callaway x12 irons

Callaway X12 Irons offer a blend of game-improving technology and superior performance. These irons feature a low, deep center of gravity and an enlarged sweet spot for increased forgiveness and distance control. With the X12’s advanced sole design, you’ll enjoy improved turf interaction and consistent ball striking. The X12 also offers a reduced offset for increased workability and precise shot shaping. With the combination of these features, the X12 Irons deliver an unrivaled combination of power, precision, and playability that will help you take your game to the next level.The Callaway X12 Iron features an ultra-thin face that increases ball speed for more distance, a VFT (variable face thickness) that provides uniform performance across the face and a deep undercut cavity design that moves weight to the perimeter for improved forgiveness. The X12 also features a new Tour-inspired sole design with pre-worn leading edges and increased bounce to help improve turf interaction. Additionally, the X12 has an optimized head shape that increases MOI (moment of inertia) for more stability and forgiveness, and an improved Consistent Feel Technology (CTT) with a unique dual-molded insert that creates better feel.

Materials Used in Callaway X12 Irons

The Callaway X12 irons are designed to be lightweight and strong. The combination of materials used in the construction of the clubs provides golfers with excellent performance. The clubs feature a titanium body which is both lightweight and strong. This allows for a higher launch angle and more forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the face is made of a thin, heat treated stainless steel which increases ball speeds for longer distances. The cavity back design increases stability which adds to its forgiveness on off-center hits. The club heads are also finished with a black PVD coating which helps to reduce glare from the sun and improve durability in all weather conditions. Finally, the shafts feature graphite construction with a tungsten weight for increased stability and feel at impact.

Overall, the combination of materials used in the Callaway X12 irons provides golfers with excellent performance and feel on every shot. The titanium body and thin stainless steel face provide great launch angles while the PVD coating helps reduce glare from the sun. Additionally, the graphite shafts provide improved stability and feel at impact for better accuracy and control on every shot.

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The Callaway X12 Irons feature a classic look and design with modern technologies. The clubs feature a high-quality steel head with a sleek black finish. The face has a deep undercut design and the sole is low profile for improved performance on any type of terrain. The offset hosel provides more forgiveness on off-center shots, while the progressive offset design provides more distance control on longer shots. The clubs also feature heel and toe weighting to improve stability and accuracy when hitting the ball. Additionally, the clubs have an improved feel and sound at impact for better feedback.


The Callaway X12 Irons offer exceptional performance on any type of shot. The combination of the deep undercut face, progressive offset design and heel-toe weighting helps to ensure maximum distance and accuracy on every shot. Additionally, the low profile sole helps to reduce turf drag for improved launch conditions from any type of lie. The clubs also have an improved feel and sound at impact for better feedback from each shot. Furthermore, the offset hosel provides increased forgiveness on off-center shots for greater accuracy. All in all, the Callaway X12 Irons offer superior performance with excellent distance control and accuracy from any lie.

Weight Distribution of Callaway X12 Irons

The Callaway X12 Irons have weight distribution that has been designed to help golfers achieve more accuracy and distance. The center of gravity of the X12 irons is lower and farther back than ever before, making it easier to launch the ball higher with less spin. This lower and farther back center of gravity also helps increase forgiveness across the clubface, allowing golfers to hit straighter shots with more consistency. The perimeter weighting in the X12 irons also helps to increase forgiveness on off-center hits, giving golfers more confidence when they step up into their shots.

The X12 Irons also have an improved sole design that helps reduce digging on impact, making it easier for golfers to hit consistent shots from a variety of lies. The weight distribution in the X12 irons allows for a low and deep center of gravity, which helps launch the ball higher and farther with less spin. This low center of gravity combined with the improved sole design gives golfers more control over their shots, helping them achieve better results on the course.

Price Range for Callaway X12 Irons

The Callaway X12 irons are a well-made set of clubs that are designed to give you great performance on the golf course. They feature a sleek design with progressive offset and heel-toe weighting, as well as a deep face cavity for maximum forgiveness. The X12 set is also available in a range of shaft options, making it easy to find the right fit for your game. The Callaway X12 irons have an MSRP of $799, but can typically be found for less online or in stores. You can expect to pay around $500-$600 for these clubs, depending on the condition and availability of the set. If you’re looking to save some money, you may be able to find used sets for even cheaper prices.

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The Callaway X12 irons offer impressive performance for golfers of all skill levels. They are designed with a deep undercut cavity that helps to increase ball speed and launch angle, while also providing better control and accuracy. The face of the club is made from a high-strength steel alloy that helps to maximize ball speed and distance, even on off-center hits. The irons also feature an improved sole design that makes it easier to get the ball airborne and eliminates digging in the turf.


The Callaway X12 irons have a very soft feel at impact, thanks to their advanced construction and design. The clubs are very forgiving, even on off-center hits, making them great for players who struggle with accuracy or consistency. The clubs also provide excellent feedback during the swing, so you can easily tell when you’ve hit a good shot or one that needs improvement.


The Callaway X12 irons have a classic look that will appeal to golfers of all skill levels. They feature a sleek black finish on the clubface and a bright white finish on the back of the clubhead, which helps them stand out at address. The sole of the club is designed with improved turf interaction in mind, so it won’t dig too deeply into the ground as you make your swing.


Overall, the Callaway X12 irons offer great performance for golfers of all skill levels. They are designed with an advanced construction and design that provides great ball speed, distance, accuracy, and feel at impact. The classic look of the clubs will appeal to many players and their improved sole design will help keep your shots consistent in any condition.

Pros of Callaway X12 Irons

The Callaway X12 Irons offer several advantages that make them a popular choice for golfers. One of the biggest benefits of these irons is their lightweight design, which makes it easier for golfers to swing the club faster and with greater accuracy. The clubface also has a larger sweet spot, giving golfers more forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the X12 irons feature an advanced sole design which helps to reduce turf interaction, resulting in improved accuracy and distance control. Furthermore, the irons have an attractive look that will appeal to many golfers.

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Cons of Callaway X12 Irons

However, there are some drawbacks to the Callaway X12 Irons as well. For one thing, they are relatively expensive compared to other models on the market. Additionally, while they are relatively easy to hit with good results for most golfers, they may not be suitable for players with higher swing speeds due to their lack of workability. Finally, while they have a large sweet spot and improved accuracy on off-center shots, they still lack some distance compared to some other models on the market.

Availability of Callaway X12 Irons

The Callaway X12 irons are available for sale in a variety of golf stores and retail outlets. These clubs are designed to provide golfers with the ultimate performance and accuracy on the golf course. The X12 irons feature a high-strength steel face for increased ball speed, as well as an ultra-thin sole design to help launch the ball higher and longer. The clubs also offer a progressive offset design that helps players hit straighter shots with greater control. The clubs come with a True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft and a variety of different grip options to suit individual preferences.

The Callaway X12 irons are designed for players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. They provide excellent distance control and accuracy, as well as great feel on impact. The club set includes an array of different club heads with varying lofts, so you can find the right combination that works best for your game. With their superior construction and performance features, the Callaway X12 irons are perfect for golfers looking to take their game to the next level.


The Callaway X12 Irons set is an excellent choice for golfers of all levels. Its combination of technologies, feel, and performance make it a great all-around choice. The X12 Irons offer good forgiveness, consistent distance control, and improved accuracy. They also feature an attractive look that will appeal to golfers of any handicap level. If you’re looking for a versatile set of irons that will help you improve your game, the Callaway X12 Irons are worth considering.

Overall, the Callaway X12 Irons are a solid choice for golfers looking for a well-rounded set of clubs that can take their game to the next level. The combination of technologies and features make this set ideal for anyone looking to improve their game without sacrificing any performance or feel. With its classic look and modern technologies, the Callaway X12 Irons are sure to become a favorite among golfers everywhere.