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Brooks Koepka is the most successful American golfer of the modern era, with four major championship victories and two PGA Player of the Year awards to his name. He has also been a consistent presence on the World Golf Rankings since his breakout 2017 season. In 2021, he is set to embark on an exciting new chapter in his career as he returns to action with a freshly signed contract with TaylorMade for 2022. Koepka brings an impressive combination of power and accuracy to the sport that has earned him many accolades over the years, and he is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming season.As of 2021, Brooks Koepka’s WITB (bag setup) consists of the following: a Titleist TSi3 driver, a TaylorMade SIM Max 3-wood, a TaylorMade SIM Max hybrid 5, PXG 0311T irons (4-PW), Titleist Vokey Design SM8 wedges (52, 56 and 60 degrees), a Scotty Cameron Phantom X 6 Putter and Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.

What Driver is in Brooks Koepka’s 2022 WITB?

Brooks Koepka has been one of the most successful professional golfers over the past few years, and his success is only continuing to grow. He is always looking for ways to improve his game, and that includes the equipment he uses. One of the most important clubs in any golfer’s bag is their driver, and so it’s no surprise that Koepka has been trying out different drivers to find the perfect fit for his game. So what driver is in Brooks Koepka’s 2022 WITB?

The answer is that Brooks Koepka currently has a TaylorMade SIM MAX driver as part of his WITB (bag). This driver is one of the most popular on tour right now and was designed with input from some of the best golfers in the world, including Koepka himself. The SIM MAX features a larger head size than some other drivers on the market, which helps increase ball speed and distance off the tee. The club also features a lightweight design with an adjustable sole plate that allows golfers to adjust their launch angle and spin rate for greater control. Overall, this driver has been a great fit for Koepka’s game and should continue to help him stay at the top of leaderboards around the world.

It’s clear that Brooks Koepka knows what he needs from his equipment, and he puts a great deal of thought into what goes into his bag each year. His current driver selection shows he is serious about improving his game and always looking for new ways to get better. He may switch things up over time, but as of now it looks like TaylorMade SIM MAX driver will be part of Brooks Koepka’s 2022 WITB.

Brooks Koepka’s 2022 WITB

Brooks Koepka is one of the most successful professional golfers in the world and his choice of clubs has been a topic of great interest in the golfing community. One club that Brooks Koepka is known to use is his fairway wood. This club is highly versatile and can be used from various lies on the course. Brooks Koepka’s fairway wood of choice for 2022 is the TaylorMade SIM Max. This club has been designed to help golfers get maximum distance and accuracy from their shots, as well as providing excellent control and feel. The SIM Max features a new ‘Speed Pocket’ technology which helps to reduce spin off the face of the club, making it easier to launch shots into the air with plenty of distance. The head shape also provides an excellent sweet spot for consistent performance from all types of lies.

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Overall, this is an excellent option for Brooks Koepka in 2022 and one which should provide him with plenty of performance benefits when playing from various lies on the course. With its combination of distance, accuracy, control and feel, it is sure to be a popular choice amongst golfers looking for improved performance from their fairway woods.

Brooks Koepka’s 2022 WITB

Golf fans are always looking forward to the latest and greatest gear that top professionals are using on tour. One of the most iconic players in the game today is Brooks Koepka, so it’s no surprise that golfers around the world want to know what’s in his bag. With the 2022 season quickly approaching, we take a look at what irons Brooks Koepka will be using in his bag for the upcoming season.

Koepka has been using TaylorMade irons for much of his career and he is expected to continue this trend into the upcoming season. He has had great success with TaylorMade’s P7TW and P790 irons, so it’s likely that he will stick with these two models as his game continues to evolve. He may also opt for a new set of irons from TaylorMade’s M6 or M5 lineup if he decides to make a change.

In addition to TaylorMade, Koepka could also look at some of the other top iron manufacturers in the game like Callaway or Titleist. He has previously experimented with Callaway’s X-Forged and Apex Pro irons and could opt for one of these models again if he feels they offer him an advantage over his current set. Titleist also makes some great players’ irons like their 718 AP2 and T-MB models which could be an option as well.

Whichever set of irons Brooks Koepka chooses for 2022, one thing is certain – it will be one of the highest performing sets on tour. With his proven track record of success with TaylorMade, it seems likely that he will continue to use their clubs in his bag next year but only time will tell what his final decision will be.

Hybrids in Brooks Koepka’s 2022 WITB

Brooks Koepka is one of the most successful golfers in the world today. He has won four major championships, including two US Opens, and has been ranked as high as third in the world. As such, it is no surprise that he has a highly-regarded bag of clubs, which includes a number of hybrids.

Hybrids are becoming increasingly popular among golfers of all levels due to their versatility and ability to replace long irons. Brooks Koepka is no exception and his bag contains three different hybrids: a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 4-hybrid, a TaylorMade M5 3-hybrid, and a Ping G410 5-hybrid. Each of these clubs offers different characteristics to help him maximize his performance on the course.

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The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 4-hybrid is designed for maximum distance and forgiveness, making it an ideal choice for Brooks Koepka’s game. The TaylorMade M5 3-hybrid provides more control and accuracy than its longer counterparts while still offering plenty of distance. The Ping G410 5-hybrid offers great forgiveness on off-center shots and can be used to launch higher shots from difficult lies.

These three hybrids offer Brooks Koepka a wide variety of options when it comes to hitting shots of varying distances and trajectories. By having these hybrids in his bag, he is able to tailor his game plan depending on the course conditions or type of shot he needs to hit. This gives him an edge over his competitors who may not have access to such versatile clubs in their bags.

Overall, it is clear that Brooks Koepka has assembled an impressive bag with some top quality hybrids included in it for 2022. By having access to these clubs, he will be able to further refine his game and continue competing at the highest level for many years to come.

Brooks Koepka’s Wedges in 2022 WITB

Brooks Koepka is one of the most successful professional golfers of his generation and is known for his world-class wedge play. He has had an impressive career, having won four major championships and consistently performing at a high level on tour. As such, it is no surprise that he has put careful thought into the wedges he uses in his bag. In 2022, Koepka is likely to use a combination of Titleist Vokey Design SM8 wedges and TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges.

The Titleist Vokey Design SM8 wedges are some of the most popular on tour due to their exceptional performance and craftsmanship. They feature an advanced spin-milled technology which allows for greater spin control, ensuring that shots fly longer and more accurately. Additionally, they come with seven different sole grinds that provide different levels of playability and versatility depending on the situation.

In addition to the Vokey wedges, Koepka is likely to use TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges in his bag. These wedges have been designed with input from some of the best players in the world and feature a CNC milled face for maximum spin and control. They also come with adjustable weights which allow players to adjust their swing weight depending on their preferences.

Ultimately, Brooks Koepka’s choice of wedges will be key to his success in 2022 and beyond. He has chosen two top-tier models from two different manufacturers which will give him all the performance he needs while also providing him with enough versatility to be able to adjust depending on course conditions or other factors. With these wedges in his bag, there is no doubt that Brooks Koepka will continue to be one of golf’s most successful players for years to come.

Putter in Brooks Koepka’s 2022 WITB

As one of the most successful golfers of his generation, Brooks Koepka has earned the right to choose the best putter for his 2022 WITB (bag of clubs). Koepka currently uses a TaylorMade Spider X Chalkboard, which he first used during the 2019 season. The putter is a multi-material, high MOI design with an adjustable sole weighting system and a unique “Chalkboard” finish. It also features a “Pure Roll” insert, which promotes better forward roll and enhanced feel on off-center shots.

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The Spider X Chalkboard has been a great fit for Koepka for over two years now and there is no reason to believe that it won’t remain as his go-to putter in 2022. However, with so many new putters being released each season, it is possible that he may switch things up. One potential new addition could be TaylorMade’s TP Patina Copper Arna—a classic blade style putter made from soft carbon steel and featuring its patented “Pure Roll” insert technology.

No matter what type of putter he chooses to use in 2022, one thing is certain—Koepka will be playing with one of the best available on the market. The combination of innovative materials, advanced technologies, and classic design makes it easy to see why Koepka trusts his TaylorMade putters so much. He will likely continue to do so for many years to come as he continues his pursuit of becoming one of golf’s all-time greats.

Brooks Koepka’s 2022 WITB Golf Ball

Brooks Koepka has become one of the most successful golfers in recent years, and his equipment setup is a big part of his success. His golf ball selection is no exception, as he has recently unveiled his plans for his 2022 WITB (what’s in the bag).

Koepka is planning to use Titleist’s Pro V1x ball, which features a four-piece construction and a high-energy core. The Pro V1x offers superior spin control around the green and reduced drag off the tee, making it an ideal choice for players looking to maximize their distance.

The Pro V1x also offers superior feel off the clubface, allowing Koepka to gain more control over his shots. It also has a soft urethane cover which gives it great durability and spin consistency. Additionally, its low compression design makes it easier to compress at impact, resulting in high launch angles and improved ball speed.

Overall, Brooks Koepka’s 2022 WITB golf ball selection is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to improve their game. With its superior spin control around the green and reduced drag off the tee, it offers excellent performance for all levels of players.


As 2021 comes to a close, Brooks Koepka looks poised to make a return to the top of the golfing world. His skill set and drive to succeed is unparalleled and he will no doubt be a strong competitor in 2022. With his recent successes in tournaments, and his commitment to physical fitness, he is sure to have many more great moments ahead of him. While it is difficult to predict what the future holds for Brooks Koepka, one thing is certain: he will continue to be one of the best golfers in the sport.

With his impressive wins and ability to come back from injury, Brooks Koepka has firmly established himself as one of golf’s most dominant players in the modern era. He has proven himself time and time again that he can perform at the highest level when given an opportunity. As we all look ahead towards 2022, there’s no doubt that Brooks Koepka will be ready for whatever challenge he faces on the course.