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blue tees vs precision pro

Blue Tees and Precision Pro are two of the leading golf tee brands on the market. Both offer quality products that will improve your game, but they differ in terms of material, design, and performance. Blue Tees are made of a soft rubber material that provides a consistent tee height and allows for easy repositioning. Precision Pro tees feature a durable plastic construction with an adjustable stem to customize the height and angle of your shots. Both products are designed to provide maximum performance and reliability when it comes to your golf game. So which one is right for you? Let’s take a closer look at both to see which one will help you hit the ball farther and straighter!Blue Tees and Precision Pro are two brands of golf tees that are used to help players get the most out of their drives. Both brands offer a variety of options when it comes to golf tees, but they have some differences as well.

Blue Tees offers a variety of tees in different lengths and colors, making them ideal for golfers of all skill levels. They also feature a unique design that allows for greater accuracy and distance on each drive. The tees are also very durable and can withstand multiple uses without breaking or needing to be replaced.

Precision Pro’s offerings include an array of colored tees, ranging from basic colors to bright neon options. They also offer a “Perfect Tee” design that is designed to provide players with the most accurate teeing experience possible. Additionally, Precision Pro’s tees feature a patented “Optimized Core” technology that helps reduce spin while maintaining distance on drives.

Overall, both Blue Tees and Precision Pro offer quality products that can help golfers improve their game. However, Blue Tees’ selection may be better suited for beginners and recreational players due to its variety of lengths and colors, while Precision Pro’s “Perfect Tee” design may be better for more experienced or competitive players who need maximum accuracy.


Blue Tees are made from high quality materials that provide a high level of comfort. The fabric is breathable and lightweight, making it ideal for any activity. The fabric also has a soft feel against the skin, providing a comfortable fit. The fabric is also quick drying and moisture-wicking, helping to keep you cool and dry during physical activities.


Blue Tees are designed to last for years without fading or losing its shape. The fabric is strong and durable, making it resistant to stretching or tearing. The seams are double stitched for extra durability and strength. Additionally, the fabric has been treated with an anti-bacterial treatment which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and odours over time.


Blue Tees come in a variety of styles and designs that can be worn for any occasion. From classic plain designs to bold prints, there’s something for everyone. The range of colours available makes it easy to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe. Additionally, the t-shirts come in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit.


Blue Tees are designed with functionality in mind as well as style. The fabric is lightweight but also strong enough to withstand regular use without losing its shape or colouring. Additionally, the material is moisture-wicking so it helps keep you cool during physical activities such as running or playing sports.

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Precision Pro offers superior accuracy, allowing users to make confident decisions in a variety of situations. With its advanced navigation technology and professional-grade sensors, Precision Pro is able to measure distances accurately up to 1 yard. This ensures that users will get consistent and reliable measurements when they need it most.


The Precision Pro rangefinder is built with durable materials that ensure it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its waterproof and dustproof construction means that it can take the toughest conditions without sacrificing performance. The rangefinder is also shock resistant so it can handle the occasional bump or drop without damaging the internal components.

Ease of Use

The user interface on Precision Pro rangefinders is designed for maximum ease of use. With intuitive menus and simple controls, users can quickly select their desired settings and start using their device with minimal hassle. The rangefinder also provides helpful feedback on each shot, giving users an accurate assessment of their distance from the target.


Precision Pro rangefinders are designed to be versatile enough for a variety of uses. Whether you are out on the golf course or in the woods hunting, this device has you covered with its wide range of features and settings. It also provides useful information such as elevation adjustment and wind speed readings for more precise shots.

Pros of Blue Tees

Using blue tees for golf can have some definite advantages. The most obvious advantage is that they can help golfers hit the ball farther. Blue tees are usually placed farther back from the green than other tees, which gives golfers a better angle to hit the ball and can help them get more distance out of their shots. Additionally, blue tees are usually made of longer, softer materials than other tees, meaning that they absorb more of the impact of the clubhead and allow golfers to hit their shots with more power.

Another benefit of blue tees is that they can make courses easier to play for players who aren’t as experienced as others. This is because the blue tees are set further back than other tee boxes, meaning that the holes are shorter and have fewer obstacles between the tee box and green. This allows novice golfers to focus on hitting the ball well without having to worry about hitting it too far or into a hazard.

Finally, playing with blue tees can help players improve their overall game. Since blue tees are set further back than other tee boxes, it forces players to focus on accuracy rather than distance when taking their shots. This helps them develop better swing mechanics and control over their shots, which can translate into better results when playing from other tee boxes as well.

Cons of Blue Tees

Despite these advantages, there are also some drawbacks to using blue tees for golfing. The main disadvantage is that playing from these tees often requires more time and effort from players since they need to walk further between holes and take longer swings in order to reach the appropriate distance. This can be especially challenging for elderly or less fit players who may struggle with walking long distances or swinging with enough power and accuracy to reach certain targets.

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In addition, playing from blue tees can make courses more difficult for experienced players since it reduces the challenge of certain holes by shortening them significantly. This means that experienced players may find themselves taking fewer risks on certain shots due to lack of challenge or difficulty involved in reaching certain targets from these tee boxes.

Finally, depending on where you play your rounds, you may not be allowed to use blue tees at all due to course regulations or restrictions set by club management. Many courses have rules against using blue tees due to their potential impact on course ratings or overall difficulty levels for various players.

Pros of Precision Pro

Precision Pro golf laser rangefinders are some of the most popular devices on the market today. They provide golfers with accurate distances to targets, enabling them to make better decisions on the course. These rangefinders offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Easy to use – Precision Pro rangefinders are easy to set up and operate, making them ideal for beginners and experienced golfers alike.
  • Accurate readings – Precision Pro rangefinders provide very accurate readings up to 1,000 yards away, giving golfers confidence in their calculations.
  • Compact and lightweight – These rangefinders are small and light enough to fit in a pocket or bag, making them easy to take on the course.
  • Affordable price – The price of a Precision Pro rangefinder is a fraction of what you would pay for a professional-grade model.

Cons of Precision Pro

Despite their many advantages, there are some drawbacks associated with Precision Pro rangefinders. These include:

  • Limited features – While these devices offer basic functions such as distance measurement, they do not have many features that more expensive models have such as slope compensation or pin-seeking technology.
  • Battery life – The battery life on these devices is fairly short compared to other models, so you may need to replace it frequently if you play often.

Cost of Blue Tees vs. Precision Pro

The cost of Blue Tees and Precision Pro golfing products can vary considerably. Blue Tees are typically a fraction of the cost of Precision Pro products, but they don’t have the same performance capabilities. Blue Tees are designed to be more budget-friendly and offer a basic level of accuracy for amateur golfers. On the other hand, Precision Pro products feature advanced technologies and features that make them more accurate and reliable than other golfing products. As a result, they are typically much more expensive than Blue Tees.

When deciding between Blue Tees and Precision Pro golfing products, it is important to consider how often you plan to use them and what level of accuracy you need from your equipment. For occasional or recreational golfers, spending less on Blue Tees may be a better option than investing in more expensive Precision Pro products. However, serious or professional golfers may find that investing in better-quality equipment such as those from Precision Pro is well worth the extra cost in order to get the most out of their game.

Accuracy of Blue Tees vs. Precision Pro

When it comes to golf, accuracy is one of the most important aspects of the game. The accuracy of your shots can make or break your round, and finding the right equipment to help you achieve your desired level of accuracy is essential. Blue tees have long been a popular choice for golfers due to their relative affordability and easy setup, but they lack in precision compared to more modern solutions like Precision Pro golf clubs.

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Precision Pro golf clubs are designed with accuracy in mind, featuring advanced technology such as high-end laser rangefinders and cutting-edge club heads. This enables them to provide accurate feedback on each shot that you take, allowing you to make adjustments as needed in order to improve your game. Additionally, they come with adjustable shafts so that you can customize the weight and loft of each club depending on what kind of shot you’re trying to achieve.

In comparison, blue tees are much more basic and don’t offer the same level of accuracy or adjustability as Precision Pro clubs do. This means that they might be good enough for casual play, but for serious players who need maximum precision, they just don’t cut it. Blue tees also tend to be less durable than their counterparts, meaning they need to be replaced more often which can add up over time.

Overall, it’s clear that when it comes to accuracy, Precision Pro golf clubs are the way to go if you want the most precise performance from your equipment. They may cost a bit more than blue tees initially, but their superior performance will save you money in the long run by reducing your need for replacements and helping you get lower scores on each round.

Durability of Blue Tees vs. Precision Pro

When comparing blue tees and Precision Pro, durability is an important factor to consider. Blue tees are made of plastic, which makes them lightweight and durable. They are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use. On the other hand, Precision Pro is a more expensive product that is made from a combination of metal and plastic components. This combination gives the product a longer life span but makes it more susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

In terms of durability, blue tees are the clear winner as they can withstand a wide variety of conditions without wearing down significantly. They are also much cheaper than Precision Pro, meaning you can get a larger quantity for your money if you plan on using them regularly. The downside is that they may not last as long in extreme conditions as their metal counterparts, so it’s important to consider this when making your purchase decision.

Overall, blue tees offer great value for money in terms of durability but may not be suitable for harsher environments or long-term use. Precision Pro offers better protection from extreme temperatures and weather conditions but comes with a higher price tag. Ultimately it comes down to your needs and budget when deciding which product is best suited for you.


Blue Tees and Precision Pro both offer quality distance-measuring devices that are designed to help golfers improve their game. The main differences between the two are the size and accuracy of the devices. Blue Tees is more compact and lightweight, while Precision Pro is larger and offers more accurate readings. Both products have advantages and disadvantages, so it ultimately comes down to the golfer’s personal preferences when deciding which one to buy.

Overall, Blue Tees seems to be the better choice for golfers who prefer a smaller device that can easily be carried on their person or in a bag. On the other hand, Precision Pro provides a highly accurate measurement of distances with its laser rangefinder, making it the preferred choice for golfers who prioritize accuracy over portability.

No matter which distance-measuring device you choose, you can rest assured that you will be getting a quality product that will help improve your golf game significantly.

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