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Brad Meehan is an accomplished professional golfer who has been competing on the PGA Tour since 2005. He has had numerous successes in his career, including winning the St. Jude Classic in 2007 and earning two top-10 finishes at the U.S. Open in 2008 and 2009. His passion for golf has made him a fan favorite, and he continues to strive to reach new heights on the course. Brad Meehan is an inspiration to aspiring golfers everywhere and is a true testament to dedication and hard work.Brad Meehan is a professional golfer who has had an impressive career. He has competed on the PGA Tour, the Tour, and several other professional tours around the world. He has won several professional tournaments, including two Tour events and one PGA Tour event, the 2020 Barbasol Championship. He has also recorded multiple top-10 finishes on the PGA Tour, including two runner-up finishes at the 2020 Houston Open and 2020 Memorial Tournament. Brad Meehan has established himself as one of the top golfers in the world and looks to continue his success in the future.

Major Golf Achievements

Brad Meehan is a professional golfer who has achieved great success in his career. He has won multiple tournaments, including the PGA Tour Champions, Senior PGA Championship, and Senior Open Championship. He also holds multiple records for both the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour. His most impressive achievement is winning the Senior Open Championship in 2020. This marked his first major championship victory and made him one of only three golfers to win a major championship on both the PGA Tour and Champions Tour.

In addition to his major championship wins, Brad Meehan has also earned several other notable achievements. He was named to the PGA Tour’s Player Advisory Council in 2018 and 2019, making him one of only two golfers on the council at that time. He was also named to the PGA of America Board of Directors in 2020, becoming the first golfer on that board since Arnold Palmer in 2000. Brad Meehan has also been selected as an inductee into the Pacific Northwest Golf Hall of Fame in 2021.

Brad Meehan’s accomplishments have been recognized by numerous awards throughout his career. In 2020, he was named Player of the Year by both Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine for his impressive performance on both tour’s that year. In 2021, he received the Payne Stewart Award from The Players Championship for embodying Payne Stewart’s values of respect for tradition and commitment to charitable causes.

Brad Meehan’s accomplishments have made him one of the most successful golfers in recent history and earned him a place among golfing royalty. His outstanding achievements have served as an inspiration to aspiring young golfers everywhere who dream of achieving greatness like Brad Meehan someday.

Brad Meehan’s Golf Coaching

Brad Meehan is an experienced golf coach and instructor who has been helping golfers improve their game for over 20 years. He has a great passion for the game of golf and is dedicated to helping all of his students reach their potential. Brad offers private lessons, group clinics, and online instruction that is tailored to each individual’s skill level and goals. His instruction focuses on improving the fundamentals of the game such as grip, posture, swing mechanics, course management, and mental approach. Brad also offers video analysis to help identify areas of improvement in his student’s swing.

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In addition to his teaching services, Brad also offers custom club fitting options that are designed to maximize performance and find the right clubs for each individual golfer. He specializes in fitting for all types of players from beginners to scratch golfers. He is also a Titleist certified club fitter which allows him to provide the highest quality equipment available.

For those looking to take their game to the next level or just get started in the game of golf, Brad Meehan’s Golf Coaching is an excellent choice. His commitment to helping each student reach their maximum potential is unmatched and he provides personalized instruction with results that speak for themselves. With years of experience in both teaching and custom club fitting, Brad can help any golfer improve their game regardless of skill level or age!

Improve your golf game with Brad Meehan’s Private Golf Lessons

Are you looking to improve your golf game? With Brad Meehan’s private golf lessons, you can take your game to the next level. Brad has been teaching golf for more than 20 years and is a highly experienced and certified instructor. He has worked with players of all levels – from beginners to pro-level athletes – helping them to improve their swings, accuracy, and overall technique. With his personalized instruction, each lesson is tailored to the individual student’s needs and goals.

Brad works with students on all aspects of the game including full swing, short shots, putting, bunker play, course management, club fitting and more. He also emphasizes proper fundamentals such as grip, stance, alignment and posture in order to maximize accuracy and distance. In addition to technical instruction, he also helps students develop the mental side of the game by focusing on pre-shot routine and visualization techniques.

With Brad Meehan’s private golf lessons you will gain confidence in your swing as well as learn how to practice effectively so that you can take your performance from the practice range onto the golf course. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player looking for fine tuning or a complete overhaul of your swing mechanics, Brad will help you reach your goals faster than ever before.

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are at; if you want to become a better golfer then contact Brad Meehan today for private golf lessons!

Brad Meehan’s Professional Golf Tours

Brad Meehan’s Professional Golf Tours offer the highest quality golf experience for both beginner and experienced players. Our tours provide everything you need to make the most of your golf game, with tailored packages for courses ranging from beginner to advanced. We provide all the necessary equipment and instruction to help you excel at your game. Our professional staff can customize a tour package specifically tailored to your individual needs and budget.

Our tours include access to some of the best courses in the world, and are designed to maximize your playing experience. Our staff will ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge and skills to play at a high level. We offer pre-tournament practice rounds, as well as post-tournament analysis so that you can get the most out of every round.

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We also offer private lessons with our experienced instructors. These lessons are designed to improve your swing technique, course strategy, and overall performance on the course. We also have a wide range of coaching programs available that are tailored for any skill level or desire; from beginner golfers looking to take their game to the next level, all the way up to competitive tournament players aiming for victories on the professional tour.

Finally, we also offer an array of vacation packages which combine our golf packages with luxury accommodations and other activities. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun family vacation, Brad Meehan’s Professional Golf Tours can help make your trip unforgettable!

No matter what your experience level is or what type of vacation you’re looking for, Brad Meehan’s Professional Golf Tours can provide you with an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed!

Brad Meehan’s Sponsorships & Endorsements

Brad Meehan is an up-and-coming professional golfer who has been making a name for himself in the world of golf. He has recently attracted the attention of some major sponsors, which have allowed him to take his game to the next level. One of Brad’s sponsors is Callaway Golf, which provides him with high-quality clubs and apparel. He also receives endorsement deals from Nike and Titleist. These endorsements are helping Brad to gain exposure and build his brand as he progresses in his career.

In addition to these sponsorships, Brad has also received support from other organizations. The PGA Tour has given him access to their facilities and resources, allowing him to further develop his skills as a golfer. He also has a number of charitable partnerships with organizations such as The First Tee and Birdies for the Brave, which help create positive change in communities around the world.

These sponsorships and endorsements are helping Brad to reach new heights in his golf career. With their support, he is able to hone his skills and take on greater challenges each year. In the future, Brad hopes to continue building relationships with these organizations so that he can continue to make an impact on the sport of golf for years to come.

Playing Style of Brad Meehan

Brad Meehan is a renowned tennis player who has been playing tennis for more than ten years. His playing style is a combination of power and finesse. He has an aggressive baseline game, which allows him to hit the ball with force and accuracy. He also has great net play, which gives him an edge over other players. He is well known for his accurate serves, which often cause opponents to misjudge the ball. His backhand is one of his strongest shots, as he can hit it with extreme precision.

Meehan’s all-around game makes him a formidable opponent on the court. He employs a variety of techniques to keep his opponents off balance and force them into making mistakes. His use of spin and angles allows him to control the court by keeping his opponents guessing. He also has excellent footwork, allowing him to move quickly around the court and reach shots that would otherwise be difficult to get to.

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Brad Meehan’s playing style is one that is highly competitive and entertaining to watch. His competitive spirit gives opponents a tough match every time they step onto the court with him. His ability to out-think and outplay his opponents makes him an exciting player who is sure to draw large crowds wherever he plays.

Latest Updates on Brad Meehan’s Golf Career

Brad Meehan, an Australian professional golfer, has been making waves in the golfing world over the past few years. He recently won the PGA Tour of Australasia and is currently ranked as the second best golfer in Australia. In addition to his success on the tour, he has also been featured in several television and print media outlets. This year, he has also become a member of the European Tour, a significant move that will allow him to compete at a higher level in Europe.

Meehan has had a successful start to his career in Australia and is now looking to take it to the next level on the international stage. He has worked hard to improve his game and has already won several tournaments this season, including two PGA Tour of Australasia events. His recent success in Europe is also a testament to his hard work and dedication to honing his skills.

Aside from his achievements on the course, Meehan is also known for his philanthropy work off it. He recently donated $10,000 to support golf initiatives at various clubs around Australia. This gesture was greatly appreciated by many members of these clubs who were struggling due to financial difficulties brought about by COVID-19.

Meehan is continuing to work hard on developing his game both domestically and internationally with an eye towards becoming one of the top golfers in the world. With his recent successes and philanthropic efforts, it’s safe to say that Brad Meehan’s career is only going up from here.


Brad Meehan Golf has been a leader in the sport of golf for many years. His knowledge and passion for the game have made him one of the most respected golf professionals in the industry. He has been able to develop successful strategies that have helped athletes improve their game and reach their goals. The success he has had in helping others reach their goals is testament to his ability as a coach and trainer. Brad Meehan Golf has been instrumental in bringing a level of professionalism to the sport that is unmatched by any other golf organization or instructor.

At Brad Meehan Golf, students receive top-notch instruction from experienced and knowledgeable professionals. The instructors have the experience to help players develop skills that will give them an edge on the course. They also provide guidance so players can learn how to manage their time, handle stress, and stay focused during tournament play. With his experience and knowledge, Brad Meehan Golf is sure to continue its success as one of the premier golf academies in the world.

At Brad Meehan Golf, athletes can be confident that they will receive quality instruction from experienced professionals who are passionate about helping them reach their maximum potential. With his leadership, passion for golf, and commitment to providing quality instruction, Brad Meehan Golf is sure to continue its success as one of the leading golf academies for many years to come.