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Cameron Smith is a highly talented individual with a bright future ahead of him. He is currently playing for the Melbourne Storm in the NRL, and is widely regarded as one of the best players in the competition. Smith has been a key part of the Storm’s success over the last few years, and his presence in the team has been invaluable. He will be looking to continue his success into 2022, and will no doubt be an integral part of the Storm’s drive towards further success.Cameron Smith’s 2022 winning gear is yet to be announced. However, the Australian professional golfer will likely have access to the latest and greatest in golf equipment to help him compete at the highest level. He has previously used equipment from leading brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade and Titleist. It is anticipated that his winning gear for 2022 will feature some of the latest technology from these brands, including driver, fairway woods, irons and putters as well as golf balls and apparel.

What Clubs Does Cameron Smith Play in 2022?

Cameron Smith is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays for the Melbourne Storm in the National Rugby League (NRL). He is expected to remain at the club until at least the end of 2022. During that time, Smith will play for the Storm in both the NRL and State of Origin series. Additionally, Smith will also feature in the All Stars match, a pre-season exhibition game between Indigenous and non-Indigenous players. He has previously represented Queensland and Australia in international rugby league matches.

In 2021, Smith will feature for Melbourne’s feeder side Easts Tigers in Queensland Cup matches. This will provide him with valuable game time before he returns to full strength with the Storm. His experience and leadership qualities are a huge asset to both clubs, and his presence inspires younger players to strive for excellence.

At the end of 2022, it is likely that Cameron Smith will still be playing for Melbourne Storm as they look to rebuild their squad after a few disappointing seasons. He will also be looking forward to representing his country once again at international level, having previously captained both Australia and Queensland teams during his career.

Cameron Smith’s Preferred Putter for 2022

Golfing legend Cameron Smith is known for his expert putting skills, and he recently revealed his preferred putter for the 2022 season. Smith has been using the same putter for several years now, and he believes it gives him the best feel and balance on the green. The putter of choice is TaylorMade’s TP Collection Ardmore 3, a classic mallet-style club designed with precision engineering and a soft feel to help golfers make more accurate shots.

The Ardmore 3 features a unique “floating” alignment system that allows golfers to customize their setup with precision. It also has a lightweight carbon-fiber face that delivers an incredibly soft feel off the face of the club, helping golfers to hit more consistent shots on the green. The Ardmore 3 is also designed with TaylorMade’s innovative SpeedFoam technology, which helps provide better sound and feedback at impact.

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Smith said that he chose this particular putter because it offers him great control over his strokes and also provides excellent feedback when making contact with the ball. He believes that it helps him stay focused on his technique when putting, giving him more confidence in his ability to make consistent shots on the green. Smith is excited to use this new putter during the upcoming season and looks forward to seeing how much success he can have with it on tour.

Overall, Cameron Smith has chosen a great putter in TaylorMade’s TP Collection Ardmore 3 for the 2022 season. With its precision engineering design and advanced technologies, this club has all of the features necessary to help golfers make more accurate shots on the green—which is likely why Smith opted for it as his go-to putter of choice.

Cameron Smith’s Preferred Shaft for 2022

Golfing legend Cameron Smith has recently revealed his preferred shaft for the 2022 season. Smith, who currently plays with a Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 X-flex shaft, is looking to switch to a slightly lighter option for the upcoming season. The Australian native believes that this will give him greater control and accuracy on the course.

The shaft that Smith is considering is the Fujikura Ventus Black 6 X-flex. This is one of the lightest shafts available on the market and is designed to help players achieve maximum accuracy and control with their shots. The shaft’s lighter weight also reduces fatigue during rounds, allowing players to maintain their focus throughout their rounds.

Smith’s decision to switch to this particular shaft was based on his experience using it in practice rounds over the last few months. He noted that he had been able to hit more consistent shots and felt more comfortable swinging it than with his current setup. He also mentioned that he felt like he had more control over his shots and could shape them more easily than before.

This switch would be a big change for Smith as he has been using the same type of shaft since his professional career began in 2015. However, he believes that this new option will give him an edge on the course and help him reach his goals in 2022. It will be interesting to see if Smith makes this change when the season begins in January 2022.

Cameron Smith’s Preferred Grips for 2022

Australian professional golfer Cameron Smith is well known for his prowess on the golf course. He has made a name for himself as one of the top players in the world. As he continues to strive for excellence, he is always looking for ways to improve his game. That includes trying out different grips on his clubs. For 2022, Smith has settled on a few preferred grips that he feels will give him an edge over the competition.

The first grip that Smith likes to use is a traditional “Vardon” grip. This type of grip has been around since the late 19th century and is still popular today. Smith believes this grip helps him maintain control over his shots, particularly with long irons and wedges. He also likes the feel of this grip when hitting shots from off-center lies as it gives him more feedback from the clubface.

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Smith also uses a “Reverse” grip when playing with longer clubs such as woods and hybrids. The reverse grip allows him to square up his clubface more easily and get more distance from his shots while still maintaining accuracy and control. This type of grip can be difficult to master, however, which is why Smith has chosen to include it in his arsenal for 2022.

Finally, Smith also uses an “Interlock” grip when hitting short irons and wedges from tight lies or tricky greenside bunkers. This type of grip helps him keep his hands aligned with each other throughout the swing, which helps ensure accuracy and consistency in these types of shots. It also allows him to get a better feel for where he is aiming at any given time, which can be crucial when navigating tight spaces around the green or during competition rounds.

These are just some of Cameron Smith’s preferred grips for 2022 – but no matter what type of grip he chooses, one thing remains certain: he will always be looking to find ways to improve his game!

Cameron Smith’s Preferred Wedges for 2022

Golf professional Cameron Smith is looking forward to the season in 2022, and he has chosen a selection of wedges that offer the best performance for any course. The clubs in his bag will make it easier to hit from the rough or fairway, as well as offering improved control and precision around the greens. Cameron Smith has chosen a set of Mizuno T7 Wedges for their superior feel and feedback, as well as their playability from any lie. The grooves on these clubs provide exceptional spin control and workability, allowing him to shape shots with precision. Additionally, the CNC Milling technology provides a consistent face angle throughout the set, allowing for accurate shot making. With these wedges in his bag, Cameron Smith is looking forward to playing his best golf in 2022.

The TaylorMade P7MC Wedge is another great option that Cameron Smith trusts for its versatility and performance from any lie. These wedges feature a classic design with modern touches that enhance feel and feedback while providing excellent spin rates and control around the greens. The aggressive grooves on the face offer plenty of spin on full shots, while also helping to reduce fliers from tough lies in the rough. The P7MC Wedge’s classic design also lends itself well to playability off tight lies or when chipping around the green. With this wedge set in his bag, Cameron Smith will have all of the tools he needs to play confidently in 2022.

Cameron Smith’s Preferred Irons for 2022

Professional golfer Cameron Smith is always looking for the best clubs to improve his performance. For the calendar year 2022, he has selected a new set of irons that he believes will help him to stay competitive on the Tour. Smith is known for being meticulous when it comes to his selection of clubs and this year is no exception. He has chosen the TaylorMade P790 irons as his preferred set.

The TaylorMade P790 irons are renowned for their distance and accuracy, and Smith believes that these clubs will help him to stay at the top of his game. The irons feature a metal wood-style construction that combines speed pocket technology with SpeedFoam technology to create an incredible ball speed off the clubface with low spin for maximum distance. The thin face also allows for more forgiveness on off-centre hits, making them ideal for players of all skill levels.

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Smith also likes the fact that these irons have an aesthetically pleasing look at address, which he believes helps him to stay focused and confident when addressing his shots. The classic pear shape design provides a traditional look while still incorporating modern technology, giving Smith an edge over his competition on the Tour.

Overall, Cameron Smith’s selection of TaylorMade P790 irons promises to give him an advantage over other players on the Tour in 2022. With their combination of distance, accuracy and forgiveness, these clubs are sure to help Smith maintain his place at the top of professional golf in 2021 and beyond.

Cameron Smith’s Preferred Fairway Woods for 2022

Australian professional golfer Cameron Smith has recently revealed his preferred fairway woods for the 2022 season. Smith, who is currently playing on the PGA Tour and the European Tour, has chosen a selection of clubs to suit his game. His choices are designed to maximize launch angle and ball speed off of the tee while allowing for greater control when hitting out of the rough.

Smith has selected Callaway’s Epic Flash Sub Zero fairway woods, which feature an innovative design that utilizes a “Flash Face” technology to increase ball speed and accuracy off of the clubface. He also likes Titleist’s TSi3 fairway woods, which feature a lightweight construction and an adjustable weighting system that allows players to customize their clubs to fit their swing.

Both of these brands offer some of the most advanced technology available in golf today, so it makes sense that Smith chose them for his preferred clubs in 2022. Additionally, they both provide excellent levels of forgiveness and control when hitting shots from all types of lies.

For those looking to invest in new fairway woods for their golf bag, Cameron Smith’s selections are definitely worth considering. Both Callaway and Titleist have a long history of producing quality products that help golfers perform at their best on the course. With these two brands in your arsenal, you should be able to maximize your performance no matter where your tee shot lands.


Cameron Smith has been an integral part of the NRL for over two decades and his legacy will undoubtedly continue into the 2022 season. His consistent excellence on the field and leadership off it have earned him a place amongst the league’s all-time greats. Despite his advancing age, Smith remains one of the best players in the NRL and is sure to be a key figure for the Melbourne Storm in 2022. With his physical abilities still intact, this may be Smith’s last season as a professional rugby league player – however, even if that is the case, his legacy will live on for many years to come.

Smith’s impact on rugby league can be seen through both his individual accolades and team successes throughout his career. His influence has been instrumental in Melbourne Storm’s rise to becoming one of Australia’s most successful teams of all time, with Smith leading them to seven Grand Final appearances and four Premierships since 2003. Cameron Smith will always remain one of rugby league’s most revered figures – an icon whose name will never be forgotten.