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Bob Toski golf clubs are designed for players of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these clubs offer the perfect balance of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. They are crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure durability and performance. The clubs feature a classic design with modern technology and advanced features to help you hit your shots with precision. With Bob Toski golf clubs, you can take your game to the next level.Bob Toski golf clubs are designed by legendary club maker Bob Toski. Bob was a professional golf player who competed in the PGA Tour from 1953 to 1978. He is known for his innovative approach to club design, particularly his iconic “Toski-Swing” style of putting. Bob’s clubs are made with premium materials and feature unique designs that are tailored to the individual golfer. The clubs are designed for maximum power, control, and accuracy with every swing. They also come with a variety of different shafts, grips, and weight options to suit any golfer’s needs. Bob Toski golf clubs provide a quality playing experience that will help golfers of all levels maximize their game.

Types of Bob Toski Golf Clubs

The Bob Toski line of golf clubs is designed to provide golfers with exceptional performance on the course. The range of clubs includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. Each club has been designed with a specific purpose in mind and provides a variety of features to help golfers achieve their goals. Drivers are designed to maximize distance off the tee, while fairway woods are designed for accuracy and control when hitting from the fairway. Hybrids combine the best features of a fairway wood and an iron to provide maximum control when approaching the green. Irons offer precision for mid-distance shots while wedges are designed to provide accuracy and spin around the green. Putters provide optimal control on short shots around the green and help golfers sink those all-important putts. With Bob Toski’s range of golf clubs, golfers can be sure they have all the tools they need to perform their best on the course.

No matter what type of shot you’re trying to hit, there is a Bob Toski club that can help you get it done. Whether you’re looking for maximum distance off the tee or pinpoint accuracy on approach shots, there is a club in this range that can meet your needs. For added convenience, many clubs are available with adjustable shafts that allow players to customize their swing weight and flex for greater performance on every shot. With Bob Toski’s line of golf clubs, you’ll have everything you need to take your game to the next level.

High Quality Materials

Bob Toski Golf Clubs are made with high quality materials that offer superior performance. The clubs are designed to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable for golfers of all skill levels. The clubs feature forgiving heads that provide maximum speed and control when hitting the ball. The clubs also feature shafts made from graphite or steel, allowing golfers to choose the material that best suits their game. Additionally, the clubs come with a variety of different grips which allow golfers to customize their feel and playability.

Innovative Designs

Bob Toski Golf Clubs employ innovative designs that maximize performance. The clubs are designed with a low center of gravity which helps golfers launch the ball higher and farther for increased distance. The clubface is also designed with high-density grooves for enhanced spin and accuracy on shots. Additionally, the clubs feature perimeter weighting which helps golfers achieve more consistent shots no matter where they hit on the face of the club.

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Advanced Technology

Bob Toski Golf Clubs utilizes advanced technology to help golfers improve their game. The clubs come equipped with a variety of technologies such as adjustable lofts, adjustable weights, and interchangeable shafts which allow golfers to customize their club setup to best suit their personal needs. Additionally, Bob Toski’s irons feature Perma Flex technology which provides enhanced flex during shots for improved distance and accuracy.

Superior Performance

Thanks to its high quality materials, innovative designs, and advanced technology, Bob Toski Golf Clubs provide superior performance on the course. With its forgiving heads and adjustable features, these clubs can help any golfer improve their game in a variety of ways. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking to take your game to the next level, Bob Toski Golf Clubs can help you get there!


Bob Toski golf clubs are known for their incredible accuracy. With a combination of precision engineering and innovative design, these clubs offer excellent performance on the golf course. The club heads have been designed to reduce drag and improve accuracy, making them some of the most accurate golf clubs available. The shafts of these clubs are also designed to give players great feedback and control, ensuring that they can make the most accurate shots possible.


Bob Toski golf clubs offer an amazing feel for players. These clubs provide a soft yet powerful feel, allowing golfers to get maximum performance from their shots. The shafts are designed to help players feel the power of their shots while also providing a comfortable grip. This combination of power and comfort makes Bob Toski golf clubs some of the best feeling clubs on the market.


Bob Toski golf clubs are also known for their durability. These clubs are made with high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear from regular use on the course. The club heads have been built to last, ensuring that players can enjoy using them for many rounds without having to worry about damage or wear and tear. Additionally, Bob Toski golf clubs offer a warranty that guarantees their quality and ensures that players can enjoy using them for years to come.


Finally, Bob Toski golf clubs offer great versatility for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, these clubs will help you get the most out of your game. With various shaft options available, you’ll be able to find a club that suits your swing speed and playing style perfectly. And with a wide range of lofts available, you’ll be able to find a club that is ideal for any course or situation you might encounter during a round of golf.

Cost of Bob Toski Golf Clubs

Bob Toski golf clubs are some of the best and most well-known golf clubs available on the market. They are designed to offer maximum performance and accuracy for avid golfers, and they come with a hefty price tag. Depending on the type of club you’re looking for, as well as the quality, the cost of Bob Toski golf clubs can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

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For example, if you’re looking for an entry-level set of Bob Toski golf clubs, you can expect to spend anywhere from $400-$600. These sets are typically made from graphite or steel and include various irons, woods, wedges, and putters. Higher-end models can cost up to $1,000 or more and come with different features such as adjustable weights in the clubhead or improved shafts for increased accuracy.

If you’re looking for individual clubs instead of a complete set, you can expect to pay even more. A single Bob Toski iron or wood could easily cost upwards of $200 each depending on where you buy them from. Additionally, if you’re buying secondhand clubs they may be cheaper but it’s important to make sure they are in good condition before spending your money on them.

No matter how much money you’re willing to spend on Bob Toski golf clubs, one thing is certain: these are some of the highest quality clubs available on the market today and they will provide excellent performance no matter what level golfer you are.

Where to Buy Bob Toski Golf Clubs

If you’re looking for quality golf clubs with a classic feel, then you should look no further than Bob Toski golf clubs. Bob Toski has been designing and creating high-quality golf clubs for decades, and his expertise in the game of golf has been putting smiles on the faces of golfers around the world. Whether you’re a professional golfer or just starting out, Bob Toski has a club for you.

The best place to buy Bob Toski golf clubs is online, as there are many retailers that specialize in selling his products. You can find a variety of different styles and models of clubs to choose from, all at competitive prices. Additionally, many online retailers offer free shipping and generous return policies, making it easy and convenient to purchase your clubs from the comfort of your own home.

Another great option for purchasing Bob Toski golf clubs is your local pro shop or specialty store. Many pro shops have a wide selection of top-of-the-line equipment from some of the best brands in the industry. They also typically provide knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the product before making your purchase.

Finally, if you’d like to get a great deal on Bob Toski golf clubs, consider checking out online auction sites such as eBay or Craigslist. These sites often feature used or refurbished equipment at discounted prices, making them perfect for budget-conscious shoppers looking to save a few bucks without sacrificing quality. Just be sure to do your research before bidding on an item so that you know what condition it is in and how much it is worth.

No matter where you choose to buy Bob Toski golf clubs from, rest assured that you’ll be getting quality equipment that will help improve your game. From traditional designs to modern technology, these products are sure to give you an edge over your competition!

Choosing the Right Bob Toski Golf Club

Bob Toski golf clubs are some of the most popular and sought-after clubs on the market today. They are renowned for their quality construction and precision engineering, making them a great choice for any golfer who wants to take their game to the next level. But with so many different types and models of Bob Toski golf clubs available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Here are some tips on choosing the right Bob Toski golf club for your game.

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The first step in choosing a Bob Toski golf club is to determine your playing style. Are you a power hitter or a finesse player? Do you prefer long irons or shorter woods? Knowing your playing style will help you choose a club that fits your needs.

Next, consider the materials used in your club’s construction. Bob Toski golf clubs are generally made of high-quality materials like titanium or graphite, which provide exceptional durability and performance. Additionally, they come in a variety of shaft flexes, so make sure to pick one that matches your swing speed and style of play.

Finally, think about how often you plan to use your new club. If you’re an avid golfer who plays frequently, then investing in a higher-end model may be worth it in the long run. On the other hand, if you just play casually, then saving money by going with less expensive models may make more sense.

By following these tips, you should be able to easily find the perfect Bob Toski golf club for your game. With their superior craftsmanship and advanced technologies, these clubs will help improve your skills and take your game to new heights!


It is essential to have the correct grip when playing with Bob Toski golf clubs. To ensure a proper grip, the hands should be placed on the grip in such a way that the thumbs are aligned and point down the shaft towards the ground. The left hand should be higher on the handle than the right and both hands should be kept loose but firm. This will help create a more accurate swing path and ensure a smoother stroke.


The stance when using Bob Toski golf clubs is important for achieving maximum power and accuracy. The feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with the toes slightly pointing outward. The knees should be slightly bent to maintain balance and stability throughout the swing. The upper body should remain upright with minimal movement during the backswing and downswing.


The swing is an important factor when using Bob Toski golf clubs. For a smooth, powerful swing, it is important to keep your arms close to your body during the backswing and follow through. It is also important to keep your wrists firm during the downswing in order to generate more club-head speed at impact. To ensure accuracy, aim for an even tempo throughout your swing.

Follow Through

A good follow through is essential when using Bob Toski golf clubs. After impact, it is important to keep your arms extended and allow them to naturally extend beyond your target line as you complete your swing. This will help ensure that you have generated enough power for maximum distance and accuracy off of each shot.


Bob Toski golf clubs are a great way to get into the game of golf. The clubs are high quality, well-constructed, and are available in a variety of different sizes and styles to fit your individual needs. They also provide excellent value for your money, as they provide a great combination of performance, durability, and affordability. Whether you’re an experienced player looking to upgrade or a beginner just starting out, Bob Toski golf clubs are an excellent choice.

The customer service provided by Bob Toski Golf is also top notch. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, providing helpful advice and assistance when needed. They also offer a wide selection of replacement parts and accessories that can help you maintain your clubs over time.

Overall, Bob Toski Golf Clubs offer great performance, durability, affordability, and customer service that make them an ideal choice for any golfer. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, these clubs can help you take your game to the next level.

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