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canongate golf club membership cost

Canongate Golf Club is an exclusive club located in the heart of Scotland. With stunning surroundings and a championship course, it is the perfect place to enjoy a round of golf. The club offers a variety of membership options, from full memberships to associate memberships. Membership costs vary depending on the type of membership chosen, with full membership being the most expensive option. However, all members receive access to the club’s facilities and benefits, including discounts on green fees and pro shop purchases. With its competitive pricing and high-quality facilities, Canongate Golf Club is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to join an exclusive club.The cost of Canongate Golf Club membership depends on the type of membership chosen. Prices range from $60 for a single day pass or $75 for a 7-day pass to an annual membership costing $900. Family and student memberships are also available at discounted rates.

Canongate Golf Club Membership

The Canongate Golf Club is open to golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just getting started, the club welcomes players of all abilities. The club offers a variety of membership options to suit everyone’s needs.

Membership benefits include access to the 18-hole championship golf course, practice facilities, tournaments and competitions, and discounts at the pro shop and on green fees. Members also receive exclusive discounts on dining and lodging at nearby hotels, as well as access to special events and networking opportunities with other members.

The club also provides a wide range of services to its members, such as lessons from certified instructors, junior programs for youngsters, group clinics for beginners, and social events throughout the season. Additionally, members have access to a private clubhouse with lounge areas and full-service restaurants.

To become a member of Canongate Golf Club, applicants must submit an application form that includes information about their golfing experience and ability level. The membership committee reviews all applications carefully before making a decision on whether or not to accept an applicant into the club.

Canongate Golf Club is dedicated to providing its members with an enjoyable and rewarding golf experience that is sure to leave lasting memories. We invite you to join us today!

Advantages of Joining Canongate Golf Club

Canongate Golf Club is a premier golf club in the heart of Scotland. It offers a range of benefits to members, including access to some of the best golf courses in the country, world-class instruction and exclusive tournaments and events. Here are some of the advantages of joining Canongate Golf Club:

Access to Top-Notch Courses

Canongate Golf Club members have access to some of the most acclaimed golf courses in Scotland, including St Andrews, Carnoustie and Royal Troon. The club also organises regular tournaments and social events at these courses so members can take advantage of the opportunity to play on these legendary courses.

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Expert Instruction

The club’s professional staff provide world-class instruction and coaching for members. From beginner lessons to advanced game improvement programmes, you’ll receive personalised instruction tailored to your needs so you can improve your game quickly and efficiently.

Social Events

Canongate Golf Club is known for its friendly atmosphere and social events. Members get together regularly for tournaments, dinners and other social activities that are designed to bring people together in a fun and relaxed environment.

Discounts & Special Offers

The club offers discounts for its members on green fees, equipment and other related services. Members also get access to exclusive offers from industry partners like apparel companies, travel agents and more that can help them save money while enjoying their time on the course.

Overall, joining Canongate Golf Club provides golfers with an incredible opportunity to access top-notch courses, receive expert instruction and benefit from exclusive discounts and special offers. With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why so many avid golfers choose Canongate as their home course.


The Canongate Golf Club offers its members a number of top-notch facilities to enjoy. The club boasts two 18-hole championship courses designed by world-renowned golf course architect Donald Steel, as well as a 9-hole par three course. The clubhouse is a contemporary building, offering views over the golf courses and providing members with an ideal place to relax and socialise. There is also a pro shop which stocks the latest golf equipment and apparel from leading brands.

The club also has excellent practice facilities including an extensive driving range and two putting greens. There are also experienced PGA teaching professionals on hand to help you perfect your game. For those who would like to take their golfing experience further, there are a range of customised packages available to help you get the most out of your visit.

Canongate Golf Club also offers its members social membership opportunities which include access to the clubhouse bar and restaurant, as well as events such as quiz nights, live music and special guest speakers. There are also regular tournaments held throughout the year for members to compete in.

Membership Benefits

Canongate Golf Club offers its members a variety of membership benefits that make it an attractive option for golfers of all levels. Membership includes access to the club’s championship golf course, practice facilities, and a full range of amenities and services. Members also enjoy discounts on merchandise, classes, tournaments, and more. Additionally, members receive invitations to exclusive social events throughout the year.

Championship Course Access

The Canongate Golf Club is home to one of the finest championship courses in the area. Members have access to this championship course seven days a week, with tee times available to fit any schedule. The course offers a challenge for experienced players while still being enjoyable for novices and casual golfers. The club also offers practice facilities including driving ranges and putting greens that allow members to hone their skills in a relaxed setting.

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Social Events

In addition to the competitive aspects of golf, Canongate Golf Club also provides its members with exclusive social events throughout the year. These events include wine tastings, dinners, holiday parties and more. This provides a great opportunity for members to get to know each other better and build relationships with fellow golfers in an informal setting.


Members of Canongate Golf Club are eligible for discounts on merchandise purchased at the club’s pro shop as well as classes offered at the club’s academy. Members also receive discounts on tournament entry fees when they participate in club-sponsored events throughout the year. These discounts can help make playing golf more affordable while still allowing members to enjoy all that Canongate has to offer.

Being a member of Canongate Golf Club provides many advantages for those who love playing golf or are just looking for a fun way to spend time outdoors with friends or family. With access to the championship course, practice facilities and social events throughout the year as well as discounts on classes and tournaments, membership at Canongate is sure to provide hours of fun and enjoyment without breaking the bank.

Different Types of Membership at the Canongate Golf Club

The Canongate Golf Club offers a range of different types of membership to suit all golfers. From the casual player to the tournament player, there is something for everyone.

The most popular type of membership is the “Full Member” package which allows access to all of the courses and facilities available at the club. This includes unlimited green fees, use of practice areas, and access to members’ only events.

For those looking for something more casual, there is the “Social Member” package. This includes access to all club facilities but without any green fee charges. Social members can also take part in members’ only events and participate in club activities such as tournaments and leagues.

The “Junior Member” package is perfect for junior golfers aged under 18 years old. This includes discounted green fees, access to junior-only tournaments, and special coaching from club professionals.

For those who are new to golf or would like to try out the game before committing to a full membership, there is the “Trial Member” package. This includes four free rounds of golf over a two-month period and access to the practice areas and other facilities at the club.

For those looking for an even more flexible option, there is also a “Pay & Play” membership available. This provides discounted green fees for individual rounds with no commitments or contracts required.

No matter what type of golfer you are, The Canongate Golf Club has something for everyone!

Signing Up for a Membership at the Canongate Golf Club

Joining the Canongate Golf Club is a great way to meet other golfers and enjoy the game in a friendly environment. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, the club offers a range of membership options. From individual to family memberships, there’s something to suit every golfer.

Becoming a member of Canongate Golf Club gives you access to all of its facilities, including its championship-level course, practice greens, driving range, and clubhouse. You’ll also be able to take part in tournaments and other events that are exclusive to members.

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The process for signing up for membership is straightforward and easy. All you need to do is fill out an application form, provide payment information, and submit it online or by post. Once your application has been processed, you’ll receive your membership card which will allow you access to all of the club’s facilities.

Canongate Golf Club offers discounts for senior citizens as well as family memberships which can be great value for money if multiple people are joining at once. As well as membership fees, there may be additional costs associated with taking part in tournaments or other activities that are exclusive to members only.

For more information about signing up for a membership at Canongate Golf Club, please contact their office or visit their website where you can find all the details you need about membership fees and benefits.

Renewing a Membership at the Canongate Golf Club

Renewing a membership at the Canongate Golf Club is easy and convenient. The club offers several membership options for individuals and families, making it easy to find one that fits your needs. Each membership includes access to all of the club’s amenities, such as golf courses, practice facilities, driving ranges, and more. Plus, members enjoy exclusive discounts on golf lessons and merchandise.

To renew your membership online, simply visit the Canongate Golf Club website and log in with your current account information. From there, you can review your current membership level and select from one of the available upgrade options. You can also choose to renew for a longer period of time if you prefer. Once you have made your selection, follow the instructions to complete the renewal process.

The Canongate Golf Club offers a number of convenient payment methods for members who wish to renew their membership. You can pay using major credit cards or electronic transfers through Paypal or other secure payment services. If you would prefer to pay by check or money order, please contact the club directly for more information.

If you need assistance while renewing your membership at the Canongate Golf Club, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about memberships or other services offered by the club. We look forward to helping you take advantage of all that the Canongate Golf Club has to offer!


Canongate Golf Club provides an excellent option for those looking for a golf club membership. The cost is very reasonable, and the amenities are top-notch. The club offers a variety of activities for adults and children, from golf lessons to family activities. The club also provides a variety of services such as a full-service restaurant and pro shop. With so many options to choose from, Canongate Golf Club is the perfect place to join if you’re looking for an enjoyable experience.

Overall, Canongate Golf Club is an excellent choice for golfers who want to get the most out of their membership. The cost is reasonable compared to other clubs in the area, and the amenities are top-notch. Whether you’re looking for golf lessons or just a relaxing day on the course, Canongate Golf Club is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

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