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The Bushnell Tour X is an advanced laser rangefinder that offers unparalleled accuracy and performance. It features an interchangeable faceplate that allows you to switch between Slope and Non-Slope Mode, so you can make the right choice for each course. The Tour X also utilizes PinSeeker and JOLT technologies to make it easy to lock onto the flagstick without getting distracted by background objects. With its intuitive design and advanced features, the Tour X is perfect for serious golfers looking for a reliable companion on the course.Bushnell Tour X reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Many golfers find the rangefinder to be an indispensable tool on the course as it provides accurate yardage information quickly and easily. Golfers appreciate the dual-display feature, which allows them to switch between a bright red display and a black display for different lighting conditions. Additionally, golfers like that it has two laser modes that allow them to get more precise readings depending on their situation. Finally, users comment that the Bushnell Tour X is well built and durable, with a solid feel and good battery life. In short, the Bushnell Tour X rangefinder is a great choice for any golfer looking for accuracy and reliability.

New PinSeeker Technology

The Bushnell Tour X rangefinder features the latest PinSeeker technology. It gives golfers a clear view of the golf course, allowing them to accurately measure distances to targets while avoiding obstacles. This technology is designed to improve accuracy and confidence on the course, as it accurately identifies the target without any false readings. It is also simple to use, with a one-touch button that quickly locks onto targets.

Slope-Switch Technology

In addition to PinSeeker technology, the Bushnell Tour X rangefinder also includes advanced Slope-Switch technology for more accurate shots in different terrain types. This feature allows golfers to easily switch between Slope and Non-Slope modes to adjust their measurements based on changes in terrain type. With this technology, golfers can get more accurate readings on their shots regardless of where they’re playing.

Jolt Technology

Another great feature of the Bushnell Tour X rangefinder is its Jolt Technology. With this feature, golfers will get a physical vibration when they have locked onto their target, giving them an extra assurance that their measurements are correct. This vibration lets them know that they can take their shot confidently and with increased accuracy.

High Definition Optics

The Bushnell Tour X rangefinder also includes high definition optics for clear views of the course even in low light conditions. Its 6x magnification lets golfers clearly see their targets from up to 400 yards away, and its bright LCD display provides easy reading in any weather conditions. The optics also feature precision focusing for laser sharp images and an adjustable diopter for sharper images at long distances.

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Waterproof Design

The Bushnell Tour X rangefinder is designed with a waterproof construction so it can be used in wet conditions without worry of damage or malfunctioning. This makes it ideal for any weather condition or environment, allowing golfers to confidently use it no matter what Mother Nature has in store for them!

Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder is a must have for any golfer looking to improve their game. This rangefinder is the most advanced technology in distance measuring and has been designed to provide accurate yardages even in difficult lighting conditions. It features dual-display technology, which allows it to switch between a Standard Display (red LED) and a Vivid Display (black LCD) for increased visibility in bright sunlight or low light conditions. The Tour X also has 4x magnification, 7-degree field of view, and scan mode, allowing you to measure multiple targets quickly and accurately. Its waterproof housing allows you to use it during all kinds of weather, making it an ideal choice for the golf course. With its easy-to-use interface and ergonomic design, the Bushnell Tour X is sure to give you an edge on your next round of golf.

The Bushnell Tour X also comes with a variety of features to help enhance your game. The PinSeeker Technology helps you easily acquire flagsticks from up to 400 yards away while its JOLT technology sends short vibrations when you have locked onto the target for added confidence in your yardage measurement. Additionally, its Slope Technology automatically adjusts the yardage based on elevation changes so that you can make more accurate shots with fewer club selections. Its Brushless Motor provides fast and precise measurements so that you can get your yardage quickly and accurately every time. With so many advanced features, the Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder is sure to help any golfer take their game to the next level.

Advanced Pinseeker Technology

The Bushnell Tour X is equipped with advanced Pinseeker Technology, allowing golfers to quickly and accurately detect the flagstick from up to 450 yards away. This technology helps players focus on their target and avoid distractions caused by trees or other objects in the background. It also ensures that they get an accurate measurement of the distance between them and the hole, which can drastically improve their performance on the course.

Slope Compensation

The Bushnell Tour X also comes with Slope Compensation technology, which allows golfers to adjust for changes in terrain or elevation when calculating distances. This technology can help players choose the right club for a given yardage on any given hole, as it takes into account the elevation of both the player’s position and the target. This feature is especially useful for beginner and intermediate golfers who may not be familiar with how to factor in terrain when choosing a club.

Precise Measurement

The Bushnell Tour X offers precise measurements that are accurate up to one-tenth of a yard. This level of precision helps golfers make more informed decisions about their shots, as they can see exactly how far away they are from their target. The device also provides additional information such as wind speed and direction that can be taken into account when making a shot.

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Easy To Use

The Bushnell Tour X is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. Its intuitive design makes it simple to operate, allowing golfers to quickly access all of its features without having to spend time learning how it works. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it comfortable to carry around during a round of golf.

Affordable Price Point

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of using the Bushnell Tour X is its affordable price point. For a fraction of what some other rangefinders cost, users can get access to all of its advanced features and technologies without breaking the bank. This makes it an ideal choice for those who don’t want to spend too much money on their rangefinder but still want access to all its benefits.

Bushnell Tour X Accuracy

The Bushnell Tour X laser rangefinder is designed to give golfers the most accurate readings when measuring distance on the course. The Tour X rangefinder uses advanced technology to provide golfers with an accurate reading up to one-tenth of a yard, ensuring they get the most precise distance information possible. The Tour X also features PinSeeker Technology, which allows it to accurately measure distances even in tough conditions like trees and other obstacles. This makes it the perfect tool for golfers who need reliable and accurate yardage readings no matter what kind of course they are playing on. Additionally, the Bushnell Tour X is easy to use and comes with several useful features such as Slope Mode, which gives users an adjusted yardage based on elevation changes, and a 6x magnification lens that makes it easy to spot flags and other targets even in low light conditions. With its superior accuracy and features, the Bushnell Tour X is an invaluable tool for any golfer looking for accurate yardages on the course.

Bushnell Tour X Price

The Bushnell Tour X golf rangefinder is a top-of-the-line product in the golfing industry. It offers superior performance and accuracy at an affordable price. The rangefinder is designed to help golfers get the most out of their game by providing them with accurate yardage readings for any shot. The device is also lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for use on the course. The Bushnell Tour X rangefinder comes in two different models, with prices ranging from around $500 to over $1000. Both models offer advanced features such as pinseeker technology, adjustable focus, and 6x magnification. For those looking for a premium rangefinder, the Bushnell Tour X is an excellent choice.

Bushnell Tour X Battery Life

The Bushnell Tour X rangefinder is a great device for golfers looking for an accurate and reliable rangefinder. Its built-in rechargeable battery offers a very long life, allowing you to get hundreds of rounds of golf in before needing to recharge. The battery life on the Tour X is one of its best features, allowing it to be used for multiple rounds without having to worry about charging. The battery can last up to 10 hours when fully charged, giving you plenty of time to get out on the course and practice your game.

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The Bushnell Tour X also has a low power mode, which helps extend the life of the battery even further. This mode reduces the brightness and allows you to get more use out of your device before having to recharge it. You can also choose to use the device in standard mode if you need more brightness for certain shots that require precise distance calculation.

Overall, the Bushnell Tour X rangefinder is an excellent choice for golfers looking for an accurate and reliable device with long lasting battery life. With its long-lasting battery and low power mode, you can easily get multiple rounds in without having to worry about charging it up again. The Tour X will give you many rounds of golf without having to worry about running out of juice in the middle of a round.

Bushnell Tour X Pros

The Bushnell Tour X rangefinder is a great choice for golfers of varying skill levels. The device offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for any golfer. The rangefinder has a great range of up to 1000 yards, allowing you to accurately measure distances in the toughest of conditions. It also includes PinSeeker technology, which helps you zero in on the flagstick and accurately measure distances from it. Additionally, the Bushnell Tour X has a multi-coated lens which helps reduce glare and improve image clarity for easier targeting. Additionally, the Tour X is also waterproof and fog-proof, making it ideal for any weather conditions.

Bushnell Tour X Cons

The main downside of the Bushnell Tour X is that it is quite expensive compared to other rangefinders on the market. Additionally, some users have reported that the device can be quite difficult to use at first as there are quite a few buttons and settings. Furthermore, there have been some reports that the device can be slow to lock onto targets at times, which can be frustrating for some users.


The Bushnell Tour X is an excellent rangefinder for golfers of all levels. It is packed with features that provide precise distance measurements and other useful data. It is also very easy to use, making it a great choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time learning complicated technology. The rangefinder is also very durable and reliable, making it a great investment for those who want to hit the green with confidence and accuracy. With its impressive array of features, the Bushnell Tour X rangefinder is sure to provide an edge on the course.

In conclusion, the Bushnell Tour X is a top-of-the-line rangefinder that provides golfers with a competitive advantage on the course. Its diverse features make it simple to use while providing accurate distance readings and other helpful data. Moreover, it is built to last, providing long-term value for any golfer looking to improve their game.

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