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callaway rogue vs apex

Callaway Rogue and Apex irons are two of the most popular iron sets from Callaway Golf. Both models combine cutting-edge technology, performance, and feel to provide a truly outstanding golfing experience. The Callaway Rogue irons have been designed for maximum distance and forgiveness while the Callaway Apex irons provide a more traditional look and feel with increased control. Both sets of clubs feature Callaway’s industry-leading technologies to help golfers get the most out of every shot. In this comparison, we will take a closer look at the differences between these two sets of clubs, so you can decide which one is best for your game.The Callaway Rogue and Apex irons are two of Callaway’s top-of-the-line golf clubs. Both clubs feature the latest technology and design to help maximize performance on the course. The Rogue and Apex offer slightly different features, allowing golfers to choose the club that best suits their game.

The Callaway Rogue is designed with a revolutionary 360 Face Cup technology, allowing for increased ball speed on off-center hits. It also features tungsten weighting to improve accuracy and launch angle. The Rogue iron has a more traditional blade shape for added confidence with every swing.

The Callaway Apex iron utilizes advanced multi-material construction to create a lightweight clubhead. This allows for improved speed and power as well as increased forgiveness on off-center strikes. It also features an ultra-thin face that helps increase ball speed and distance on all shots.

Both the Callaway Rogue and Apex irons offer golfers performance enhancing features in an easy-to-hit package. Whether you choose the more traditional look of the Rogue or the modern design of the Apex, you can be sure that you are playing with one of Callaway’s most advanced clubs.

Callaway Rogue vs Apex: Ball Flight

Golfers of all levels are always looking for a way to improve their ball flight. Two of the top golf clubs from Callaway are the Rogue and the Apex driver. Both clubs have their own unique characteristics and offer different benefits when it comes to ball flight.

The Callaway Rogue driver is designed to achieve maximum distance and forgiveness. It has a deeper face design, which allows for more weight to be distributed towards the heel and toe of the clubhead for added forgiveness on off-center shots. The club also features an adjustable weighting system that further enhances ball flight by allowing players to customize the weight of their clubhead to suit their swing and playing style. Additionally, the Rogue driver has a low center of gravity, which helps promote a higher launch angle for longer, straighter shots.

The Callaway Apex driver is designed for players who want increased control over their ball flight. It has an ultra-thin crown design that lowers spin and helps promote a more penetrating ball flight with less curvature. The club also features an adjustable hosel that allows players to make adjustments to loft, lie angle, and face angle, giving them more control over how they shape their shots off the tee. Additionally, it has a slightly higher center of gravity compared to the Rogue driver, which helps promote a lower launch angle for greater accuracy on long par 3s and short par 4s.

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When it comes to ball flight, both drivers offer different benefits depending on what type of player you are. If you’re looking for maximum distance and forgiveness then the Callaway Rogue driver is ideal; whereas if you’re looking for more control over your ball flight then the Callaway Apex driver may be better suited for your game. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one is best suited for your playing style and swing characteristics.


When comparing the Callaway Rogue and Apex irons, one of the most significant differences between the two is in terms of forgiveness. The Callaway Rogue irons have a larger sweet spot compared to the Apex irons, making them more forgiving when shots are not hit in the center of the face. The larger sweet spot also helps to reduce the amount of spin off-center shots produce, allowing for more consistent distances even on mis-hits. Additionally, Callaway’s Face Cup technology in the Rogue clubs helps to increase ball speed on off-center hits, providing even more forgiveness and distance consistency.

The Callaway Apex irons have a smaller sweet spot than their Rogue counterparts, meaning they are less forgiving than the Rogue clubs when shots are not hit in the center of the face. However, they still provide good levels of forgiveness thanks to their multi-material design which helps to reduce spin on miss-hits and provide good levels of ball speed even when shots are not struck perfectly. The smaller size of the sweet spot also promotes a sharper feeling at impact for players who prefer a more traditional feel from their irons.

In conclusion, if forgiveness is your top priority when choosing an iron set then it’s hard to go wrong with either option as both sets offer good levels of forgiveness. The Callaway Rogue clubs offer slightly more forgiveness thanks to their larger sweet spot and Face Cup technology, while those looking for a traditional feel with good levels of forgiveness should opt for the Callaway Apex clubs.


When it comes to distance, the Callaway Rogue and Apex are both excellent drivers that offer an impressive amount of distance. The Callaway Rogue offers a larger and more forgiving sweet spot, which allows you to maximize your distance off the tee. The head also has a lower center of gravity, which helps you launch the ball higher and farther. The club also features a “Jailbreak” technology that stiffens up the body of the club to improve ball speed and distance.

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The Callaway Apex also provides great distance performance with its improved head shape, which helps increase ball speed and launch angle for greater carry distances. It also features an improved face cup technology that helps create higher launch angles for increased carry distances. Additionally, the Apex has an improved center of gravity position that increases stability and forgiveness on off-center hits, resulting in more consistent distances.

Overall, both drivers offer excellent distance performance on well-struck shots. The Callaway Rogue offers a larger sweet spot and lower center of gravity for maximum distance potential, while the Callaway Apex provides higher launch angles and improved face cup technology for increased carry distances.


When it comes to feel, the Callaway Rogue and Apex are both excellent clubs. The Rogue has a slightly softer feel due to its urethane microspheres which help dampen vibrations at impact. The Apex has a more traditional feel due to its multi-material construction. Both clubs provide excellent feedback and have a solid feel at impact, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. The Rogue is likely to appeal more to those who prefer a softer, more muted feel, while the Apex might be better suited for those who prefer a firmer, more traditional feel.

Overall, both clubs offer great performance and excellent feedback when it comes to feel. It ultimately comes down to personal preference when deciding which one is best for you.


The Callaway Rogue and Apex Irons both offer excellent workability for golfers. The Rogue has a slightly larger head design and the face is slightly thicker than the Apex, making it easier to launch the ball high. The sole of the club also has a little more bounce which helps to keep shots from digging in when the turf is firmer. The Apex has a thinner and shorter blade length, providing more control and workability on tight lies. It also features an advanced internal weighting system that helps to deliver greater accuracy on shots struck from tighter lies. Both clubs offer great levels of workability on various types of lies, but the Rogue has more forgiveness while the Apex offers increased control.

Overall, both clubs offer excellent workability, with the Rogue providing more forgiveness and the Apex offering better control and accuracy on tight lies.


The Callaway Rogue and Apex irons feature many of the same shafts, including the True Temper XP 95 steel shaft, Aldila Synergy 60 and 65 graphite shafts and the Project X LZ. The Rogue also features the new KBS Max 85 steel shaft, while the Apex features a UST Recoil ESX 80 graphite shaft. Both clubs can be fitted with a variety of other aftermarket shafts as well.


Both the Callaway Rogue and Apex irons come standard with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip, but can be customized to fit your preferred grip. Other popular choices are the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align or Multi Compound grips, which feature an alignment aid on top for improved accuracy, as well as softer material to ensure maximum comfort and control.

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Callaway Rogue vs Apex: Price Comparison

When it comes to comparing prices of golf clubs, the Callaway Rogue and the Apex are two of the most popular choices. Both offer exceptional quality and performance, but they do have some differences when it comes to price. The Callaway Rogue is considered to be the higher-end model and is priced higher than the Apex model. The Rogue is usually more expensive due to its advanced technologies, materials, and design features.

The Callaway Rogue offers a variety of features that make it worth its price tag. It has a Flash Face Cup technology which helps to maximize ball speed across the face for increased distance. It also features a light-weight triaxial carbon crown construction which helps reduce weight from the top of the clubhead for improved performance. The Callaway Rogue also boasts an improved head shape which increases forgiveness and accuracy on off-center hits.

The Callaway Apex is priced lower than its counterpart, but it still offers plenty of great features that make it an attractive option for golfers on a budget. It has an updated version of Callaway’s Urethane Microsphere Technology which helps to reduce vibrations at impact for better sound and feel. It also has a new Head Shape Optimization System which helps increase forgiveness on off-center shots thanks to its advanced weighting system.

Overall, when comparing prices between the Callaway Rogue and Apex models, there can be quite a difference in cost depending on what features you are looking for in your golf clubs. The more advanced technologies found in the Rogue will usually cost more than those found in the Apex model, so if you are looking for top-of-the-line performance from your clubs then you may want to invest in the Rogue model instead. However, if you are looking for great performance without breaking your budget then you may want to consider purchasing the Callaway Apex instead as it still offers plenty of great features at a much lower price point than its counterpart.


The Callaway Rogue and Apex irons are both great offerings from a top golf club manufacturer. The Rogue offers more forgiveness and distance for the mid-high handicapper, while the Apex is designed for the skilled golfer seeking more workability and control. Both clubs feature modern technologies such as face cup and ultra thin face construction that maximizes ball speed. It’s important to make sure you’re getting fitted for the right iron to get the most out of your game.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and what you need from your clubs. If you’re looking for maximum distance and forgiveness, then look no further than Callaway’s Rogue irons. If you demand more control over your shots, then consider investing in a set of Apex irons. Either way, you can’t go wrong with either of these great sets from Callaway Golf.

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