when putting. Overall, the Black Widow Putter is a great option for golfers of any skill level.

The Black Widow Putter provides golfers with performance and reliability that is unrivaled in its price range. Its features make it easier for golfers to get the most out of their game, while its style makes it stand out on the course. With its combination of quality and design, the Black Widow Putter is sure to be a favorite among golfers everywhere.