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brooks koepka what’s in the bag 2022

Brooks Koepka is one of the top professional golfers in the world. He is a four-time major champion and currently holds the world number one ranking. Koepka has had an impressive career thus far, winning multiple PGA Tour events and majors. His latest win came at the 2021 PGA Championship where he shot a record-breaking 264 to take home the title. As Koepka continues to compete on the highest level, it’s always exciting to see what’s in his bag for each tournament. For 2022, Koepka will be competing with some of the best equipment available on tour and is sure to be a contender for any event he participates in.Brooks Koepka’s bag for 2022 will likely include a driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, a set of irons (2-9), pitching wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. He may also have a putter and a hybrid club. In addition, he is likely to have a variety of golf balls and other accessories in his bag.

Brooks Koepka’s 2022 Bag

Golf superstar Brooks Koepka is gearing up for a big season in 2022 and is expected to have some new clubs in his bag. As one of the longest hitters on tour, Koepka is always looking to maximize his distance off the tee. He has experimented with different shafts and clubheads over the years, and now he looks set to make some changes for next season.

Koepka currently plays with a Callaway Rogue Sub Zero driver, but he is reportedly considering switching to the TaylorMade SIM Max. The SIM Max offers more forgiveness and better launch conditions than the Sub Zero, which could help Koepka maximize his distance off the tee even further. He may also be making a switch in fairway woods, as he could opt for TaylorMade’s M5 or M6 models over his current Callaway Epic Flash model.

As for irons, Koepka has used Callaway’s Apex MB model since 2017 and is unlikely to make any changes there. However, he could switch out his wedge setup for something else. Currently, Koepka plays Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedges, but he may opt for Titleist’s Vokey SM8 wedges instead as they offer more spin control and better feel around the greens.

Finally, in terms of putters, Koepka has been using an Odyssey White Hot Pro 2-ball since 2019 and it looks like that won’t change anytime soon. He seems very comfortable with this putter and has consistently been one of the best putters on tour since switching to it.

It will be interesting to see what changes Brooks Koepka makes ahead of the 2022 season. He always experiments with different clubs in order to maximize performance, so it will be exciting to see what kind of set up he goes with next year!

Putters in Brooks Koepka’s Bag for 2022

Brooks Koepka has been one of the most successful professional golfers in recent years, and his impressive game is certainly reflected in the clubs he carries. As of 2021, Koepka has several putters in his bag, and that is likely to remain unchanged for 2022.

The first putter is a Scotty Cameron Phantom X 8. This putter is designed with a soft face insert for enhanced feel and sound, allowing the golfer to have more confidence on the green. The smooth milled face offers a consistent roll with each shot, making it a great choice for Koepka’s bag.

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The second putter is a TaylorMade Spider X Chalk. This mallet-style putter has a high MOI (moment of inertia), meaning it is much less prone to twisting on off-center hits than traditional blade style putters. It also features an adjustable hosel which allows players to fine-tune their lie angle for improved accuracy and distance control.

The third putter in Koepka’s bag will likely be an Odyssey Triple Track Ten. This mallet-style putter features three lines on its face which help golfers line up their shots better by providing feedback on how they are aiming the ball. It also has an adjustable sole weighting system which allows players to customize their swing weight depending on their individual needs.

Finally, Koepka will likely keep his current favorite putter in his bag as well – the Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura 6M2. This mallet-style club features a multi-material design which provides balance and forgiveness, while still providing plenty of feedback and feel when putting. With its combination of performance and looks, it’s no surprise that this putter remains one of Koepka’s favorites for 2022.

With these four different models of putters in his bag, Brooks Koepka is sure to have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the right club for any given situation on the course this season. With such an impressive selection of clubs at his disposal, we can expect even more great performances from one of golf’s greatest players this year!

What’s in Brooks Koepka’s Bag for 2022?

In 2022, Brooks Koepka will return to the PGA Tour armed with a new set of clubs. The four-time major champion is currently in the process of upgrading his equipment, and it looks like he may be gearing up for a big year.

Koepka’s current bag consists of a TaylorMade SIM driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood, as well as Mizuno MP-20 irons. He also carries a TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe wedge and a Scotty Cameron Futura X5M putter.

Now that Koepka has signed with Callaway Golf, he’s expected to switch out all of his clubs for the brand’s latest offerings. At the top of the list is likely to be Callaway’s Epic Speed driver and fairway woods, which have been praised for their distance and forgiveness.

Koepka could also make the switch to Callaway’s Apex Pro irons, which feature an ultra-thin clubface for maximum ball speed and distance performance. He could also opt to add one or two of Callaway’s JAWS MD5 wedges into his bag for added spin control around the greens.

Finally, Koepka could look to upgrade his putter by switching to one of Callaway’s Odyssey Stroke Lab models. The Stroke Lab line offers improved feel and stability thanks to its new graphite shaft technology.

Whatever clubs Brooks Koepka chooses to add to his bag in 2022, it looks like he’ll have plenty of options when it comes to getting dialed in with new equipment. With any luck, this newfound confidence in his clubs will help him take home another major title or two in 2021!

Irons in Brooks Koepka’s Bag for 2022

Brooks Koepka has always been known for his exceptional iron play, and he is sure to bring his A-game in the 2022 season. His bag for the upcoming season will be filled with some of the best irons on the market, all designed to help him shoot low scores and dominate the competition.

The first iron in Koepka’s bag will be the TaylorMade P790 UDI, which features a hollow-body construction that helps to provide more forgiveness and distance. The ultra-thin face also helps generate more ball speed, while the progressive center of gravity makes it easy to get into a consistent launch condition. The P790 UDI is a great choice for players who want a combination of distance and feel.

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Next up is the Titleist T200 irons, which feature an innovative tungsten weighting system that provides added stability and forgiveness on off-center hits. The face also features ultra-thin laser milling technology that helps to promote higher launch angles and increased spin rates for added control around the greens. For those seeking a combination of power and precision, these are some of the best irons available.

Also making its way into Koepka’s bag is the Callaway Apex MB iron set. These are blade-style clubs constructed with soft forged 1025 carbon steel, allowing for incredible feel at impact while still providing plenty of distance off the tee. The irons also feature an advanced groove pattern along with urethane microspheres that help promote spin consistency from shot to shot.

Finally, there’s the Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Pro irons set, which are designed with Chromoly 4140M construction material that provides a softer feel at impact without sacrificing any distance or accuracy. The ultra-thin face also helps generate more ball speed off each shot, while variable face thickness technology ensures consistent performance on every swing.

Brooks Koepka’s bag is sure to be filled with some very impressive irons in 2022, giving him all he needs to get out onto the course and dominate his opponents. With these top-of-the-line clubs at his disposal, there’s no telling how low he can go!

Brooks Koepka’s Wedges for 2022

Professional golfer Brooks Koepka is always on the lookout for the latest technology and the best equipment to improve his game. Recently, he has been testing out a few new wedges that he plans to add to his bag for the 2022 golf season.

Koepka is known for his power off the tee, and he has certainly found success with his current set of clubs. However, he believes that having the right wedges can make a big difference in how well he plays on the greens. The US Open champion has been experimenting with several different models from leading brands like Titleist, Callaway, and Mizuno.

Koepka’s current wedges are designed to maximize distance and accuracy from all types of lies. With his new wedges, he will be looking for maximum control and spin around the greens. He is also looking for wedges that will give him more options in certain situations so that he can attack the pin from any angle or trajectory.

As part of his testing process, Koepka has been taking these new wedges out on course to see how they perform in real-world conditions. He has already made some adjustments to some of them based on his feedback from playing rounds with them. With a few more tweaks, it looks like we might see him add these new wedges to his bag by mid-2022.

Brooks Koepka is always striving to improve his game and it looks like he’s found a few promising options in some new wedges. It will be interesting to see if these additions help him become even stronger on the greens by the time 2022 rolls around!

Hybrids in Brooks Koepka’s Bag for 2022

Professional golfer Brooks Koepka is always looking for ways to improve his game, and he recently announced that he will be adding hybrids to his bag for the 2022 season. Hybrids are a type of club that combine the best aspects of irons and woods, making them easier to use and more effective on the course. Koepka believes that the hybrids will help him hit more consistent shots, and give him an edge over his opponents.

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The new hybrids in Brooks Koepka’s bag will feature a larger head size than traditional irons, giving him more forgiveness on off-center hits. They also feature a lower center of gravity which helps get the ball airborne more easily. The hybrid design also makes it easier to launch shots from different lies, such as tight lies or fairway bunkers.

Koepka has been working closely with his equipment manufacturer to develop a set of hybrids specifically tailored to his game. He has tested several prototypes during practice rounds and believes they could be a real game changer for him next season. He is excited to see how they perform on the course and is confident that they can help him take his game to the next level.

The addition of hybrids to Brooks Koepka’s bag is just one example of how professional golfers are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. It will be interesting to see how these new clubs perform when they are put into action during tournament play next year!

Accessories in Brooks Koepka’s Bag for 2022

Brooks Koepka, a four-time major champion, is one of the best players in the game. In 2022, he’ll be looking to add more trophies to his collection and may need some new accessories to help him do it. Koepka’s bag already features some of the best clubs and gear available, but there are plenty of other accessories that could give him an edge. Here are a few items that could be included in Koepka’s bag for 2022:

First, golfers need a good pair of shoes. A comfortable pair of shoes can make a big difference on the course, especially during long rounds. Koepka has been known to wear Nike shoes on the course and could benefit from investing in a new pair for 2022. Additionally, he might want to look into spikes that will provide better grip and stability as he swings.

Next, golfers need to stay hydrated during their rounds. A good water bottle or hydration pack is essential for anyone playing long rounds in hot weather. For this reason, Koepka might want to consider adding a lightweight hydration system to his bag for 2022. This will ensure that he stays hydrated throughout his rounds.

Finally, golfers should always have a towel handy while on the course. A good towel can be used for wiping down clubs or drying off sweat during hot days on the course. Koepka should consider investing in a lightweight microfiber towel that is easy to carry around with him while playing.

These are just some of the accessories that could be included in Brooks Koepka’s bag for 2022. With these items at his disposal, he’ll have all the tools he needs to compete at an even higher level than before. It’ll be exciting to see what kind of success he has with these new additions!


Brooks Koepka is a world-class golfer that continues to be at the top of his game. He has shown us time and time again that he is always willing to work hard and push himself to the limit in order to achieve success. His impressive What’s In The Bag 2022 performance has demonstrated his commitment to excellence and his ability to take on any challenge. With a combination of skill, determination, and dedication, Koepka will continue to be one of the game’s greats for years to come.

Koepka’s performance in What’s In The Bag 2022 proves that he is one of golf’s elite players. His technical expertise and competitive drive have propelled him into the top ranks of professional golfers and will continue to make him a formidable presence on the course for years to come. With a consistent focus on improvement and dedication to excellence, Brooks Koepka will remain a leader in professional golf for many years ahead.

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