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Brian Harman is an American professional golfer who currently plays on the PGA Tour. He is a two-time winner on the PGA Tour and has enjoyed success in other professional events including the US Open, the WGC-HSBC Champions, and several European Tour events. He has represented the United States at several international competitions and has been ranked as high as inside the top-30 of the Official World Golf Ranking. Born in Macon, Georgia, in 1986, Harman began playing golf at a young age and went on to attend college at the University of Georgia where he was a four-year letterman in golf.Brian Harman’s winning club setup includes a Callaway GBB Epic Driver, a Callaway Apex MB Irons 3-PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold X7 shafts, an Odyssey Toulon Madison Putter, and a Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball.

What Golf Clubs Does Brian Harman Use?

Brian Harman is one of the most successful professional golfers on the PGA Tour. His clubs of choice are Callaway XR and Odyssey putters. He has been playing with this set up since 2013, and continues to trust them for his success on the green.

Harman prefers a Callaway XR 16-degree driver, paired with an Odyssey White Hot RX 2-ball putter. He also uses Coore Caddie irons (3-9) and a Callaway X Utility hybrid (16-degree).

Harman has always been a fan of Callaway clubs, citing their durability, accuracy, and forgiveness. He believes that their clubs give him an advantage over competitors when it comes to hitting accurate shots on the course. He is also a fan of Odyssey putters, saying that their feel and balance help him to control his shots better than other brands.

In addition to his clubs, Harman carries a full bag filled with Callaway balls. He says that their softness helps him to hit shots with more power and accuracy than harder models.

Overall, Brian Harman has great success when it comes to golfing with his clubs of choice – Callaway XR and Odyssey putters. His preference for these brands speaks volumes about how much he trusts them for his game. Thanks to these trusted brands, he continues to have success on the green year after year.

What Is Brian Harman’s Winning Putter?

Brian Harman is a professional golfer who recently won the Wells Fargo Championship in 2017. He did so with the help of a specially designed putter, which was created by Odyssey Golf. The putter is called the Odyssey White Hot Pro #2 and it is designed to give golfers the best possible feeling when they are putting. The putter has a variety of features that make it perfect for the game and for Brian Harman’s style of play.

The first feature of the Odyssey White Hot Pro #2 putter is its weight. It has a slightly heavier head than traditional putters, which allows golfers to maintain control even when they are hitting long shots. The weight also helps to keep the ball on line, especially on difficult greens. This helps to ensure that golfers can make their shots with confidence and accuracy.

The second feature of this putter is its design. It has an adjustable hosel that allows golfers to customize their feel and performance on the green. This helps them get the most out of every shot, while also being able to adjust their style depending on their skill level or playing conditions.

Finally, the Odyssey White Hot Pro #2 putter also features face-balanced technology which allows golfers to have more consistency in their stroke, as well as more control over how far they hit each shot. This technology helps golfers make better decisions when lining up their shots, which can be crucial when playing a course like Wells Fargo Championship which had some very tricky greens.

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Brian Harman’s use of the Odyssey White Hot Pro #2 putter paid off as he was able to win his first PGA Tour event in 2017 with it by his side. He has since gone on to use this same putter in many other tournaments, proving that this club design really does work for him and could work for many other golfers as well!

Brian Harman’s Winning Driver Set Up

Brian Harman is one of the top golfers in the world. He has won numerous tournaments, including the 2017 US Open. His success can be attributed to a combination of talent and hard work, but one of the most important parts of his game is his driver setup. Harman has developed an excellent driver set up that allows him to hit long, powerful drives with great accuracy.

Harman’s driver set up includes a number of elements that work together to create an effective and consistent swing. He starts with a 460cc driver head, which has a slightly closed face angle and low spin rate for maximum distance. He uses a stiff-flex shaft and sets his lie angle to be slightly upright for increased accuracy. He also uses a heavier head weight for more stability on off-center hits, and he prefers a longer shaft length for more clubhead speed.

In addition to the physical elements of his driver setup, Harman also takes time to practice and refine his swing technique. He focuses on keeping his elbow tucked close to his body during the backswing, which helps him maintain control over his clubhead speed. He also rotates his torso through impact to ensure that he is hitting square contact with the ball every time. This helps him generate both power and accuracy off the tee box.

Harman’s winning setup is not just limited to his driver; he also puts careful consideration into all aspects of his golf game, from shot selection to club selection. However, it is clear that having an effective driver set up plays an important role in helping him achieve success on the golf course. By taking advantage of all these elements, Brian Harman has created one of the most successful drivers in professional golf today.

Analyzing Brian Harman’s Winning Wedge Game

Brian Harman is one of the most successful professional golfers in the world. He is a two-time PGA Tour winner, and recently won the Wells Fargo Championship. His success is due in large part to his mastery of the wedge game. By understanding and executing the shots required to play well in this area of golf, Harman has been able to take his game to a higher level.

Harman’s wedge game is based on two simple principles: accuracy and distance control. He uses a variety of different shots from various distances to ensure that he can hit the ball exactly where he wants it to go. He also utilizes spin and trajectory control to manipulate his ball flight when needed.

Harman’s ability to manipulate his ball flight makes him particularly dangerous around the greens. His short game is extremely precise, allowing him to hit accurate approach shots and get up-and-down from difficult spots. He also has a knack for making long putts, which has allowed him to stay ahead of the competition on numerous occasions.

The key for any golfer looking to improve their wedge game is practice and repetition. Harman’s success is no accident; it comes from countless hours spent honing his craft on the range and on the course. By focusing on accuracy and distance control, players can emulate some of Harman’s best traits when it comes to wedges play.

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Brian Harman’s Fairway Woods Game

Brian Harman is a professional golfer who has developed an impressive game with his fairway woods. He relies on a combination of finesse and power to hit shots with accuracy and distance. Harman has developed a unique approach to the game, using his fairway woods to take advantage of any terrain or wind condition that he faces. He typically plays his fairway woods off the tee, aiming for the center of the fairway and allowing himself plenty of room for error.

Harman also uses his fairway woods from the rough, often using them when he needs to hit an accurate shot but doesn’t have a great lie. He takes a similar approach from the rough as he does off the tee, aiming for the center of the green rather than trying to hit it close. This allows him to get out of trouble without sacrificing too much yardage.

When playing from the fairway, Harman prefers to use his 3-wood instead of his driver. He believes this gives him more control over his shots and allows him to play more accurately when hitting into greens with tight pins. Additionally, this club provides him with more loft than a driver, allowing him to hit higher shots into greens that are well guarded by bunkers or water hazards.

Finally, Harman takes advantage of wind conditions when playing his fairway woods. If there is a strong headwind he will use a lower lofted club in order to keep the ball low and reduce its flight time, while if there is a tailwind he will use a higher lofted club in order to maximize distance and keep it in the air longer. By taking into account wind conditions when playing his fairway woods, Harman is able to maximize each shot’s potential regardless of what kind of conditions he faces on any given day.

Overall, Brian Harman has developed an impressive approach to using his fairway woods in golf. By taking into account factors such as terrain, wind conditions and lie quality, he is able to make strategic decisions about which club will best suit each situation he finds himself in on any given hole. This allows him to play aggressively while still maintaining accuracy and distance control over every shot he hits with his fairway woods.

Brian Harman’s Irons Shafts

Professional golfer Brian Harman is known for his long, accurate iron play. He has chosen the KBS Tour 90 shafts for his irons, which provide a stiffer feeling at impact to increase precision and accuracy. The shafts are made from high-grade steel and are designed to provide maximum energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball for added distance. They also feature a low torque design that reduces spin and helps keep shots straight and true. The KBS Tour 90 shafts feature a progressive step pattern along the length of the shaft for optimal performance throughout the entire set of irons.

The KBS Tour 90 shafts have been designed to reduce vibration and shock on impact, giving players like Harman a more consistent feel throughout their swing. The improved feel allows them to hit more consistently from different lies on the course, leading to improved accuracy and distance on their shots. The shafts also feature an aerodynamic design that helps reduce drag during the swing, helping them generate more clubhead speed for added distance.

Harman has chosen KBS Tour 90 shafts because they help him get maximum performance from his irons. With their progressive step pattern, reduced vibration, low torque design, and aerodynamic shape, these shafts are ideal for players like Harman looking to get maximum performance from their irons without sacrificing accuracy or consistency in their game.

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Examining the Hybrids in Brian Harman’s Setup

Golfers around the world have been taking a closer look at the equipment that professional players use to gain an edge on the course. One of the most interesting pieces of equipment used by many pros is their hybrid clubs. Recently, PGA Tour player Brian Harman has been using a set of hybrids to great effect and it’s worth taking a closer look at what makes them so effective.

Harman’s setup includes a pair of Titleist 816H1 hybrids, one in 19 degrees and another in 22 degrees. The 816H1 is a hollow-bodied hybrid club that offers excellent distance control and forgiveness thanks to its innovative design. These clubs are made from high-grade steel and feature adjustable weights on the sole which allow golfers to adjust their launch angle and spin rate.

The 816H1 also features Titleist’s patented Active Recoil Channel technology which helps increase ball speed across the face for greater accuracy and distance. This technology is designed to help golfers achieve consistent performance regardless of where they strike the ball on the clubface.

Harman’s setup also includes a set of Titleist AP1 714 irons which are designed for maximum forgiveness and playability in all conditions. The AP1 714 irons feature an undercut cavity design that helps reduce vibration while providing more stability on off-center hits. They also feature progressive face thickness technology which increases ball speed on off-center hits as well as an advanced sole design which provides improved turf interaction for better performance from all lies, including rough terrain.

By combining his 816H1 hybrids with his AP1 714 irons, Harman has created a powerful combination that allows him to attack courses with confidence and precision. It’s no surprise that this combination has been so successful for him, as it provides maximum control, distance, and forgiveness for every shot he takes on the course.


Brian Harman is an accomplished golfer with many accomplishments under his belt. He has won multiple tournaments and made a name for himself on the PGA Tour. His win at the Wells Fargo Championship in 2017 was a significant one, as it was his first win on the Tour. He is known for his consistent play and for making clutch putts when he needs them most.

Brian Harman’s success on the PGA Tour has been largely due to his mental toughness and focus. He is able to stay calm in the heat of competition which allows him to focus on what he needs to do in order to succeed. He is also willing to take risks, which gives him the ability to come up with creative solutions and strategies during tournaments.

Overall, Brian Harman is an excellent golfer who has established himself as a winner on the PGA Tour. His mental game and willingness to take risks have helped him become one of the top golfers in the world today. With that being said, Brian Harman’s success can be attributed not only to his skill as a golfer but also to his determination and focus when it comes to achieving success on the golf course.

Harman continues to show why he belongs in elite company by competing against some of golf’s best players week in and week out on tour. He is always working hard trying to improve his game so that he can stay at the top of leaderboards around the world. As long as he continues this same work ethic, there is no reason why harman can’t continue having success at this level for years to come.

In conclusion, Brian Harman has proven himself time and time again that he deserves all of the recognition he receives as one of today’s premier professional golfers. His commitment and dedication towards improving his game make him a player who will be remembered for years to come for all that he has achieved throughout his career on tour so far.