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bluestone country club membership cost

Bluestone Country Club is a premier private club in the local area, renowned for its excellent golf course and other amenities. Membership at the club is an important privilege that comes with many benefits. The cost of membership varies depending on the type of membership chosen, but regardless of which option is selected, all members enjoy access to exceptional facilities and services. All members can also take advantage of the club’s wide range of social activities and events. With a variety of options available, Bluestone Country Club offers everyone the chance to be part of something special.The cost for a full membership to Bluestone Country Club is $5,500 per year. This fee includes access to all of our amenities and activities, including golf, tennis, swimming, dining and social events. There is also a one-time initiation fee of $2,000. There are several other membership options available for those who wish to pay on a monthly or seasonal basis. Please contact our Membership Department at (xxx) xxx-xxxx for more details regarding pricing and packages.

What Does a Bluestone Country Club Membership Include?

Bluestone Country Club offers its members a wide variety of amenities and services. Members are able to enjoy access to the club’s championship golf courses, club house, dining options, and practice facilities. They also have access to exclusive events, such as tournaments and special members-only gatherings. The club also provides a variety of recreational activities for members, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, and outdoor recreation areas. Additionally, members are eligible for discounted rates on merchandise and food purchases at the club. Finally, Bluestone Country Club offers its members social events and activities throughout the year. These include family-friendly events like barbecues, holiday parties, open houses, and more.

In addition to all these amenities and services offered at the club itself, Bluestone Country Club also provides access to several local attractions. These include nearby beaches and parks as well as cultural sites such as museums and historic sites. Members of Bluestone Country Club are also eligible for discounts on travel packages to resorts in the area. Finally, the club’s membership benefits include access to special promotions from local businesses that partner with the club in order to provide discounts for its members.

Overall, a membership with Bluestone Country Club provides an array of services and amenities designed to make life easier for its members. From discounted rates on merchandise purchases to exclusive events such as tournaments or open houses – there is something for everyone at Bluestone Country Club!


The Bluestone Country Club offers a wide range of golfing activities and amenities for its members. The club has an 18-hole championship golf course, a driving range, and a practice putting green. All of these provide excellent opportunities for members to hone their skills and improve their game. The club also provides access to PGA professionals who can provide lessons and advice on improving your game.

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The Bluestone Country Club boasts two full-sized tennis courts, allowing members to enjoy this classic game in the outdoors. Members have access to private lessons with the club’s professional teaching staff, as well as the opportunity to join in regular tournaments and competitions. The courts are well-maintained and regularly resurfaced, ensuring that they remain in top condition at all times.

Social Events

The Bluestone Country Club hosts numerous social events throughout the year for its members. These include special dinners, cocktail parties, holiday celebrations, and other gatherings that help foster a sense of community among its members. These events are designed to be fun for everyone involved and can be enjoyed by singles or couples alike.

Other Amenities

In addition to its various golfing and tennis amenities, the Bluestone Country Club also offers other recreational facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor lounge area with fire pits, a fitness center with personal trainers available onsite, and much more. These are all great ways for members to stay active while enjoying their time at the club.

How to Become a Member at the Bluestone Country Club

Becoming a member at the Bluestone Country Club is a great way to enjoy all that the club has to offer. From golfing and tennis courts to swimming pools, restaurants, and special events, members have access to an array of fun activities. To become a member, you must first meet the club’s eligibility requirements and then complete the application process.

The Bluestone Country Club requires that applicants be 18 years of age or older and have proof of current residence. Additionally, all applicants must undergo a background check and provide references from two current members of the club. Once these requirements have been met, an application form must be completed and submitted with payment for any applicable fees.

The Bluestone Country Club also offers different membership packages tailored to individual needs and budgets. Depending on which package is chosen, members may pay an initiation fee as well as monthly or annual dues. Those who wish to join can reach out to the club’s Membership Department for more information about membership rates and any other questions they may have.

After submitting the application form and payment information, applicants will receive an email with further instructions on how to complete their registration process. This involves attending an orientation session where new members can learn more about the club’s amenities, policies, and procedures. Upon successful completion of orientation, new members will be issued their membership cards which grants them access to all areas of the club grounds.

Becoming a member at The Bluestone Country Club is just one step away! With its wide variety of amenities and activities available for all ages, there is something for everyone!

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Different Types of Memberships at the Bluestone Country Club

The Bluestone Country Club offers different types of memberships to suit the needs and preferences of all its members. From a full-time membership to a social membership and from a junior membership for children to a corporate membership for businesses, there is something for everyone.

Full-time members enjoy unlimited access to the golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool and other club facilities. They can also take advantage of special discounts on meals, drinks and merchandise. Social members have access to the golf course, tennis courts and swimming pool but do not get any discounts on meals or other services.

Junior members are offered discounted rates for golf lessons, tennis lessons and swimming classes. They also have access to the golf course but are restricted from certain areas. Corporate members can host corporate events at the club as well as enjoy discounts on meals and drinks.

The Bluestone Country Club also offers special packages for family memberships which include discounted rates on golf lessons, tennis lessons and swimming classes as well as discounted meals and drinks during their stay at the club.

No matter what type of membership you choose, you will be sure to enjoy all the amenities that The Bluestone Country Club has to offer!

Payment Options for Joining the Bluestone Country Club

The Bluestone Country Club offers a variety of payment options to make joining our club as easy as possible. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept payments via PayPal and bank transfers. Additionally, we offer monthly payment plans so that you can spread the cost out over several months if desired. For those interested in paying upfront for an entire year or multiple years in advance, we offer a discounted rate for paying in full.

Our team is here to help guide you through the process of joining our club and finding the best payment option that works for your budget and lifestyle. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to ensure that you have a great experience when joining our club. If you have any questions or would like more information about our payment options, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to the Bluestone Country Club!

Additional Fees for Joining the Bluestone Country Club

The Bluestone Country Club offers members a variety of amenities and services. However, in order to use these privileges, members must pay additional fees. These fees include membership dues, initiation fees, food and beverage minimums, court fees, and other miscellaneous charges. Membership dues are required for all memberships and are typically billed annually or semi-annually. Initiation fees vary depending on the type of membership and can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Food and beverage minimums are set by the club board and may change over time. Court fees are assessed based on usage of tennis courts or golf courses and typically start at $25 per hour. Other miscellaneous charges can include locker rental fees, guest fees, administrative fees, equipment rental fees, and more. All of these additional fees may add up quickly but are necessary in order to enjoy the full range of benefits offered by the Bluestone Country Club.

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Costs of Renewing Bluestone Country Club Membership

The Bluestone Country Club offers membership packages that allow members to enjoy all the facilities and amenities of the club. Renewing membership is an annual process that requires members to pay a fee. The costs of renewal vary depending on the type of membership package chosen. For instance, a basic membership package may cost $500 annually, while premium packages may cost up to $1000 per year. Additionally, some members may be subject to additional costs for special activities or events at the club.

Membership fees are typically paid in full at the time of renewal. However, for those who find it difficult to pay in one lump sum, Bluestone Country Club offers a payment plan option. This allows members to pay their fees over several months instead of all at once. Payment plans are subject to approval and may require an additional fee for processing and administration costs.

Bluestone Country Club also offers discounts for seniors and students who wish to renew their membership each year. Senior citizens aged 65 and older receive a 10% discount on their annual membership fees, while students aged 18-25 receive a 25% discount on their annual fees. These discounts can be used as long as the member is able to provide proof of eligibility at the time of renewal.

In addition to annual renewal fees, there are other costs associated with being a member at Bluestone Country Club. As part of their membership agreement, members must also pay a one-time initiation fee when they join the club for the first time. This fee can range from $100-$200 depending on the type of package chosen by the member. Members must also abide by certain dress codes when using certain areas of the club and may incur fines if found violating these rules or regulations.

Renewing your Bluestone Country Club membership is an important part of enjoying all that this luxury club has to offer its members each year. By understanding all associated costs upfront, you can ensure that you are making an informed decision about your renewal each year without any surprises down the line!


The cost of membership at Bluestone Country Club is a great deal considering the amenities and services offered. The club offers a top-notch golf course, a great clubhouse, and plenty of activities for the whole family. With its many benefits and services, Bluestone Country Club is the perfect choice for those who are looking to join a country club.

The cost of membership at Bluestone Country Club includes all the necessary fees for the golf course, clubhouse access, and other activities. The fees are reasonable and affordable for most people. Moreover, members can take advantage of discounts on certain services such as food and beverage purchases. Finally, there are also several payment options available so that members can choose one that best suits their budget.

In conclusion, Bluestone Country Club offers great value for money when it comes to membership costs. It is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of a country club without breaking the bank.

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