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The Callaway Epic Irons have been designed to deliver maximum performance and a superior feel. These premium-grade irons feature an innovative design that has been optimized to create more distance, accuracy and control. The clubs are built with the latest technologies and materials, offering an outstanding combination of speed, forgiveness and trajectory control. With a sleek look and modern features, the Epic Irons are perfect for golfers of all levels looking to improve their game.Callaway Epic Irons are a top-of-the-line set of golf irons designed to provide high levels of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. Featuring Face Cup technology, these irons deliver more ball speed and higher launch angles for longer carry distances. They also have a multi-material construction including Titanium Face Cup and Steel Body, allowing for improved feel and sound at impact. The irons have progressive head shapes that promote more forgiveness in the long irons for more consistent contact, while shorter irons feature a blade shape for increased shot shaping capability. The Epic Irons also feature an Ultra Thin Face to maximize ball speeds across the entire face.


The Callaway Epic Irons feature a modern design that is perfect for golfers of all levels. The clubs have a sleek and stylish look that is sure to turn heads on the course. The irons are designed with a deep undercut cavity and an ultra-thin face that provides maximum ball speed and distance. The club also features a tungsten-infused insert that lowers the center of gravity to help players generate more spin and control on their shots. The clubs have an advanced multi-material construction which helps to increase feel, forgiveness, and accuracy.


The Callaway Epic Irons are packed with features that make them one of the most advanced sets of irons on the market today. The clubs feature Callaway’s proprietary Face Cup technology which helps to create more ball speed and distance on off-center hits. They also have a deep undercut cavity design which provides increased forgiveness, launch, and spin control. The tungsten-infused insert helps to lower the center of gravity for improved performance, while the multi-material construction increases feel, forgiveness, and accuracy. Additionally, each iron has been designed with optimized lofts for improved distance control and trajectory management.

Performance Benefits Provided by Callaway Epic Irons

The Callaway Epic irons have been designed to provide outstanding performance on the golf course. These clubs feature a host of innovative technologies, including Face Cup technology, ultra-thin club faces, and improved aerodynamics. The combination of these features has resulted in increased ball speed, increased distance, and improved accuracy for golfers of all skill levels. The Face Cup technology helps to launch the ball faster and farther with less spin than traditional irons, while the ultra-thin club face provides more perimeter weighting for improved forgiveness on off-center hits. The improved aerodynamics help to reduce drag and increase club head speed for greater distance.

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The Epic irons also feature Progressive Spin Technology, which helps to optimize spin rate for each club in the set. This means that loft can be adjusted accordingly to get more or less spin depending on the golfer’s needs. The Progressive Center of Gravity (CG) Technology also helps to promote a higher launch angle and lower spin rates for optimal trajectory control.

Overall, the Callaway Epic irons are designed to provide golfers with superior performance on the course. With their innovative technology, increased ball speed, improved aerodynamics, optimized spin rate, and progressive CG technology, these clubs are sure to give you an edge over your competition when playing golf.

Distance & Accuracy in Callaway Epic Irons

Callaway Epic Irons are designed to deliver superior distance and accuracy, providing golfers with the performance they need to hit their shots with more confidence. The irons feature a new face cup technology that helps promote faster ball speeds across the face for more consistent distances. The irons also use a redesigned sole and a lower center of gravity, which helps players get the ball airborne easier and maximize their efficiency from every swing. Additionally, the irons feature progressive shaping to make them easier to hit while still providing maximum forgiveness on off-center hits. With these features, golfers can hit their shots with greater accuracy and distance than ever before.

The Callaway Epic Irons are also designed to provide greater control over shot shape. The optimized weighting helps players control their spin rates for added accuracy and distance while allowing them to work the ball in either direction for greater shot-shaping capabilities. The irons also feature an improved feel thanks to their lighter weight construction. This allows golfers to have better control over each shot and more feel in their hands when they’re swinging. With these features, golfers can hit their shots with more precision than ever before.

In short, the Callaway Epic Irons are designed for maximum distance and accuracy with every swing. The revolutionary face cup technology, improved sole design, lower center of gravity, progressive shaping, and optimized weighting all combine to provide golfers with superior performance from every shot they take. With this combination of features, golfers can hit their shots with increased confidence knowing that they will have more control over their shots and better results with each swing they make.


The Callaway Epic Irons offer incredible forgiveness, allowing golfers to make the most of their game. The face technology provides a larger sweet spot, meaning more shots remain on target and in-play. This makes it easier for players to make more out of every shot they take. Additionally, the unique sole design reduces turf interaction, which means the clubhead remains stable during impact and the ball is less likely to be affected by off-center hits. As a result, the Epic Irons provide unparalleled forgiveness when it comes to mis-hits, so you can rest assured that your shots are always as accurate as possible.

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The Epic Irons also offer superior control over your shots. The clubhead is designed with an aerodynamic shape, reducing drag and promoting a faster swing speed. This gives you more control over your shots and puts more power behind them. Additionally, the center of gravity is lower than most irons, making it easier to launch higher and farther than ever before. This combination of speed and trajectory control allows you to hit long drives with precision accuracy that will help you improve your overall game.

In conclusion, the Callaway Epic Irons offer both forgiveness and control in one package. With its superior design features and advanced technologies, these irons make it easy for golfers to maximize their performance on the course. So if you’re looking for a set of irons that will help improve your game while providing you with maximum control and forgiveness, then look no further than the Callaway Epic Irons!

Shaft Options for Callaway Epic Irons

The Callaway Epic iron set offers a variety of shaft options to suit each golfer’s individual needs. The most popular shaft option is the MRC KuroKage Black Dual Core, which provides great stability and control. This shaft is available in both stiff and regular flexes, allowing golfers to find the perfect fit for their swing. The KBS Tour 90 is another popular choice, as it provides a more penetrating ball flight with amazing feel. This shaft is offered in regular, stiff and extra stiff flexes.

For those who prefer a lighter weight shaft, the UST Mamiya Recoil ESX series is an excellent option. This shaft provides great feel and control while still offering excellent distance. It comes in both regular and stiff flexes, so golfers can find the perfect combination of distance and control.

Finally, for those looking for maximum distance, the Aldila Rogue Max 65 is an excellent choice. This lightweight shaft promotes incredibly fast ball speeds off the clubface with minimal effort from the golfer. It is available in regular and stiff flexes for maximum performance.

No matter what your needs are, Callaway has a shaft option that will help you get the most out of your Epic iron set. With plenty of choices to choose from, golfers can find the perfect combination of feel and performance to help them lower their scores on the course.

Grip Options for Callaway Epic Irons

The Callaway Epic Irons come with a variety of grip options. The standard grip is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet, which is a popular choice among golfers for its comfortable feel and reliable performance. For players who prefer a softer feel, the Lamkin Crossline is the perfect choice. It’s made from a rubber-blend material that provides excellent traction and feedback. Players looking for more traction can choose the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G, which has an extra-tacky surface for maximum control. Finally, for players who want a softer feel without sacrificing traction, the Lamkin UTx is a great option. It has a soft rubber material that provides excellent grip and feedback. No matter which grip you choose, you can be sure that your Callaway Epic Irons will provide maximum performance on the course.

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Technology Used in Manufacturing of Callaway Epic Irons

Callaway’s Epic Irons are the most technologically advanced club ever created by the company. These irons feature revolutionary Face Cup Technology, which is a thin, flexible rim around the perimeter of the face that flexes and releases at impact to promote fast ball speed for longer distance. The Face Cup Technology is integrated with Callaway’s 360 Face Cup technology, which uses a shallow, flexible rim around the perimeter of the face that promotes faster ball speed across more of the face for maximum distance. Additionally, these irons feature VFT (Variable Face Thickness) Technology that helps create more consistent ball speeds across the entire face for improved accuracy and control.

Callaway has also incorporated their patented Urethane Microspheres Technology in their Epic Irons. This technology is designed to absorb unwanted vibration to promote better feel and sound at impact for better feedback. The clubs also feature a lightweight Tungsten Energy Core, which moves weight to the heel and toe for improved forgiveness and precise center of gravity placement for optimal launch conditions. Finally, these irons also feature a premium quality True Temper XP95 steel shafts that provide maximum energy transfer to promote faster swing speeds and greater distance.


The Callaway Epic Irons are truly top of the line golf clubs. With their unique design, they deliver a powerful yet forgiving performance that makes them a great choice for any golfer. The irons are incredibly easy to hit and offer an impressive level of control and accuracy. They also provide plenty of feedback on your shots, allowing you to easily make adjustments to your swing in order to get the most out of your game. With their sleek and stylish design, the Epic Irons look great as well. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, these irons will give you everything you need to take your game to the next level.

Overall, the Callaway Epic Irons are a great choice for anyone looking for a high-performance golf club that offers plenty of forgiveness and control. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these irons will help you take your game to the next level. They deliver exceptional performance while still looking stylish on the course. If you’re looking for a set of clubs that can help you get more out of your game, then these are definitely worth considering!

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